Aunt Soo

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=Aunt Soo
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="The Incident, Part 1"
=Mrs. Paik - Sister
''Sun-Hwa Kwon'' - Niece
''Jin-Soo Kwon'' - Nephew-in-law
Ji Yeon Kwon - Great-niece =Sun's aunt =Agnes Kwak }} '''Aunt Soo''' is Sun's aunt that appears at Sun and Jin's wedding. She congratulates the newly wed couple and asks when they will be starting a family. {{crossref}}. {{Nav-Sun}} {{DEFAULTSORTSoo, Aunt}} deTante Soo esTía Soo frTante Soo ruТетя Со CategoryJin and Sun's flashback characters CategoryFlashback Characters CategorySeason 5 characters CategoryKorean characters CategoryEpisodic characters