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==Tom Brennan==
{{I=auto_tombrennan.jpg=200=right=Dr. Tom Brennan's E34 BMW 5-Series sedan in {{crossref}}.}}
''Automobiles used by Tom Brennan''
*'''1989-1996 BMW 5-Series E34'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate 386-SQZ or 384-GC2 (Iowa)
**Color Silver
**Background This car is an E34 body, which dates it to the 1988-1985 model years, probably a 525i. The automobiles used for filming (one each for pre- and post-accident) are the same as the ones used for 's BMW {{crossref}}, due to the separate damage from each scene being visible on the ''same'' car.  Note that this vehicle collided with the Golden Pontiac, below, which is another vehicle that has appeared in multiple episodes. 
**External links 
***http// LostVirtualTour - photo of the two vehicles used for this scene, in storage.
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{{I=Auto-tombrennan-license.jpg=left=150=License plate view}}

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