{{I=auto-bernard1.jpg=right=200=Bernard's E32 7-Series BMW (right) is parked in front of Rose's Chevrolet Cavalier (left). {{crossref}}}}
''Automobiles used by Bernard''
*'''1987-1994 BMW 7-Series E32'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate  (New York)
**Color Dark red
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{{I=Auto-bernard-jeeppromo.jpg=200=right=A still image showing vehicle & license plate. {{crossref}}}} 
{{I=Auto-bernard-bmw.jpg=left=150=Image from filming location (O'Toole's Irish Pub).}}

*'''Land Rover Series 3 SWB'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate MRL-724 (Australia)
**Color Faded Green
**Background Note that Bernard is seen through a window by Rose and Isaac as he crouches down to talk to a little girl next to a vehicle.  This vehicle not Bernard's Land Rover, but a rare long bed Jeep Wrangler, presumably belonging to Isaac, which is (probably mistakenly) depicted as being a U.S. left-drive vehicle. 
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{{I=Auto-bernard7.jpg=left=150=Interior}} {{I=Auto-bernard5.jpg=center=150=Exterior with license plate}}

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