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==Charlotte Staples Lewis==
{{I=Charlotte_and_the_Land_Rover_Defender_110.JPG=200=right=Charlotte arrives at the dig-site in Medenine, Tunisia.}}
''Automobiles used by Charlotte Lewis''
*'''1983-present Land Rover Defender 110'''
**License plate
**Color Beige
**Background Charlotte is seen riding as a passenger in the Defender as she arrives at the dig-site in Medenine, Tunisia. The actual driver is never identified but can be seen briefly as Charlotte is exiting the vehicle. Production of the 110 model began in 1983, and the ‘Defender’ model name was first added in 1990. 110 not only refers to the vehicle’s name but its wheel-base, which is 110 inches from axle to axle. The exact model used is a 1993 North American Specification Land Rover Defender 110. The white external roll-cage was only used on this model, and it was only imported to the US in 1993. There were roughly 500 numbered units manufactured. Considering LOST is produced in Hawaii, they chose an accessible North American Spec vehicle for the shooting.

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