Bearded man

''This article is about the bearded man from "Eggtown". For the Other that was first seen wearing a beard, see Tom and Fake beard''.
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=Bearded Man
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=Los Angeles, CA, USA
=Appeared in the crowd at Kate's trial.

As Kate and Duncan Forrester enter the courthouse in {{ep}}, a '''bearded man''' yells at Kate. When the audio is reversed, it is clear he is saying "We hate you!"

==External links==
* Original blog entry with unedited audio and reversed audio on http// GetLostPodcast.
* Audio of bearded man yelling at Kate in reverse on http// DarkUFO.

==Unanswered questions==
* Who is the bearded man?
* Why is he angry at Kate?
* What is the significance of him talking in reverse?


frHomme barbu (4x04)
ruБородатый мужчина
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