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'''Bai Ling''' played Achara in {{ep}}. Born in wikipediaChengdu, China, Bai's father was a music teacher and mother was a dancer. Her parents soon went away for the Cultural Revolution, causing Bai to live with her grandmother at a young age. She claims she was a quiet child who expressed herself through theater.

She performed theater for the wikipediaPeople's Liberation Army|''People's Liberation Army'' at the age of fourteen and kept doing it for three years. She took part in many government protests and moved to wikipediaNew York City in 1991 as a visiting scholar.  She then obtained a special visa, and finally became a United States citizen in 1999. Her first English role was as a villain in wikipediaThe Crow (film)|''The Crow''. She then played a Chinese interpreter in wikipediaNixon (film)|''Nixon''. For her role in wikipediaAnna and the King|''Anna and the King'' she cut her long hair short, and it appears to be still short today. 

*She was named one of wikipediaPeople (magazine)|''People'' magazine's ''50 Most Beautiful People in the World'' in 1998.
*She appeared in, and on the cover of wikipediaPlayboy|''Playboy's'' June 2005 issue.
*She was to appear in ''Star Wars''wikipediaStar Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith|''Episode III'' as a character called ''Senator Bana Breemu'' but her scenes were cut. Ling claimed it was because she posed for ''Playboy'', but George Lucas said that her lines were unimportant and cut months before they learned about her posing for ''Playboy''.http//

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