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=Channel 7/7TWO
=Wednesdays 830pm
=Digital and HDTV

'''Broadcast by''' 
*http// Channel 7 - New episodes and repeats (2005 - 2009, 2010)
*http// 7TWO - New episodes (2010)
*http// FOX8 - Repeats only (2005 - 2008)
*http// 111 Hits - Repeats only (2008 - present)

'''When''' New episodes were broadcast on channel 7 locally in each time zone Thursdays at 930 pm or 1030pm. From 2010, new episodes are being shown on 7's secondary digital channel 7TWO at 830pm, followed by a repeat screening of the previous week's episode on channel 7 at 1130pm. The exception was {{ep}}, which was shown on Seven's primary 
{{I=AUSL.png=200=right=Location of Australia}}channel. Australia has 5 time zones in summer (GMT+11, GMT+10, GMT+1030, GMT+930, GMT+8) and 3 in winter (GMT+10, GMT+930, GMT+8). Repeats were usually shown late at night around October to December, but 7 seems to have abandoned this format. Season 6 is also available to watch on Yahoo!7 to Australian users.

All episodes of Seasons' 1 & 2 were broadcast at 8.30 pm on Network Seven.

'''Subtitled''' Available on Digital and HD TV 

== Airing information ==

==Australians in Lost==

*Emilie de Ravin
*Grant Bowler
*Kimberley Joseph
*Brooke Mikey Anderson
*Melissa Bickerton
*India Dupre
*Stewart Finlay-McLennan
*Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
*Rhett Giles
*Charles Mesure
*Keir O'Donnell
*Wayne Pygram
*Sally Strecker
*Nick Tate
*Felix Williamson

== External links ==
*http// Channel 7 / Yahoo Australia Lost site

== See also ==
*Airdates of Lost
*The Lost Ninja, the Australian counterpart to the partially canonical Speaker
*Hoodlum, the Australian company responsible for creating the ARGs ''Find 815'' and ''Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project''


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