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A '''barfly''' sat a few seats away from Jack in the airport at Los Angeles International Airport when he received a call from Mr. Dorsey about his Ray Shephard escaping from his retirement home. {{crossref}}

*This part was credited in the ABC Medianet press release for the episode http//, although the final cut of the episode as broadcast did not depict a speaking scene for this character.
*In the casting call, the barfly was described as ''"Vickie, 30s-40s, any ethnicity, attractive. Charming, coy and knows how to get what she wants. Has spent a lifetime in bars and can read a guy better than he knows himself..."'' http//
*She originally had six lines, but they were cut from the final episode. http// The actress had previously been credited as playing a nurse in {{ep}}, though that scene was also seemingly cut.

frPilier de bar
ruДевушка в баре
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