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!Main Characters
Characters who are Australian or probably Australian include
* Claire Littleton - Flight 815 survivor
* Cindy
* Thomas
* Rachel (Claire's Friend){{I=AUSL.png=200=right=Location of Australia}}
* Richard Malkin
* Joyce Malkin
* Charlotte Malkin
* Arlene and Joseph Stewart
* Chrissy
{{I=LostPacific.png=300px=right=Lost locations in the South Pacific}}
* Ray Mullen
* Bryan
* Laurence
* Martha Toomey
* Robbie Hewitt
* Calderwood
* Isaac of Uluru
* Lindsey
* Dr. Ian McVay
* Officer Barnes
* Malcolm 
* Caldwell
* Regina ''(deceased)''
* Captain Gault
* Hendricks

===Living in Australia===
Characters who live or lived in Australia but are not or probably not Australian include
* Liam Pace
* Karen Pace 
* Megan Pace (child)* Susan Lloyd ''(deceased)''
* Walt Lloyd
* Brian Porter 
* Vincent 
* Frank Duckett 
* Essam Tasir 
* Haddad
* Yusef
* Imam
* Eko ''(deceased)'' - Flight 815 survivor
* Nikki Fernandez ''(deceased)'' - Flight 815 survivor
* Paulo ''(deceased)'' - Flight 815 survivor
* Howard L. Zukerman ''(deceased)''
* Sam Toomey ''(deceased)''

===Travel reasons===
! Flight 815 Survivor !! Why in Australia? !! Why leaving Australia? !! Reasons referenced in
! Ana Lucia
Christian Shephard as his bodyguard after she murdered Jason McCormick and quit the LAPD. Teresa Cortez to return home and own up to what she did. {{ep}}
! Arzt
's internet woman"girlfriend"'s internet woman"girlfriend" ditched him in a restaurant "Tropical Depression"
! Bernard 
Rose to see Isaac of Uluru, a faith healer near Uluru (Ayer's Rock), on their honeymoon. . {{ep}} 
! Boone 
"rescue" Shannon from Bryan. . {{ep}} 
! Charlie 
, Liam, in hopes of reuniting Drive Shaft. Drive Shafts' "comeback tour" in Los Angeles. {{ep}}
! Cindy
.  She works for Oceanic Airlines. Flight 815. {{ep}}, {{ep}}
! Claire
.  Los Angeles to give birth and supposedly deliver her Aaron to adoptive parents connected with Richard Malkin. {{ep}}
! Eko
Charlotte Malkin as a fake priest. , returning with fake passport for criminal dealings Caldwell was going to set him up with. {{ep}}
! Edward Mars
.S. marshal, looking for fugitive Kate. {{ep}}
! Emma and Zack
. .A. {{ep}}
! Gary Troup
''Bad Twin''; visiting Cindy. , Cindy (flight attendant) The Lost Experience
! Hurley
Leonard Simms, he went looking for Sam Toomey, the man Lenny heard the Numbers from. Finding Sam dead, he met instead with his widow, Martha Toomey. Carmen Reyes's birthday {{ep}}
! Jack
, Margo Shephard, was looking for his father, Christian Shephard., and bringing his body home. {{ep}}
! Jin
Mr. Paik's Rolex watch to an associate in Sydney.Mr. Paik's Rolex watch to an associate in L.A. {{ep}},{{ep}}
! Joanna
Janelle Granger; mostly to go scuba diving . Diary
! Kate
.S. authorities, and had been working/living for three months on Ray Mullen's farm.Edward Mars arrested her and was bringing her back to be incarcerated. {{ep}},{{ep}}
! Libby
! Locke
{{ep}} in the Outback., due to his disability. {{ep}}
! Michael
Brian Porter, went to pick up Walt, after Susan Porter's death, so he could live with him. . {{ep}}
! Nikki and Paulo
, at the time, guest starring on a Exposé (TV series); conning the director.  Paulo was her lover, aiding her in the con. . {{ep}}
! Rose
Bernard (who also brought her to see Isaac).. {{ep}}
! Sawyer
Hibbs, was looking for the Anthony Cooper, the man who conned his mother (which in turn led his father to commit the murder-suicide). , after getting arrested for a bar fight. {{ep}}
! Sayid
Alyssa Cole and Robbie Hewitt to infiltrate a terrorist cell in Sydney by finding his old friend, Essam Tasir..A. to search for Nadia; stayed an extra day to bury Essam. {{ep}}
! Scott
, all expenses paid. . {{ep}}
! Shannon
Bryan. Boone after trying to con him.{{ep}}
! Sun
, but intending to abandon him at the airport..A. {{ep}}{{ep}}
! Vincent
Brian Porter's dog. Walt; traveling to U.S. to live with him and Michael. {{ep}}
! Walt
, Susan Lloyd, and adoptive father, Brian Porter., and Michael was bringing him home to live with him.{{ep}}

*Sydney Airport The origin of flight 815.  Many flashback scenes take place there. {{crossref}}
*Kings Cross A suburb in Sydney, known as a red light district, where Christian Shephard's body is said to have been found. {{crossref}}
*Sayid meets Essam Tasir. {{crossref}}
*The hotel where Charlie, Hurley, Michael, Walt, Lily, and others stayed was in Sydney. {{crossref}}
*The Last Call bars Where Sawyer and Christian Shephard meet (and where Christian and Ana Lucia part). {{crossref}}

*Kate said she flew to Melbourne. Ray Mullen's farm is 100km (60 miles) from Melbourne. {{crossref}}
*Locke was refused participation in the Melbourne Walkabout Tours and was given a flight from Melbourne back to Sydney. {{crossref}}
*Essam Tasir's terrorist cell stole 300 pounds of C4 from an army base outside of Melbourne. {{crossref}}

===Great Barrier Reef===
*Joanna Miller was scuba diving off the reef when she got an ear infection. {{crossref}}
* In the book "Bad Twin," Paul Artisan stays overnight in Australia, before flying on to Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef. {{crossref}}

*A town in Western Australia where Sam Toomey and his wife, Martha Toomey lived. He won money there at a fair, using the Numbers. {{crossref}}

===Uluru (Ayers Rock)===
*A sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory. Residence of Isaac, the faith healer. Bernard brings Rose there. {{crossref}}

==Location Map==
{{.935723, 151.166246~Sydney Airport;
-33.867139, 151.207114~Sydney
-18, 146.833333, Great Barrier Reef;
-30.747667, 121.472302~Kalgoorlie;
-25.300683, 130.997233~Uluru
=-26.194877, 134.208984

* While playing 'Risk' Hurley remarks that "Australia's the key to the whole game." {{Crossref}}
* OZ is a slang word for Australia.http//

== See also ==
*World locations - classification by worldwide cities


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