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==David Reyes==
{{I=Auto-davidreyes2.jpg=right=200=David Reyes' Yamaha Virago 535 motorcycle in {{crossref}}.}}
''Vehicles used by David Reyes''
*'''Yamaha Virago 535 (1988-2001)'''
**Episode {{ep}}
**License plate unknown
**Color Black
**Background Note Only the letters AMAH of "Yamaha" appear on the fuel tank, reflecting the show's policy of attempting to obscure real world corporate logos from being seen in the episode.  For example 's Chevrolet had a logo obscured with red masking tape, but 's Ford had a briefly visible logo). Also, the actual motorcycle prop appears to be similar to 's motorcycle from {{ep}}, and is potentially the same bike, given that the production crew has re-used vehicles before (e.g., see 's BMW, Golden Pontiac).
**Other images 
{{I=Auto-davidreyes1.jpg=left=150=fuel tank view}}

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