Awed and Shocked

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{{ep}} }} '''"Awed and Shocked"''' is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. The confused, disorienting horn melody plays during several scenes at the Hydra station. ==Main appearance== Sawyer notices that Karl's cage is unlocked, then sees Karl outside his own cage. Karl undoes the lock and lets Sawyer out. Sawyer runs into the jungle, then stops when he sees Juliet he has never seen before. She shoots him with an electric dart. The Others take Sawyer back to his cage. Tom presses Karl against the bars and forced him to apologize for involving Sawyer in his breakout attempt. ==Full list of appearances== * '''Sawyer and Karl try to escape their cages.''' {{crossref}} ** Jack holds Juliet hostage. {{crossref}} ** Juliet knocks him out. {{crossref}} * A group of Others chase Kate and Sawyer through the jungle. {{crossref}} * In a Previously on Lost recap, the survivors leave the beach. Sayid, Bernard and Jin spring their trap at the beach camp, but fail to kill all the others and are captured. {{crossref}} * The survivors run from the flaming arrow attack. {{crossref}} ==Influences== The piece is a variation on the theme from "Getting Ethan". It also incorporates the Credit Where Credit Is Due. ==Title significance== The title plays on the military strategy of wikipediaShock and Awe. During its main appearance, Juliet shocks Sawyer. {{Nav-Sound3}} {{Nav-Music}} CategoryOrchestral pieces CategoryThemes and motifs CategorySeason 3 orchestral pieces CategorySeason 5 orchestral pieces