''This section contains featured vehicles not associated with a particular character.''
{{I=PON2.jpg=200=right=The Golden Pontiac (right) is involved in a collision with Tom Brennan's BMW  (left) {{crossref}}. Note the Iowa plates visible on the Pontiac}}
*'''1987-1991 Pontiac Bonneville'''
*Episodes {{ep}} (set in New York), {{ep}} (set in Iowa), {{ep}} (set in Los Angeles), {{ep}} (set in Los Angeles)
*License plates
*{{ep}} unknown
*{{ep}}  614 GJ5 (Iowa)
*{{ep}} unknown (California)
*{{ep}} unknown
*Color Gold
*Background A golden H-body Pontiac Bonneville, apparently the same vehicle, appeared in accidents in three different episodes in Lost Season 1, leading to fan speculation of its significance.  However, Damon Lindelof noted that although the same stunt vehicle was used, no intentional thread of connection was intended. When asked on a podcast if it was Jacob's car, Darlton joked that the car '''is''' Jacob.
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{{I=PON1.jpg=left=150=Michael's accident in Special}} {{I=Auto-locke-deus.jpg=center=150=Locke's accident in Deus Ex Machina.}}

*External links http// Sledgeweb, http//, http// Fuselage question list, http// Damon Lindelof interview at Lost-TV {{brclear}} {{I=3x07-bus-side.jpg=200=right=Juliet watches in shock as Edmund is hit by a bus {{crossref}}}} *'''1998 Gillig Phantom bus (40 foot)''' *Episode {{ep}} *Background This Bus is an actual fleet vehicle, number 361, from TheBus, which is Honolulu City and County's municipal transit company, reflected by the yellow stripe detail used in this fleet. Juliet made a dark joke when Richard Alpert attempted to recruit her to work for Mittelos Bioscience, that the only way she would be able to was if Edmund Burke got run over by a bus. This event actually later happened, as he stepped into the street. The bus had an Apollo Candy ad on it. *More images {{I=3x07-bus-front.jpg=left=150=front view}} {{I=3x07-bus-rear.jpg=center=150=rear view}}

*External links http// Ryan Ozawa's photo blog of filming showing fleet number, http//¤t=LOST-S3e07-not-in-portland.flv Video of deleted stunt scene, http//;sa=view;id=217 Blurry screen captures from Sledgeweb, http//, http// Kevin's Busrail (info on fleet models, including photo of the actual vehicle no. 361 working the Route B Kalihi Transit Centre Express line) {{brclear}} {{I=Mr_Clucks_Van.jpg=200=right=The Mr. Cluck's delivery van seen {{crossref}}}} *'''2003-2008 GMC Savana Cargo Van (unidentified model year)''' *Episode {{ep}} *License plate 3PCI017 (California) *Van number (printed on sides and back) 513937 *Color Yellow (Mr. Cluck's livery) *Background The delivery van was parked outside Hurley's Mr. Cluck's franchise in Diamond Bar, California when the meteorite struck. Note that the front fascia GMC logo has been obscured. The Lost production crew, like nearly all television crews, seeks to eliminate the visibility of any identifiable logos, such as the logo on 's Chevrolet. An exception is 's Ford truck, whose rear lid logo is visible in Lost. {{clear}} CategoryAutomobiles CategoryItems