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==Ana Lucia==
{{I=auto-analucia-rental.jpg=200=right=Ana Lucia and Christian Shephard's Australian rental car, a Ford Taurus. {{crossref}}}}
''Automobiles used by Ana Lucia''
*'''2000–2007 Ford Taurus (rental)'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate WIH-647 (Australia)
**Color Grey
**Background Note this is a US left-drive vehicle, but the entire scene has been flipped horizontally to depict an Australian right-drive vehicle. This vehicle is a fourth generation Taurus, and the updated front and rear fascia reveal it to be of 2004-2007 vintage. The Taurus isn't sold in Australia, however, the Ford Australia sister to the{{I=auto-analucia-squad1.jpg=200=right=Ana Lucia and Big Mike's Ford Crown Victoria squad car for the LAPD {{crossref}}. Note the lack of collision guards on the front bumper. The plates on the other vehicles are barely identifiable as Hawaii plates.}}Taurus model is called Falcon.  In fact the original Taurus model was a reskinned Falcon.
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{{I=auto-analucia-rental2.jpg=left=200=front view}} 
{{I=auto-analucia-rental3.jpg=left=200=front view license plate}}

*'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria (squad car)'''
**Episodes {{ep}}
**License plate 5Q49937 (LAPD squad car plate)
**Color White and Black.
**Background Note that the squad car, like other squad cars depicted in Lost (from the parking lot of the same episode, and from {{ep}}, lack the heavy duty collision bumpers at the front that are typical of U.S. police cars. Door logo reads 41688
**More images side view, 
{{I=auto-analucia-squad3.jpg=left=200=front view garage.}}

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