{{I=auto-helen.jpg=right=200=Helen intentionally rear-ends Locke's VW Beetle in {{crossref}}.  This vehicle also appears in {{crossref}}.}}
''Automobiles used by Helen''
*'''1987-1990 Toyota Camry'''
**Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}
**License plate 3NDF495 (California)
***License plate as it appears in {{ep}} 1F49953 (the tag is not very clear and may not be exact)
**Color Silver or light blue{{I=Helen%27s_Toyota_Camry.JPG=right=200=Locke and Helen arrive at Anthony Cooper’s funeral. The Toyota Camry has a different license plate in {{ep}} than it did in {{ep}}.}}
**Background This vehicle is a second generation Camry, from the 1987-1991 era.  This vehicle was driven by Locke at the beginning of {{ep}} in the funeral scene, then driven away by Helen in the rejection scene at the Flightline Motel.
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{{I=auto-locke-camry.jpg=left=150=Lockdown (funeral)}} {{I=auto-helen-camry2.jpg=center=150=Lockdown (Flightline Motel)}}

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