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'''April Grace''' portrayed Beatrice Klugh.

Grace starred in recurring television roles on "Joan of Arcadia" (''Sergeant Toni Williams'') and "Chicago Hope" (''Elizabeth Hancock Tally''), and repeat performances on "Strong Medicine" (''Aneesha Walker''), "Without a Trace" (''Delia Rivers''), "The Shield" (''Frances Housely''), "Family Law" (''Atty. Kathryn Kaminsky''), and "Boston Public" (''Sandra Henderson''), as well as playing supporting roles in several movies.

Grace was also a recurring face at Star Trek's ''The Next Generation'''s transporter console, as (Ensign/Transporter Chief) http//en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Maggie_Hubbell ''Maggie Hubbell''.

One of her movie credits is for ''Magnolia'' (where she plays the interviewer of Frank Mackie), a story which bears striking resemblance to ''Lost'' themes (unexplained character connections, huge emphasis on daddy issues, Easter eggs hidden for numbers and biblical references--in this case, Exodus 82).

* She appeared in The O.C for one episode as a character named "Dr. Burke".


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