{{I=auto-sawyer-benz1.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's S-Class Mercedes Benz  {{crossref}}; Iowa license plate is visible; note removal of the 3-pointed star hood ornament}}
''Automobiles used by Sawyer''
*'''2000–2005 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate ??6-?TA (Iowa)
**Color Black
**Background This is the vehicle that Sawyer points out from the house window and lies about a hitman waiting inside of it. In actuality, it was Sawyer's vehicle. Note the absence of the Mercedes-Benz hood logo. Most real-world logos filmed in Lost are obscured, or are actually covered, as was the rear logo on 's Chevrolet. Also worth noting is the Iowa license plate, which connects Sawyer's flashback to the same state as Kate's {{ep}} flashback.
**Judging from the tail lights, it is a pre-2003 facelift S-Class. Also of note are the aftermarket chromed rims.
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{{I=auto-sawyer-benz2.jpg=left=150=Menacing window view}}
{{I=auto-sawyer-con1.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's Volvo S70  {{crossref}}}}

*'''1997-2000 Volvo S70''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Dark Blue **Background **More images {{I=auto-sawyer-con2.jpg=left=150=More views}}

*'''2000–present Ford Taurus'''{{I=auto-sawyer-outlaws.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's Ford Taurus (fourth generation) rental car {{crossref}}}} **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (Australia) **Color silver **Background Although this scene is set in Australia, the automobile and background are not horizontally flipped. However, in one shot where the US left-hand drive steering wheel would be visible, a map is strategically draped over the dash, obscuring it. This vehicle is a fourth generation Taurus, and the updated rear fascia and tail lights reveal it to be of 2004-2007 vintage. The Taurus was only sold in Australia between 1996 and 1998. **External links http// LostVirtualTour - reference on non-reversal of this scene. {{I=auto-sawyer-confidenceman.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's E-39 BMW 5-Series {{crossref}}}} '''1999-2003 BMW M5 E39''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color blue gray **Background This BMW is an E39 model 5-Series, dating it to 1996-2003 model, the last "pre-Bangle" 5-Series. It is an M5, the more powerful and (naturally) more expensive version of the standard BMW 5-series. The front air dam, 10-spoke wheels, and badges on the rub-strip distinguish the M5 from the base 5-series.
*DHARMA Vans and Jeeps **Sawyer, Jin, and Miles all use DHARMA Vans and Jeeps to get around the Island ** Episodes {{ep}} {{ep}} CategoryAutomobiles CategoryItems