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This is a list of '''automobiles featured on ''Lost'''''.

Automobiles are listed by categoryCharacters.  Episode Guide appearance(s) are listed, as is the vehicle's license plate (when available). Any featured road vehicle belongs in this article, including coupes, sedans, trucks, vans, and motorcycles. 


(Left Behind)(Left Behind)

. Paik. Paik

==Ana Lucia== {{main/Ana Lucia}} {{I=auto-analucia-rental.jpg=200=right=Ana Lucia and Christian Shephard's Australian rental car, a Ford Taurus {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Ana Lucia'' *'''2000–2007 Ford Taurus (rental)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate WIH-647 (Australia) **Color Grey **Background Note this is a US left-drive vehicle, but the entire scene has been flipped horizontally to depict an Australian right-drive vehicle. This vehicle is a fourth generation Taurus, and the updated front and rear fascia reveal it to be of 2004-2007 vintage. The Taurus isn't sold in Australia, however, the Ford Australia sister to the Taurus model is called Falcon. In fact the original Taurus model was a reskinned Falcon. **External links http// LostVirtualTour **More images {{I=auto-analucia-rental2.jpg=left=150=front view}} {{I=auto-analucia-rental3.jpg=center=150=front view license plate}} {{I=auto-analucia-squad1.jpg=200=right=Ana Lucia and Big Mike's Ford Crown Victoria squad car for the LAPD {{crossref}}. Note the lack of collision guards on the front bumper. The plates on the other vehicles are barely identifiable as Hawaii plates}} *'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria (squad car)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 5Q49937 (LAPD squad car plate) **Color White and Black. **Background Note that the squad car, like other squad cars depicted in Lost (from the parking lot of the same episode, and from {{ep}}, lack the heavy duty collision bumpers at the front that are typical of U.S. police cars. Door logo reads 41688 **More images {{I=auto-analucia-squad3.jpg=left=150=front view garage}}
==Anthony Cooper== {{main/Anthony Cooper}} {{I=auto-anthonycooper.jpg=200=right=Anthony Cooper's Mercedes-Benz S-Class {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Anthony Cooper'' *'''1991–1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 4TRI019 (California) **Color Silver **Background This vehicle has tinted windows, and Locke does not realize who the driver is until the window is opened fully. **More images {{I=auto-anthonycooper2.jpg=left=150=close-up}} {{I=Auto-anthonycooper3.jpg=center=150=at funeral}} {{I=auto-anthonycooper-benz2.jpg=left=150=at Flightline Motel}} {{I=auto-anthonycooper-taxi.jpg=200=right=Cooper's Taxi ride from {{ep}} at center. Note Helen's Camry departing at left and Locke's Ford truck at right. Anthony Cooper's Mercedes Benz is also parked in this lot}} *'''2002 Ford Crown Victoria (taxi-cab)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown (California) **Color Yellow **Background In 2002, Ford introduced a long-wheelbase version of the Crown Victoria, available only to commercial fleets. This version gives 6 extra inches of wheelbase length, made possible by a new frame and extended body. This version is not available to the general public. **More images {{I=auto-anthonycooper-taxi2.jpg=left=150=license plate view}} {{I=auto-locke.jpg=200=right=Cooper's Jaguar is on the right part of the driveway}} *'''2002–present Jaguar XJ''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown **Color Dark Blue **Background
==Ben== {{main/Ben}} {{I=Bensvan.jpg=200=right=Dodge Ram Van driven by Ben}} ''Automobiles used by Benjamin Linus'' *'''1994-present Dodge Ram Van''' **Episodes {{ep}},{{ep}},{{ep}} **License plate 3PCI250 **Color Black **Background The van has the company name "Canton-Rainier" on the side. It is an anagram for "reincarnation." It also says "Carpet cleaning" **See Also ABC TV Store merchandise==Bernard== {{main/Bernard}} {{I=auto-bernard1.jpg=200=right=Bernard's E32 7-Series BMW (right) is parked in front of Rose's Chevrolet Cavalier (left) {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Bernard'' *'''1987-1994 BMW 7-Series E32''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (New York) **Color Dark red **Background **External links http// O'Toole's Irish Pub Lost filming gallery **More images {{I=Auto-bernard-bmw.jpg=left=150=Image from filming location (O'Toole's Irish Pub).}} {{I=Auto-bernard-jeeppromo.jpg=right=200=A still image showing vehicle & license plate {{crossref}}}}

*'''Land Rover Series 3 SWB''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate MRL-724 (Australia) **Color Faded Green **Background Note that Bernard is seen through a window by Rose and Isaac as he crouches down to talk to a little girl next to a vehicle. This vehicle is not Bernard's Land Rover, but a rare long bed Jeep Wrangler, presumably belonging to Isaac, which is (probably mistakenly) depicted as being a U.S. left-drive vehicle. **More images {{I=Auto-bernard7.jpg=left=150=Interior}} {{I=Auto-bernard5.jpg=center=150=Exterior with license plate}}
==Cassidy== {{main/Cassidy}} {{I=Cassidy%27_Ford_Explorer.JPG=200=right=Cassidy and Kate arriving at the repair shop in {{ep}}}} ''Automobiles used by Cassidy'' *'''1991-1994 Ford Explorer''' **Episodes{{ep}} **License plate 26H IBQ (Iowa) **Color Two Tone – Dark Green and Beige **Background This is the 4-door model. 1991 was the first year for the Ford Explorer; 1995 and later models had a much more rounded design.
==Charles Widmore== {{main/Charles Widmore}} {{I=auto-charleswidmore.jpg=200=right=Charles Widmore's Bentley Arnage T {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Charles Widmore'' *'''1998–present Bentley Arnage T''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color Black **Background Note the Bentley filmed for Lost was a US left-drive vehicle, rather than a UK right-drive, as the steering wheel is barely visible on the left side. The wheels are classic Bentley styles, and the trim of this Arnage is likely the Arnage T, rather than the Arnage Red label, R, or RL.
==Charlie== {{main/Charlie}} {{I=Charlies-vw-bus.jpg=right=200=Charlie's VW Vanagon}} ''Automobiles used by Charlie'' *'''Late 1980s-1991 Volkswagen Kombi (Camper) Van Type 2 T3/Vanagon''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate YRE2OL (UK) **Color Black **Background This van is the same model as the DHARMA Van, but the wikipediaVolkswagen_Type_2_(T3) . **The UK number plate format should show a white plate to the front. Only the rear plate should be yellow. The plate is obviously fake and of poor quality. Furthermore, the registration format is incorrect, although YRE20L (zero instead of "O") would be a valid registration. **The format/terminal letter of the UK number plate would indicate that the vehicle was registered between 1st August 1972 and 31st July 1973. This would indicate that the plate is either a production error or intended to be a personalized plate. **The scene appears to have been shot using a left-hand drive vehicle and then reversed left to right as the fuel filler cap should be just below and to the rear of the right-hand front door, but is not there. The headlights are US specs. In Europe the headlights were round, not square.
==Charlotte Staples Lewis== {{main/Charlotte Staples Lewis}} {{I=Charlotte_and_the_Land_Rover_Defender_110.JPG=200=right=Charlotte arrives at the dig-site in Medenine, Tunisia}} ''Automobiles used by Charlotte Lewis'' *'''1983-present Land Rover Defender 110''' **Episodes{{ep}} **License plate **Color Beige **Background Charlotte is seen riding as a passenger in the Defender as she arrives at the dig-site in Medenine, Tunisia. The actual driver is never identified but can be seen briefly as Charlotte is exiting the vehicle. Production of the 110 model began in 1983, and the ‘Defender’ model name was first added in 1990. 110 not only refers to the vehicle’s name but its wheel-base, which is 110 inches from axle to axle. It is very possible that the vehicle in the show can be narrowed down to the 1993 through 1997 year model range, as Defenders were only sold in the United States during that time, and LOST is produced in Hawaii.
==Christian Shephard== {{main/Christian Shephard}} {{I=Auto-christian1.jpg=200=right=Christian Shephard pulls into the Lynford Hotel {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Christian Shephard'' *'''2001-present Mercedes-Benz SL-500 R230''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (California) **ColorSilver **Background According to Themisfitishere's blog (http// link and http// link), this vehicle is said to be a 2007 model but could be any 2001+ R230 model. **Based on the wheels and style of the tail lights, it is a post-facelift R230, placing its date of manufacture on or after 2006. Also, the wheels shown were standard wheels for the 2007 MY and later SL550s. **Other images {{I=auto-christian2.jpg=left=150=front headlight close-up}}
==Claire== {{main/Claire}} {{I=Claire accident.jpg=200=right=Claire and her mother's car accident in {{ep}}}} ''Automobiles used by Claire'' *'''Honda Civic (Sixth Generation, 1996-2000)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (Australia) **ColorBlack **Background The scene was flipped from the original filming location to depict a right-hand drive vehicle * Claire's taxi
==David Reyes== {{main/David Reyes}} {{I=Auto-davidreyes2.jpg=200=right=David Reyes' Yamaha Virago 535 motorcycle {{crossref}}}} ''Vehicles used by David Reyes'' *'''Yamaha Virago 535 (1988-2001)''' **Episode {{ep}} **License plate unknown **Color Black **Background Note Only the letters AMAH of "Yamaha" appear on the fuel tank, reflecting the show's policy of attempting to obscure real world corporate logos from being seen in the episode. For example 's Chevrolet had a logo obscured with red masking tape, but 's Ford had a briefly visible logo). Also, the actual motorcycle prop appears to be similar to 's motorcycle from {{ep}}, and is potentially the same bike, given that the production crew has re-used vehicles before (e.g., see 's BMW, Golden Pontiac). **Other images {{I=Auto-davidreyes1.jpg=left=150=fuel tank view}}
==Desmond== {{main/Desmond}} {{I=Auto-jack8.jpg=200=right=Desmond's Honda Accord DX (right) {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Desmond'' *'''1986-1989 Honda Accord''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (California) **Color Maroon **Background This vehicle is a third-generation (1986-1989) Accord, of the DX entry level trim due to its black unpainted bumper.
==Edward Mars== {{main/Edward Mars}} {{I=Edward_Mars_GMC_Yukon.JPG=200=right=Edward Mars chasing after Kate in Austrailia in the GMC Yukon}} ''Automobiles used by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars'' *'''1992-1999 GMC Yukon''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate ALK 125 **Color Black **Background The Yukon was never sold in Australia. Holden is the only company in Australia that produces GM vehicles, and there is no Holden equivalent of the GMC Yukon. Aside from Holden, any other GM vehicles found in Australia are usually imported into the country by private individuals, so it is possible for Mars to be driving one, but they are not that common. The ‘GMC’ emblem in the grill has been covered with some black material. The emblem is also horizontally reversed indicating that the vehicle is actually left-hand drive and that the scene has been flipped to make it appear as a right-hand drive vehicle. {{I=Auto-marshal1.jpg=200=right=Edward Mars driving his government-issue Crown Victoria in the rain}} *'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 32929 (U.S. Government) **Color Black or Dark Blue **Background This vehicle was driven away by Kate at the end of the scene. **Other images {{I=auto-marshal3.jpg=left=150=Front view (plates, headlamps on).}} {{I=auto-marshal4.jpg=center=150=side view}}
==Eko== {{main/Eko}} {{I=auto-eko1.jpg=200=right=Eko arrives for a drug deal in a dilapidated Mercedes-Benz {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Eko'' *'''1980–1990 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color Silver (paint damaged) **Background **More images *'''1990 Subaru Legacy stationwagon''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color
{{I=Mr_Eko_FJ40.jpg=200=right=Eko finishes unloading heroin-filled statues from a Toyota FJ40 as a van begins to approach{{crossref}}}} *'''1973-1983 Toyota LandCruiser FJ40''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 7h704 **Color Yellow (532) **BackgroundThe '''Toyota FJ40''' is the model designation for a '''Toyota Land Cruiser 40 series''' made from 1960 until 1984. Most 40 series Land Cruisers were built as two-door vehicles with approximately the same dimensions as a Jeep CJ. **More images {{I=Eko FJ40 landcruiser.jpg=left=150=License plate}} {{Brclear}} ==Emeka== {{main/Emeka}} {{I=auto-emeka.jpg=200=right=Emeka arrives at Eko's church for the vaccines {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Emeka'' *'''1985-1988 Toyota Hi-Lux Pickup''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 8082K or 8062K **Color **Background **More images {{I=Auto-emeka2.jpg=left=150=License plate view}} {{Brclear}} ==Essam Tasir== {{main/Essam Tasir}} {{I=auto-essam1.jpg=200=right=Essam Tasir and Sayid disembark from their Ford E-150 van {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Essam Tasir'' *'''1992-present Ford E-150 Van''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate ALK-125 (Australia) **Color White **Background This vehicle is a US left-drive vehicle, but all of the scenes featuring the interior and exterior of the van have been horizontally flipped to depict an Australian right-drive vehicle. Therefore the license plate prop must have been a mirror image in real life. **External links http// LostVirtualTour, with screencaps showing reversed Ford and E-150 logos and Essam's reversed face.
==Gabriela Busoni== {{main/Gabriela Busoni}} {{I=auto-gabriela1.jpg=200=right=Gabriela Busoni finds Jack {{crossref}}. Inset Antenna detail}} ''Automobiles used by Gabriela Busoni'' *'''2000–present Toyota Corolla''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown (presumably California) **Color unknown dark color **Background **More images {{I=auto-gabriela2.jpg=left=150=More comparison images for vehicle ID.}} {{I=Auto-gabriela3.jpg=center=150=Antenna visible}}
==Helen== {{main/Helen}} {{I=auto-helen.jpg=200=right=Helen intentionally rear-ends Locke's VW Beetle {{crossref}}. This vehicle also appears in {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Helen'' *'''1987-1990 Toyota Camry''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}} **License plate 3NDF495 (California) ***License plate as it appears in {{ep}} 1F49953 (the tag is not very clear and may not be exact) **Color Silver or light blue {{I=Helen%27s_Toyota_Camry.JPG=200=right=Locke and Helen arrive at Anthony Cooper’s funeral. The Toyota Camry has a different license plate in {{ep}} than it did in {{ep}}.}} **Background This vehicle is a second generation Camry, from the 1987-1991 era. This vehicle was driven by Locke at the beginning of {{ep}} in the funeral scene, then driven away by Helen in the rejection scene at the Flightline Motel. **More images {{I=auto-locke-camry.jpg=left=150=Lockdown (funeral)}} {{I=auto-helen-camry2.jpg=center=150=Lockdown (Flightline Motel)}}
==Horace Goodspeed== {{main/Horace Goodspeed}} {{I=3x20-auto-horace.jpg=right=200=Horace drives up to become Roger's good samaritan. {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Horace Goodspeed'' *'''1966-67 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color Red **Background This is a "high light" 1966 or 1967 later convertible. It is either a '66 or '67 based on the driver's side mirror, turn signals, and lack of fuel door on top of front right fender.
==Hurley== {{I=auto-hurleyhummer.jpg=right=200=Hurley's post-lottery win Hummer H2 {{crossref}}}} {{main/Hurley}} ''Automobiles used by Hurley'' *'''2003–present Hummer H2''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (California) **Color Yellow {{I=auto-hurley-exodus.jpg=right=200=Hurley's Range Rover breaks down on his ill-fated journey to the Sydney Airport {{crossref}}}} *'''2002-present Land Rover Range Rover (rental)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate TX 327 (Australia) **Color Dark Blue **Background This Land Rover was a US left-drive vehicle, but the entire scene was horizontally flipped to depict an Australian right-drive vehicle. It license plate composed of two letters and three numbers is a Tasmanian format, although the color scheme may be incorrect for that Australian state. **External links http// LostVirtualTour - license plate and scene reversal reference; http// Lost-Media - rear license plate. {{I=auto-hurley-clucks.jpg=right=200=Hurley sits on what is presumably his car {{crossref}}}} *'''1993-1997 Nissan Altima''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown **Color Grey **Background the possibility that this Altima is Hurley's car is inferred from the scene where Hurley is shown sitting on the hood of this vehicle in the parking lot of Mr. Clucks. However in later scenes, Hurley is only shown as a passenger in Johnny's van, so the Altima may not be his. *'''Military Mercedes-Benz G-Class''' **Episodes {{ep}} **Background A vehicle is seen behind Hurley as he visits Sam Toomey's house in the outback. **External links http// Lost-Media {{I=Hurley%27s_Pinto.JPG=200=right=Hurley's Pinto {{crossref}}}} *'''1974-1975 Ford Pinto''' '''''Runabout''''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 2QRI445 (California) **Color Brown **Background 1974 was the first year for the federally mandated ‘large’ impact bumpers, but the Pinto still retained the same grill design as the previous year model, with the vertical slats. That grill was used on both the '74 and '75 models. Hurley is seen driving the Pinto as he’s pulling up to his house. The ‘Runabout’ badge is mounted on the driver’s side of the car just behind the rear-side window, and can be seen briefly as Hurley is exiting the vehicle. {{I=3x10-auto-hurley-camaro2.jpg=200=right=Hurley's Camaro {{crossref}}}} *'''1970-1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28''' {{main's Camaro}} *Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} *License plate 429 PCE (Yellow-on-blue California) *Color Two Tone - Red and White *Background The Camaro used in {{ep}} has a ‘Z28’ badge on the rear trunk spoiler, and that badge can be seen during the scene of Hurley's crash and apprehension. The Camaro used in {{ep}} appears to be a genuine Z28, but the physical appearance of the car is definitely different than the Camaro used in the previous episodes, so it appears that different Camaros were used during the production of these shows. It’s unclear if any of these Camaros are actually genuine Z28 models. The Z28 models were some of the rarest of the Camaros that were produced from 1970 to 1972. The 1973 Camaro looks nearly identical to the 1970 through 1972 year models, but came with a federally mandated 2.5 mph impact bumper that was slightly different than those previous year models. *Other images {{I=Camaro_License_Plate.JPG=left=150=license plate view}} {{I=Dharma Van.jpg=200=right=The DHARMA van {{crossref}}}}

*'''1968-1972 Volkswagen Kombi (Camper) Van Type 2 T2a''' *{{main}} *Episode {{ep}} *License plate unknown *Color Two Tone - Blue and White *Background The Volkswagen Type 2 was the second automotive line introduced by German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. It was a van introduced in 1950, initially based on Volkswagen's first model, the Type 1 (the "Beetle"). The Type 2 "Dharma van" that Hurley finds is a "T2a" or 1968-1972 version with a single front window and old bulbous wheel covers. The Volkswagen emblem has been replaced with a similar emblem of the DHARMA "main logo" of the same size.
*'''Flash sideways timeline Hummer''' ==Jack== {{main/Jack}} {{I=auto-jack8.jpg=200=right=Jack parks his BMW 3-Series E46 (left) at a Los Angeles area stadium {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Jack'' * '''2002-2006 BMW 3-Series E46 sedan''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} **License plate unknown (presumably California) **Color Dark Blue **Background This is an E46 body as a 4-door sedan, as confirmed by the angle of the door that Jack opens, as well as the orange colored front turn signal, which would be clear on a 2-door. E46 BMWs have been produced between 1998-2006, but the shape of the front turn signal further identifies this vehicle as an updated E46 style produced between 2002-2006, likely a 325i. **More images {{I=auto-jack.jpg=left=150=rear and front ends}} {{I=Auto-jack-s3e1.jpg=center=150=From A Tale of Two Cities.}}

{{I=Jack_jeep2.png=200=right=Jack parks his Bronco across from "Hoffs / Drawlar" Funeral parlour {{crossref}}}} *'''1969–1977 Ford Bronco''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} **License plate 2SAQ321 (California) **Color Brown **Background This is not a 1966 or 67 because of the curved ends on the bumper which were changed for 1968. Also, it is not a 1968 because amber parking lights were added in 1969. It is most likely a 1970 or 71 model because the bumper is flat faced all across the front (no pair of extra guards). {{I=4x04-auto-jack.jpg=200=right=Jack walks from his Bronco as he sees Kate after her trial {{crossref}}}} Also, it may be a Sport Bronco model (introduced as separate model for first time in 1970) based on the flared fenders, unicolor grill, and headlamp bezels. The license plate number is the same as that of the cars of Catherine Keener's character (Trish) in ''The 40-Year-Old Virgin'' and also used on one of the Mini Coopers in the big chase scene in ''The Italian Job''.{{source needed}}
==Jae Lee== {{main/Jae Lee}} {{I=auto-jaelee.jpg=200=right=Hotel scion Jae Lee's Porsche Boxster {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Jae Lee'' *'''1996–2004 Porsche Boxster 986''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 3490 (S. Korea) **Color Silver **Background Jin valets this vehicle for Lee as he arrives at his hotel to meet Sun. The Porsche is the US version since the side markers are orange. International Boxsters had white transparent side markers lights and only repeated the turn signal but not the US side marker light.
==Je-Gyu Kim== {{main/Je-Guy Kim}} {{I=auto-doctor-kim.jpg=200=right=Dr. Je-Guy Kim. Kim's Mercedes-Benz S-Class {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Dr. Je-Guy Kim'' *'''2000–2005 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (S. Korea) **Color Silver **Background Dr. Kim is driving this vehicle as he discovers Sun walking her dog Popo. There is an interior scene viewing Sun standing outside, followed by an exterior scene as Dr. Kim parks the vehicle and runs after Sun.
==Jimmy Bane== {{main/Jimmy Bane}} {{I=auto-jimmybaneBMW.jpg=200=right=Jimmy Bane and his associate in front of his BMW at Cooper's funeral}} ''Automobiles used by Jimmy Bane'' *'''1988–1995 BMW 5-series E34''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown, presumably California. **Color Black **Background
==Jin== {{main/Jin}} {{I=auto-jin1.jpg=200=right=Jin and Mr. Paik's hitman {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Jin'' *'''2000–2005 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (S. Korea) **Color Black **Background the same vehicle appears to be used for the scene where Jin visits his father. Therefore it is probably Jin's vehicle, rather than the one assigned to Mr. Paik's hitman. **More images {{I=Glassballerina-promo-auto.jpg=right=200=Jae Lee falls to his death on Jin's BMW {{crossref}}}} *'''1989-1996 BMW 5-Series E34''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (S. Korea) **Color Grey **Background This is the vehicle he uses to drive to Jae Lee, and upon which Jae Lee later falls to his death. The automobiles used for filming (one each for pre- and post-accident) are probably the same as the ones used for 's BMW {{crossref}}, due to damage from both scenes visible on the same car. **External links ***http// LostVirtualTour - photo of the two vehicles used for this scene, in storage. *'''1997-2002 Daewoo Leganza''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 2369 (S. Korea 38L|) **Color Grey **Background Jin loses his first panda bear purchase in this cab when it is hired by someone else.
==Johnny== {{main/Johnny}} {{I=auto-johnny3.jpg=200=right=Johnny and Hurley pull into the gas station convenience store {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Johnny'' *'''1975–1991 Ford Club Wagon''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 1E49984 (California) **Color Blue stripe, faded paint. **Background possibly Econoline. Note rear passenger bubble window. **More images {{I=auto-johnny2.jpg=left=150=driver's side door}} {{I=auto-johnny4.jpg=center=150=bubble window}}
==Johnny (Left Behind)== {{main/Johnny (Left Behind)}} {{I=Johnny%27s_Tow_Truck.JPG=200=right=Johnny's tow truck}} ''Automobiles used by Johnny (Left Behind)'' *'''1994-2002 Chevrolet 3500 Tow Truck''' *Episode {{ep}} *Color White *License plate 41G NCJ (Iowa) *Background The phone number on the truck reads (515) 555-HELP. The side of the tow truck indicates it has a 10,000 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); that can be seen just before Kate gets into the truck after her car is attached to the truck tow. The exact model of the cab is hard to determine; whether it’s a Silverado, Express, C/K, etc. The fact that it has a heavy-duty drivetrain and suspension indicates that it’s a 3500, which is common for tow trucks. It has a heavy-duty drivetrain because there are two wheels on each side of the rear axle (four total). The towing package is also hard to determine; it could be Jerr-Dan, Century, or another brand. The 1988 and 1989 models usually came with sealed-beam headlamps, which this tow truck does not have. 1990 thru 1993 had a slightly different grill design. The grill and the hood on this tow truck are similar to the Chevrolet trucks built from 1994 to 1999. Most 2000 thru 2002 models had a more rounded design in both of those areas, however some models retained the same body style as the 1994 thru 1999 models, so there is also a slight chance that the tow truck is a 2000 to 2002. 2003 models and newer have a more aggressive styling than this vehicle has. *More images ImageJohnny%27s_Tow_Truck_License_Plate.JPG, ImageKate_at_the_Repair_Shop.JPG
==Juliet== {{main/Juliet}} {{I=auto-juliet-3x16.jpg=200=right=Juliet's Volvo {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Juliet'' *'''1998 Volvo S90''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (Florida) **Color Dark Blue **Background Juliet and her sister drive up to Herarat Aviation. It just rained, and the car is still wet.
==Kate== {{main/Kate}} {{I=auto-kate-rental.jpg=200=right=Kate drives a Pontiac Sunfire convertible into a rural motel with Nebraska plates {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Kate'' *'''1995–2005 Pontiac Sunfire convertible''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 7-C153N (Nebraska) **Color Blue **Background In the Lost storyline, Although Kate drives in with Nebraska license plates, she has a trunk full of plates, including ones from Colorado (NUB-153), Minnesota (271-K??), Ohio, Illinois (DKM 265), Idaho, and Michigan. **More images {{I=auto-kate-bike1.jpg=200=right=Kate's motorcycle {{crossref}}}} ***ImageLicenseplates.JPG***Lost-media (http// 1, http// 2, http// 3, http// 4) *'''1979 Honda CB650 motorcycle''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Background Kate drives away on the motorcycle after murdering Wayne. **More images {{I=auto-kate-bike2.jpg=left=150=close-up}} {{I=Kates_Car_Left_Behind.jpg=200=right=Kate's car {{crossref}}}}

*'''1988-1992 Buick Regal coupe''' **Episodes {{ep}} **Color Sandstone Gray **License plate 40N DVB (Missouri) **Background Though the body style is the same from 1988-1996, the grille on the car was only used from 1988-1992. *'''1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria''' ''See the entry in this article (above) for the US Marshal's car that Kate commandeers {{crossref}}'' {{I=3x23-auto-kate.jpg=200=right=Kate pulls away in her Volvo S40 after meeting with Jack in one of ''Lost's'' most surprising scenes {{crossref}}}} *'''1996-2003 BMW 5-Series E39''' ''See the entry in this article (below) for this vehicle from {{ep}}'' *'''2007 - 2008 Volvo S40''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} **Color Silver **License plate 4QKD695 (California) {{I=4x04-auto-kate.jpg=200=right=Kate's Volvo S40 is seen in the driveway of her home as she returns from her trial in a taxi cab {{crossref}}.}} **Background The car Kate drives in the first flash-forward in the Season 3 finale and the first scene of the Season 4 finale. It is also visible in Season 4 in the driveway of Kate's home as she arrives home from the trial via taxi cab.
==Kelvin Joe Inman== {{main/Kelvin Joe Inman}} {{I=auto-kelvin1.jpg=200=right=Kelvin and Sam Austen prepare to release Sayid {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Kelvin Joe Inman'' *'''M939 series 5-ton 6x6 United States Army logistical transportation Truck''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color **Background **More images {{I=auto-kelvin2.jpg=left=150=2 more views}}
==Kevin Callis== {{main/Kevin Callis}} {{I=auto-kevincallis.jpg=200=right=Kate watches Kevin Callis go to work for the Miami Dade Police Department {{crossref}}. The squad car number is visible as }} ''Automobiles used by Kevin Callis'' *'''1998-present Ford Crown Victoria CVPI (squad car)''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate MD46641 (Florida) **Color White **Background This is a squad car from the Miami Dade Police Department, and the squad car number is visible as . **More images **External links http// Lost Virtual Tour with image of license plate not visible in the episode (non-LostpediaCanon)
==Locke== {{I=auto-locke.jpg=200=right=Locke's VW Beetle {{crossref}}}}{{main/Locke}} ''Automobiles used by Locke'' * '''1970 Volkswagen Beetle''' **Episodes {{ep}}, {{ep}} **License plate California 2ABM487 **Color Red * '''1980-1987 Ford F-150 (company car)'''{{I=auto-locke-truck.jpg=200=right=Locke's company truck with Logos on the door{{crossref}}}} **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Brown **Background Unusually, the logo of the automobile maker is clearly visible on the rear view of this vehicle. Most real-world logos filmed in ''Lost'' are intentionally obscured, as was the rear logo on 's Chevrolet, and the logo on ' motorcycle. **More images {{I=auto-locke-ford2.jpg=left=150=rear view with Ford logo}} {{I=LockeDodgeRam.jpg=200=right=Locke's 1986-1990 Dodge Ram {{crossref}}}}

*'''1986-1990 Dodge Ram''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate California 5Q49938 **Color Grey and Blue *'''1987-1990 Toyota Camry''' **Episodes {{ep}} ''See details of this vehicle under the listing for . * '''1995-2005 GMC Safari''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate California **Color Grey
==Michael== {{main/Michael}} {{I=Michael_car2.jpg=200=right=Michael and his Special Edition Dodge Aspen. {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Michael Dawson'' *'''1978-1980 Dodge Aspen''' '''''Special Edition''''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Metallic Green **More images {{I=Michael_car.jpg=left=150=crashed car}}
==Miles== {{main/Miles}} {{I=Miles_Straume%27s_Honda_Civic.JPG=200=right=Miles' car. {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Miles Straume'' *'''1988-1991 Honda Civic''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 4PCI499 (California) **Color Grey
==Mr. Paik== {{main/Mr. Paik}} {{I=paiklimo.jpg=200=right=Mr. Paik walks back to his car after talking to Sun}} ''Automobiles used by Mr. Paik'' *'''2003–2006 Infiniti G35''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (S. Korea) **Color Navy **Background This is the vehicle he is driven in to Jae Lee's funeral. **More images **Infiniti isn't sold outside the North Amierca.
==Nadia== {{main/Nadia}} {{I=auto-nadia.jpg=200=right=Nadia's vehicle {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Nadia'' *'''1991-1996 Toyota Camry''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (California) **Color red **Background
==Penelope Widmore== {{main/Penelope Widmore}} {{I=auto-penelope2.jpg=200=right=Penelope Widmore's Jaguar XJ {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Penelope Widmore'' *'''2002–present Jaguar XJ''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Silver **Background possibly an X300 or X308 body series.
==Ray Mullen== {{I=Ray_Mullen%27s_Ford_Pickup_Truck.JPG=200=right=Ray Mullen's Ford F-150.}}{{main/Ray Mullen}} ''Automobiles used by Ray Mullen'' *'''1982–1987 Ford F-150''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate unknown **Color Red {{I=auto-ray.jpg=200=right=Ray Mullen's Ford F-150 crashing alongside the road}} **Background Ray's truck is depicted as an Australian right-hand drive vehicle, although it is likely the real vehicle was a U.S. left-hand drive vehicle, and that the entire scene was horizontally flipped. F-150 pickup trucks are not sold in Australia, however private individuals and businesses import them into the country. It is possible for Ray to own one, but it would be more common to see a farmer in Australia driving a Ute instead of an American pickup truck. A Ute (short for Utility) is a car with only a front seat and a bed like a pickup truck, similar to the Chevrolet El Camino, Ford Ranchero, Subaru Brat, and GMC Sprint.
==Richard Alpert== {{main/Richard Alpert}} {{I=auto-alpert-3x16.jpg=200=right=Alpert's Chevy Mittelos van {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Richard Alpert'' *'''2003-present Chevrolet Express van''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color White **Background The year model doesn't match up of the show's timeline.
==Roger Linus== {{main/Roger Linus}} ''Automobiles used by Roger Linus'' *'''1968-1972 Volkswagen Kombi (Camper) Van Type 2 T2a''' *{{main}} ''See the entry in this article (above) for the DHARMA van on the day of the Purge {{crossref}}'' ==Rose== {{main/Rose}} {{I=auto-rose1.jpg=200=right=Rose thanks Bernard for helping free her Chevy Cavalier from the snow {{crossref}}. The large Chevrolet logo on the rear fascia directly between the tail lights has been covered by a swath of red tape}} ''Automobiles used by Rose'' *'''2004–2005 Chevrolet Cavalier Sedan''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate BNQ-1925 (New York) **Color Silver **Background This vehicle is a third generation (J-body) Chevrolet Cavalier Sedan, and its rear fascia identifies it as a post-2003 version. This automobile's front wheel drive (FWD) is featured in the close-up of the forward tires slipping in the snow. Note that the large Chevrolet "bowtie" logo that normally stretches between the two reverse lights has been covered by a swath of red tape. The Lost production crew, like nearly all television crews, seeks to eliminate the visibility of any identifiable logos. An exception is 's Ford truck, whose rear lid logo is visible in Lost. **More images {{I=auto-rose2.jpg=left=150=wider view}} {{I=auto-rose-fwd.jpg=center=150=FWD slipping close-up}}
==Sawyer== {{main/Sawyer}} {{I=auto-sawyer-benz1.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's S-Class Mercedes Benz {{crossref}}; Iowa license plate is visible; note removal of the 3-pointed star hood ornament}} ''Automobiles used by Sawyer'' *'''2000–2005 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate ??6-?TA (Iowa) **Color Black **Background This is the vehicle that Sawyer points out from the house window and lies about a hitman waiting inside of it. In actuality, it was Sawyer's vehicle. Note the absence of the Mercedes-Benz hood logo. Most real-world logos filmed in Lost are obscured, or are actually covered, as was the rear logo on 's Chevrolet. Also worth noting is the Iowa license plate, which connects Sawyer's flashback to the same state as Kate's {{ep}} flashback. **Judging from the tail lights, it is a pre-2003 facelift S-Class. Also of note are the aftermarket chromed rims. **More images {{I=auto-sawyer-benz2.jpg=left=150=Menacing window view}} {{I=auto-sawyer-con1.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's Volvo S70 {{crossref}}}}

*'''1997-2000 Volvo S70''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate Unknown **Color Dark Blue **Background **More images {{I=auto-sawyer-con2.jpg=left=150=More views}}

*'''2000–present Ford Taurus'''{{I=auto-sawyer-outlaws.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's Ford Taurus (fourth generation) rental car {{crossref}}}} **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate (Australia) **Color silver **Background Although this scene is set in Australia, the automobile and background are not horizontally flipped. However, in one shot where the US left-hand drive steering wheel would be visible, a map is strategically draped over the dash, obscuring it. This vehicle is a fourth generation Taurus, and the updated rear fascia and tail lights reveal it to be of 2004-2007 vintage. The Taurus was only sold in Australia between 1996 and 1998. **External links http// LostVirtualTour - reference on non-reversal of this scene. {{I=auto-sawyer-confidenceman.jpg=200=right=Sawyer's E-39 BMW 5-Series {{crossref}}}} '''1999-2003 BMW M5 E39''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate **Color blue gray **Background This BMW is an E39 model 5-Series, dating it to 1996-2003 model, the last "pre-Bangle" 5-Series. It is an M5, the more powerful and (naturally) more expensive version of the standard BMW 5-series. The front air dam, 10-spoke wheels, and badges on the rub-strip distinguish the M5 from the base 5-series.
*DHARMA Vans and Jeeps **Sawyer, Jin, and Miles all use DHARMA Vans and Jeeps to get around the Island ** Episodes {{ep}} {{ep}} ==Tom Brennan== {{main/Tom Brennan}} {{I=auto_tombrennan.jpg=200=right=Dr. Tom Brennan's E34 BMW 5-Series sedan {{crossref}}}} ''Automobiles used by Tom Brennan'' *'''1989-1996 BMW 5-Series E34''' **Episodes {{ep}} **License plate 386-SQZ or 384-GC2 (Iowa) **Color Silver **Background This is an E34 body, which dates it to the 1988-1985 model years, probably a 525i. The automobiles used for filming (one each for pre- and post-accident) are the same as the ones used for 's BMW {{crossref}}, due to the separate damage from each scene being visible on the ''same'' car. Note that this vehicle collided with the Golden Pontiac, below, which is another vehicle that has appeared in multiple episodes. **External links ***http// LostVirtualTour - photo of the two vehicles used for this scene, in storage. **More images {{I=Auto-tombrennan-license.jpg=left=150=License plate view}}
==The Lost Experience== {{main/The Lost Experience}} ''Automobiles used in the ARG (alternate reality game) The Lost Experience'' {{I=auto-kilpatrickvan1.jpg=200=right=William T. Kilpatrick is kidnapped in a white Dodge Sprinter van in The Lost Experience.}} *'''Dodge Sprinter van''' {{main. Kilpatrick}} *License plate 1646 HH (Michigan) *Background William T. Kilpatrick was kidnapped in this van in the Lost Experience, while trying to expose the Jeep corporation for collaborating with the Hanso Foundation's nefarious plans. The video was released on YouTube as part of Jeep's tie-in with The Lost Experience, as Jeep and Dodge are both owned by Chrysler. The video ended with the web URL for their tie-in site, The vehicle is primarily a commercial cargo vehicle in the US, as seen by the lack of passenger windows. *More images Imageauto-kilpatrickvan3.jpg, Imageauto-kilpatrickvan2.jpg, Imageauto-kilpatrickvan4.jpg. *External links http// Video {{brclear}} ==Miscellaneous== {{main/Miscellaneous}} ''This section contains featured vehicles not associated with a particular character.'' {{I=PON2.jpg=200=right=The Golden Pontiac (right) is involved in a collision with Tom Brennan's BMW (left) {{crossref}}. Note the Iowa plates visible on the Pontiac}} *'''1987-1991 Pontiac Bonneville''' {{main}} *Episodes {{ep}} (set in New York), {{ep}} (set in Iowa), {{ep}} (set in Los Angeles), {{ep}} (set in Los Angeles) *License plates *{{ep}} unknown *{{ep}} 614 GJ5 (Iowa) *{{ep}} unknown (California) *{{ep}} unknown *Color Gold *Background A golden H-body Pontiac Bonneville, apparently the same vehicle, appears in accidents in three different episodes in Lost Season 1, leading to fan speculation of its significance. However, Damon Lindelof noted that although the same stunt vehicle was used, no intentional thread of connection was intended. When asked about it on a podcast, the question asker posed the idea that it was Jacob's car, Darlton joked that the car '''is''' Jacob. *More images {{I=PON1.jpg=left=150=Michael's accident in Special}} {{I=Auto-locke-deus.jpg=center=150=Locke's accident in Deus Ex Machina.}}
*External links http// Sledgeweb, http//, http// Fuselage question list, http// Damon Lindelof interview at Lost-TV {{brclear}} {{I=3x07-bus-side.jpg=200=right=Juliet watches in shock as Edmund is hit by a bus {{crossref}}}} *'''1998 Gillig Phantom bus (40 foot)''' *Episode {{ep}} *Background This Bus is an actual fleet vehicle, number 361, from TheBus, which is Honolulu City and County's municipal transit company, reflected by the yellow stripe detail used in this fleet. Juliet made a dark joke when Richard Alpert attempted to recruit her to work for Mittelos Bioscience, that the only way she would be able to was if Edmund Burke got run over by a bus. This event actually later happened, as he stepped into the street. The bus also had an Apollo Candy ad on it. *More images {{I=3x07-bus-front.jpg=left=150=front view}} {{I=3x07-bus-rear.jpg=center=150=rear view}}

*External links http// Ryan Ozawa's photo blog of filming showing fleet number, http//¤t=LOST-S3e07-not-in-portland.flv Video of deleted stunt scene, http//;sa=view;id=217 Blurry screen captures from Sledgeweb, http//, http// Kevin's Busrail (info on fleet models, including photo of the actual vehicle no. 361 working the Route B Kalihi Transit Centre Express line) {{brclear}} {{I=Mr_Clucks_Van.jpg=200=right=The Mr. Cluck's delivery van seen {{crossref}}}} *'''2003-2008 GMC Savana Cargo Van (unidentified model year)''' *Episode {{ep}} *License plate 3PCI017 (California) *Van number (printed on sides and back) 513937 *Color Yellow (Mr. Cluck's livery) *Background The delivery van was parked outside Hurley's Mr. Cluck's franchise in Diamond Bar, California when the meteorite struck. Note that the front fascia GMC logo has been obscured. The Lost production crew, like nearly all television crews, seeks to eliminate the visibility of any identifiable logos, such as the logo on 's Chevrolet. An exception is 's Ford truck, whose rear lid logo is visible in Lost. {{clear}} == See also == *Car accidents *Corvette *DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations *The Lost Experience sponsors, includes Jeep *Sun's California driver license *Traffic violations *Transportation
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