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''Automobiles used by Kate''
*'''1995–2005 Pontiac Sunfire convertible'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate 7-C153N (Nebraska)
**Color Blue
**Background In the Lost storyline, Although Kate drives in with Nebraska license plates, she has a trunk full of plates, including ones from Colorado (NUB-153), Minnesota (271-K??), Ohio, Illinois (DKM 265), Idaho, and Michigan.
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***ImageLicenseplates.JPG***Lost-media (http// 1, http// 2, http// 3, http// 4)
*'''1979 Honda CB650 motorcycle'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate
**Background Kate drives away on the motorcycle after murdering Wayne.
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*'''1988-1992 Buick Regal coupe''' **Episodes {{ep}} **Color Sandstone Gray **License plate 40N DVB (Missouri) **Background Though the body style is the same from 1988-1996, the grille on the car was only used from 1988-1992. *'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria''' ''See the entry in this article (above) for the US Marshal's car that Kate commandeers {{crossref}}'' {{I=3x23-auto-kate.jpg=200=right=Kate pulls away in her Volvo S40 after meeting with Jack in one of ''Lost's'' most surprising scenes {{crossref}}}} *'''1996-2003 BMW 5-Series E39''' ''See the entry in this article (below) for this vehicle from {{ep}}'' *'''2007 - 2008 Volvo S40''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} **Color Silver **License plate 4QKD695 (California) {{I=4x04-auto-kate.jpg=200=right=Kate's Volvo S40 is seen in the driveway of her home as she returns from her trial in a taxi cab {{crossref}}.}} **Background The car Kate drives in the first flash-forward in the Season 3 finale and the first scene of the Season 4 finale. It is also visible in Season 4 in the driveway of Kate's home as she arrives home from the trial via taxi cab.
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