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==Edward Mars==
{{I=Edward_Mars_GMC_Yukon.JPG=200=right=Edward Mars chasing after Kate in Austrailia in the GMC Yukon}}
''Automobiles used by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars''
*'''1992-1999 GMC Yukon'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate ALK 125
**Color Black
**Background The Yukon was never sold in Australia. Holden is the only company in Australia that produces GM vehicles, and there is no Holden equivalent of the GMC Yukon. Aside from Holden, any other GM vehicles found in Australia are usually imported into the country by private individuals, so it is possible for Mars to be driving one, but they are not that common. The ‘GMC’ emblem in the grill has been covered with some black material. The emblem is also horizontally reversed indicating that the vehicle is actually left-hand drive and that the scene has been flipped to make it appear as a right-hand drive vehicle.
{{I=Auto-marshal1.jpg=200=right=Edward Mars driving his government-issue Crown Victoria in the rain}}
*'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate 32929 (U.S. Government)
**Color Black or Dark Blue 
**Background This vehicle was driven away by Kate at the end of the scene.
**Other images 
{{I=auto-marshal3.jpg=left=150=Front view (plates, headlamps on).}} {{I=auto-marshal4.jpg=center=150=side view}}

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