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'''Ava''' was the wife of a conman. She was in bed with James Ford (flash-sideways timeline). Ava pulled a gun on him and said that she knew a con when she saw one because of her husband. James then informed her that the room was bugged and police were just waiting to rush in. Ava doesn't believe him, but he was indeed with the police. Cops, including Miles Straume (flash-sideways timeline), rushed in and arrested her on his signal.

* The casting call described her as ''"Selena. Any ethnicity, early 30s. A striking beauty who knows how to use it, mischievous, confident in tense situations. Ends up in bed with an attractive man, all by her own choosing. But after corporate negotiations, she finds the terms of the deal have changed and doesn’t know who to trust to save her job..."'' http//spoilerslost.blogspot.com/2009/11/episode-608-additional-casting-call.html{{Nav-Sawyer}}

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