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'''Bad Robot Productions''' is the J.J. Abrams-owned, Paramount Pictures-based production company behind Lost. The Bad Robot shingle was originally part of Touchstone Productions, but has moved with J.J. to Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Television after his contract has expired with Touchstone in 2006. Bad Robot continues, however, to produce Lost in association with Touchstone.

Bad Robot Productions is owned by J.J. Abrams, while Bryan Burk is Executive Vice-President of the company.  Thom Sherman was President of Bad Robot, but it was announced in June 2006 that he would be leaving to become Executive Vice-President of drama development at the new CW network.  A successor has yet to be named.


Film Credits
*''wikipediaJoy Ride (2001 film)'' (2001)
*''wikipediaMission Impossible III'' (2006)
*''Cloverfield'' (2008)
*''Star Trek'' (2009)
*''wikipediaMorning Glory (2010 film)'' (2010)
*''wikipediaSuper 8'' (2011)
*''wikipediaMission Impossible - Ghost Protocol'' (2011)
*''wikipediaStar Trek into Darkness'' (2013)
*''wikipediaStar Wars sequel trilogy'' (2015)

Television credits
*''Alias'' (2001-2006)
*''Lost'' (2004-2010)
*''wikipediaThe Catch'' (2005 pilot) 
*''wikipediaWhat About Brian'' (2006-2007)
*''wikipediaSix Degrees'' (2006-2007)
*''wikipediaFringe'' (2008-present)
*''wikipediaAnatomy of Hope'' (2009 pilot)
*''wikipediaUndercovers'' (2010)
*''wikipediaPerson of Interest'' (2011-present)
*''wikipediaAlcatraz (TV series)'' (2012)
*''wikipediaRevolution (TV series)'' (2012-2014)

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