{{I=auto-locke.jpg=200=right=Locke's VW Beetle {{crossref}}}}
''Automobiles used by Locke''
* '''1970 Volkswagen Beetle'''
**Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}
**License plate California 2ABM487
**Color Red
* '''1980-1987 Ford F-150 (company car)'''

{{I=auto-locke-truck.jpg=200=right=Locke's company truck with Logos on the door{{crossref}}}} **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Brown **Background Unusually, the logo of the automobile maker is clearly visible on the rear view of this vehicle. Most real-world logos filmed in ''Lost'' are intentionally obscured, as was the rear logo on 's Chevrolet, and the logo on ' motorcycle. **More images {{I=auto-locke-ford2.jpg=left=150=rear view with Ford logo}} {{I=LockeDodgeRam.jpg=200=right=Locke's 1986-1990 Dodge Ram {{crossref}}}}

*'''1986-1990 Dodge Ram''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate California 5Q49938 **Color Grey and Blue *'''1987-1990 Toyota Camry''' **Episodes {{ep}} ''See details of this vehicle under the listing for . * '''1995-2005 GMC Safari''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate California **Color Grey
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