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The shoreline of the Island featured several '''bays''' and '''coves'''. Their geology was a classic example of solidified lava streams, thus indicating the Island's volcanic origins. Several of the bays were named on Rousseau's maps and notes.

==The Cove (the southwestern bay)==
{{I=Rousseau map2.jpg=300=right=Danielle Rousseau's map of the Island (English version)}}
Location south of the Swan, east of the Beach camp.
* Kelvin removed his HAZMAT suit and went to this cove, where he had secretly stashed the ''Elizabeth (sailboat)''.  Desmond followed him, and furious that he'd been lied to for years, bashed Kelvin's head against a rock, accidentally killing him. {{crossref}}
* Richard and Jacob's enemy|"Locke" led the Others along the cove on their way to visit Jacob. {{crossref}}

==The atoll (the western bay)==
Near Rousseau's first abandoned camp

==The northern bays==
Two bays split by a small peninsula

==East coast cove==
* Another cove was situated across from Hydra Island on the east coast (called the 'Mosquito coast' by Rousseau). It was used by the Others to hide the Elizabeth (sailboat)|"Elizabeth". Southwards lay some bluffs and the East coast dock.
* Sent by the Man in Black to fetch the boat, Sawyer and Kate had to swim out to the ''Elizabeth''. Sawyer then explained to Kate that they wouldn't meet with Man in Black's recruits but they would only meet with Jack, Hurley, Sun and Frank instead. They then left the cove with the boat. {{Crossref}}

==Bay of Crabs==
*A deep inlet, across Hydra Island. Named by Rousseau, after the great quantity of shells and crabs. Sometimes wrongly translated as 'Bay of storms'.
* Location of the Barracks with submarine dock.
* The cove can be seen when Ben told Juliet that her Rachel Carlson had cancer again. {{crossref}} 
* The cove was seen when Jack, Kate and Daniel met Miles. {{crossref}}

==The southeastern bay==
* Location of the submarine cable

==Coco Bay==
* Rousseau named this Bay on the south side of the Island after the large quantities of coconuts that could be found there. 
* The tail section survivors and raft group came upon the bay while they were following the shore of the Island to the middle section survivors' camp. However with Sawyer's life at stake, Eko made a decision that this would take too long, and they instead risked crossing through the center of the Island, despite their fear of the Others. {{crossref}}
* The same scene was shown again in a flashback. {{crossref}}
* Adjoining Coco Bay are steep cliff faces, hiding the cliffside cave.

*Much of these scenes were filmed at Lana'i Lookout coastline near Hanauma Bay.
*Desmond's shoreline gull capture {{crossref}} scene was filmed at a different although similar-looking location, specifically Oahu's Ka Iwi coastline.

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