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Tito Reyes =0014397 }} '''Archie K. Ahuna''' played the role of Tito Reyes, but his primary role was as a visual effects supervisor in the ''Lost'' film crew. Ahuna also appears briefly in the DVD extra "Lost in a Day" on the Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD), at the meeting of department heads at 214 pm (behind Patti Dalzell and Rob Kyker). ==Background== * Won an Awards in 2005 for his work on Lost, spending ''"weeks carefully testing different biodegradable, ecofriendly chemical blends to create black smoke for the show’s burning aircraft parts. Ahuna and his effects team have all been through rigorous fire-fighting training, which has been invaluable, given all the smoke and fire effects required for Lost’s first season."'' * Was nominated for an Awards in 2006 as part of the team for ''"Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series"'' for {{ep}}. *His role on ''Lost'' as Tito Reyes could be considered an opportunistic cameos appearance. * Has worked on the films ''Waterworld'', ''Pearl Harbor'', ''Tears of the Sun'', ''To End All Wars'', ''The Big Bounce'', ''Picture Bride'', and ''Krippendorf's Tribe''. * Is a member of the Hawaiian Stunt Connection * He is a member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.A.T.S.E. Local 665 ==External links== *https// Hawaii Film Office note on Emmy nomination *http// Hawaiian Stunt Connection *http// Age and Location of Ahuna {{Nav-Minor-Crew}} deArchie Ahuna esArchie Ahuna frArchie Ahuna ptArchie Ahuna CategoryGuest stars, Archie CategoryCrew, Archie CategoryFX, Archie CategoryCast stubs CategoryCast CategorySeason 1 Cast