{{I=auto-jack8.jpg=200=right=Jack parks his BMW 3-Series E46 (left) at a Los Angeles area stadium  {{crossref}}}}
''Automobiles used by Jack''
* '''2002-2006 BMW 3-Series E46 sedan'''
**Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}
**License plate unknown (presumably California)
**Color Dark Blue
**Background This is an E46 body as a 4-door sedan, as confirmed by the angle of the door that Jack opens, as well as the orange colored front turn signal, which would be clear on a 2-door. E46 BMWs have been produced between 1998-2006, but the shape of the front turn signal further identifies this vehicle as an updated E46 style produced between 2002-2006, likely a 325i.
*'''1969–1977 Ford Bronco'''
**Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}
**License plate 2SAQ321 (California)
**Color Brown
**Background This is not a 1966 or 67 because of the curved ends on the bumper which were changed for 1968.  Also, it is not a 1968 because amber parking lights were added in 1969.  It is most likely a 1970 or 71 model because the bumper is flat faced all across the front (no pair of extra guards).{{I=4x04-auto-jack.jpg=200=right=Jack walks from his Bronco as he sees Kate after her trial {{crossref}}}}Also, it may be a Sport Bronco model (introduced as separate model for first time in 1970) based on the flared fenders, unicolor grill, and headlamp bezels.  The license plate number is the same as that of the cars of Catherine Keener's character (Trish) in ''The 40-Year-Old Virgin'' and also used on one of the Mini Coopers in the big chase scene in ''The Italian Job''.{{source needed}}

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