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'''Bars''' are a popular setting in ''Lost'', as the characters seek to either unwind or let go of their troubles.

*'''Pool table bar '''
**Where Sawyer explains his scam to Kilo, his underworld acquaintances. {{crossref}}

*'''London bar'''
**Where Charlie meets Lucy Heatherton. {{crossref}}
*** The scene was filmed in Murphy's Bar and Grill in Honolulu.

*'''The Last Call'''
** Bar in Sydney where Christian Shephard is dropped off by Ana Lucia {{crossref}} and where he meets Sawyer in (and begins the drunken binge that will end his life, which gives the bar's name a particular irony). {{crossref}}
***The ''exterior'' scene in {{ep}} was filmed outside the restaurant Fisherman's Wharf, located in Kewalo Basin in Honolulu.

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*'''Sydney Airport bar'''
** Where Ana Lucia first meets and flirts with Jack. {{crossref}}
** In Lost The Complete First Season, Claire shares a drink with the pilot (flight 815)'t appear on the show (see deleted scenes).

*'''Sydney hotel bar'''
*The hotel manager tells Jack that his father Christian Shephard had been seen drinking at the hotel bar.  {{ep}}

*'''Los Angeles bar '''
** The bar where Anthony Cooper meets Locke to recruit his help. {{crossref}}
*** The scene was filmed in Murphy's Bar and Grill in Honolulu.

**The bar outside which Bernard helps Rose's car out of the snow. {{crossref}}
**The sign is visible on the wall of the street
**Filming location see http// LostVirtualTour

*'''Pool table bar '''
**Where Ana Lucia follows Jason Elder. {{crossref}}

*'''Los Angeles Bar (Airport)'''
** Where Christian Shephard first meets and hires Ana Lucia. {{crossref}}

{{I=6x11 JAX2.jpg=right=250=Charlie Pace and Desmond at JAX.}}
** Across the street from the Los Angeles International Airport. Charlie Pace (flash-sideways timeline)(flash-sideways timeline). The bar's sign bears a kangaroo's head and has a hunting theme. The name is a play on LAX and ''Jack's''. {{crossref}}
*'''Nigerian Bar'''
**Where Eko meets the Trader

*'''London Pub'''
**Where Desmond goes with Donovan
**Where Jimmy Lennon hits the Bartender (Flashes Before Your Eyes)Desmond with a cricket bat. {{crossref}}

*'''Charles Widmore's office''' also stocked a small private bar that included a bottle of MacCutcheon's 60 year scotch. {{crossref}}

*'''Iowa bar'''
**Where Kate and Cassidy first go to have a long conversation after first meeting. {{crossref}}

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