''Lost'' can be seen on cable TV network AXN, wich airs for most of Latin America. It can also be seen on open TV http// Canal 13.

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*Lost Season 1 is being aired on open tv signal (Canal 13) every Sunday at 9 pm. At first they aired 3 episodes in a row, but now (with the return of the soccer season) it's one per week. On Canal 13, by mistake, they aired the episode 10th before the 9th episode of the first season.
*Lost Season 3 began on 5 March 2007 at AXN http// visit site
*Lost Season 5 began on 9 March 2009 at AXN

The first and second season can be bought at Blockbuster, Musimundo and also on-line on sites like MercadoLibre and DeRemate. Both DVD sets are among the most sold DVDs on Blockbuster.

The third season was officially released on October 30, 2007.

==Piracy issues==
The majority of devoted fans download episodes through P2P networks immediately after the US broadcast.


== External links ==
*http// Canal 13
*http// Argentina Lost fansite


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