Bays and covesTheories


* The Others do not know about the cove, as the sailboat was there for quite some time and they never knew of it.
**The Others do know about the cove, but never thought a boat would be there. We have never seen any proof that, besides Kelvin, that anybody knew about Desmond capsizing near the Island.  As far as they would know, only Kelvin was in the Swan.
***Except The Others have access to The Pearl so they definitely know Desmond was in The Swan. The only thing that could refute this would be if The Others somehow only found The Pearl after 815 crashed, which would be highly unlikely. 
* In {{ep}}, Mr. Eko was leading Michael, Sawyer, and the tail section passengers along the beach and decided to take everyone inland rather than follow the path which looked as if it were leading to the cove. They were heading for the Elizabeth.
** When Eko lead the Tailies there, Desmond had probably already left the Island with the Elizabeth (sailboat).