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''This article refers to the Apollo Bar and its appearances in Lost and the Lost Experience. For a detailed page about the company that supposedly manufactures the product, including its history and website, see Apollo Candy Company''

{{Lost Experience}}
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The '''Apollo Bar''' was one of the many foods that were first found in the pantry within the Swan station by Kate in {{ep}}.  It was the only food item with packaging not branded with the DHARMA Initiative logo (though the boxes containing the candy bars had the Swan logo on them).  Like Dharmalars, Apollo Bars were one of the only DHARMA-related food items with a unique brand name (unlike the generic names given to DHARMA Ranch Composite dressing, DHARMA Macaroni & Cheese Supper, etc.)  Apollo Bars were advertised as being "FULL O' NUTS" and the bar that Kate picked up had a "Consume By" date of October 23, 2004.

During ''The Lost Experience'', real Apollo Bars were manufactured, advertised, and distributed amongst ''Lost'' fans worldwide, tying into the overall arc of the game.  A detailed history about the company and its founder was also provided (see Apollo Candy Company).

==Appearances in episodes==
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The Apollo Candy Bars made a number of appearances throughout the show. 

* Boone appeared to have one in the pilot episode when offering chocolate to Shannon. {{crossref}} 
* Kate ate one of these in the pantry of the Swan station after breaking free from the restraints that Desmond had Locke put on her. {{crossref}}
* Rose saved one for her husband, Bernard (who was a dentist), because he had a sweet tooth. {{crossref}}
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* Hurley had several Apollo Bars in his stash of food that was later found by Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* John Locke had a bar on the computer table.  He was trying to remember the blast door map, {{crossref}} and not paying attention to the countdown timer alarm.
* Edmund Burke was hit by a bus with an Apollo logo on the side. The image was barely visible in the episode, but behind the scenes photographs posted by Ryan Ozawa of Hawaiian podcast The Transmission confirmed the reference. {{crossref}}
* It was one of the advertisements on the soccer field in the TV game Desmond was watching. http//lost.cubit.net/forum/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=220 image {{crossref}}
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* In Anthony Cooper's apartment (room 3801) there was a picture on the wall of a sign with the word "Apollo" on it (likely the "Apollo Theater" sign in New York). {{crossref}}
* One was given to Ben by Annie soon after his arrival on the Island. {{crossref}}
* Hurley split a bar with Ben while waiting for Locke to emerge from Jacob's cabin. {{crossref}}
*Jacob gave Jack a bar after his was stuck in the vending machine. {{crossref}}
**A clip of this scene from {{ep}} was shown again in {{ep}} when the name Shephard was shown on Jacob's cave wall.
* David Shephard appeared to take a can of Apollo soda from Jack Shephard's refrigerator. {{crossref}}
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*Jack got a bar out of the vending machine while talking to Claire at the hospital {{crossref}}, and offered it to her in much the same way as Jacob offered one to Jack in the original timeline. {{crossref}}
*Sawyer was trying to extract an Apollo bar stuck in the hospital vending machine when he reunited with Juliet in the final episode. {{crossref}}


==Information from ''the Lost Experience''==
During ''The Lost Experience'' ARG, the Apollo Candy Bars assumed much more importance; they were handed out at specified locations at specific times (as mentioned on the official website, or by Rachel Blake, the ARG's main character). The writers of the game even advertised the bar on television and in ''Lost The Official Magazine'', with the tagline "the little bar with the really big taste!"

{{I=Apollo lost magazine.jpg=right=200=Back-cover of ''Lost The Official Magazine'' Volume 1, Issue 6, one of the first references to the website}}
A video appeared on the Internet around the time of the launch of a dedicated website to the Apollo bar.http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj6_RG2CzDg YouTube Apollo Bar It was also reportedly played during the commercial break of an episode of ''Jimmy Kimmel Live''. The audio can additionally be heard after many episodes of the Official UK Lost Podcast.

===Apollo Candy Website===
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On August 8, 2006, the Apollo Candy website (formerly apollocandy.com; see note below), a part of ''The Lost Experience'', went live, hosted on the same server as thehansofoundation.org, another ''Lost Experience'' website. The URL was found on a full page Apollo Candy advert on the back of ''Lost The Official Magazine''.  According to their "official website", the Apollo Candy Company, which manufactures the Apollo Candy Bars, was founded in San Francisco by M. David Benson in 1962. The company ran into hard times in the 1970s, but was rescued by Alvar Hanso, the head of the Hanso Foundation. Apollo is now the "private purveyor of chocolates for Alvar Hanso and his many companies." The website proclaims that "The Apollo Candy Company is a subsidiary of the Hanso Group." 

The image of the candy bar on Apollo Candy Company, have an expiration date of October 23, 2006, exactly two years after the bar Kate ate. The website also features an image of a balloon flying toward the sun - there is no reference for this image within the text (It is most likely for Apollo, the Greek god of the sun).

The site additionally listed distribution points where fans could find Apollo bars for themselves.

The domain registration for this in-game website has since expired, and the game website no longer exists. During the course of The Lost Experience, the domain was presumably operated by Hi-ReS!, (the company contracted to run The Lost Experience), but according to the WHOIS listing, it was registered via the anonymizer service Domain Discreet http//www.thefuselage.com/Threaded/showthread.php?p=1118912, http//www.losttv-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23258&page=11. The one year registration expired on April 14, 2007, and approximately on May 27, 2007, it was purchased by another party which hosted an adult website in its place. The domain and current website is therefore no longer owned or affiliated with ABC or The Lost Experience, although the lapse has apparently since been noticed in the course of editing for this article by employees of ABC (see discussion User_talkKb499red).

{{I=Whereisalvar.JPG=right=150=The main site image, showing a world map of found bars as well as images of recent finds}}
{{I=CandyBar.jpg=right=150=An unwrapped Apollo Candy bar, whereisalvar.com}}
This website became part of ''The Lost Experience'' on August 23. The site's URL was printed on the Apollo Candy bars that were being distributed in August and September, at Forbidden Planet stores in the UK and ApolloCandy.com Events in the U.S.; as well as at various comic stores in Australia supplied by Lost Ninja and Speaker.

Fans who received an Apollo bar were able to post their pictures with the wrapper online for others to see.  Locations were also added to a world map, effectively showing the Hanso Foundation where the enemy is, and how widespread it is.

The site went active after Rachel Blake sent links to the site in e-mails and the Apollo bars had the website inscribed inside. On the website, Rachel gave instructions for people to upload pictures of themselves with the Apollo candy bars.  The site kept a tally of both "Regular bars" and "Golden Oracle bars" (bars with a special hologram code on the back). Rachel also mentioned that when enough Apollo bars were found, she would reveal further instructions and a big "truth" about the Hanso Foundation. http//www.abcmedianet.com/pressrel/dispDNR.html?id=092006_01#. This in actuality was the Norway video, as well as information on the Missing organs folder.

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* In ''The Lost Experience'' Mental Health Game, the reward for memorizing a sequence of 42 numbers was an Apollo Bar.
* The Apollo Candy Bar's name was in reference to wikipediaApollo, the Greek god of the sun, music, "medicine and healing, light, truth, archery and also a bringer of death-dealing plague".  All these elements are found thematically throughout Lost, in particular healing properties and The Sickness.
** In addition, the "Apollo archetype" describes an intellectualizing person who strives to bring about order and control and has problems with closing emotional gaps (i.e. Jack Shepherd).
* The bar was referenced on the apollocandy.com website as milk chocolate, though both the commercial and magazine spread state dark chocolate (as were the real bars distributed to fans worldwide). However, this may not necessarily be a goof as we know there are different types of Apollo bar (Kate was shown in {{ep}} eating a "golden caramel" Apollo bar).
* Apollo Bars featured in the season 7 premiere of ''wikipediaScrubs (TV series)'' (October 25, 2007) where they were spotted as part of the supply of a vending machine.
* Apollo Bars are featured in episode 2 of ABC's web series "Squeegees". One of the characters breaks through a window of a board room where a meeting is taking place, the topic of discussion is whether or not there should be more Nougat in the bars, and a cross section diagram of a bar is shown.
* Apollo Bars are from Independent Studio Services. http//www.issprops.com/DesktopModules/SimpleGallery/SlideShowPopup.aspx?PortalID=0&ItemID=1265&Border=White&sb=Name&sd=ASC
* Japanese candy company Meiji Sheika has been producing an actual chocolate product called Apollo (アポロ) since 1969. The chocolate does not come in bars, however, but in small pieces of chocolate in the shape of the Apollo 11 command modulehttp//www.meiji.co.jp/sweets/okashi-land/products/apollo/.
* The bars were up for auction at Lost The Auction. They can consistently be found for sale on eBay.http//www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_nkw=apollo+lost+-luggage+-moon+-13+-space+-forgotten&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=apollo+lost+-luggage+-moon+-13+-space+-forgotton&_osacat=0 EBay Lost Apollo
* An Apollo Bar appeared as an easter egg in several episodes of of ''wikipediaOnce Upon a Time (TV series)'' "That Still Small Voice" (Season 1 Episode 5), "True North" (Season 1 Episode 9), "715 A.M." (Season 1 Episode 10), "A Land Without Magic" (Season 1 Episode 22), "Tallahassee" (Season 2 Episode 6), and "Good Form" (Season 3, Episode 5).
* An Apollo Bar can also be found in the hit video game, ''Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3'', though they have changed the name to "Abollo."https//archive.is/20131016034315/s3.amazonaws.com/BeachheadProd_Assets/5/4/d/1/0/0/3/0/c/c/8/6/b/1/b/9/1/8/7/0/0/4/7/a/f/a/7/c/d/a/9/c/mw3.xbox.screenshot.1727961947458.jpg
* In the ''wikipediaBrooklyn Nine-Nine'' season 3 episode "Bureau", Det. Peralta gives Apollo bars to Det. Diaz, Capt. Holt, and Bob Anderson as "celebration candy" after they arrest a dirty FBI agent.

== See also ==
*Apollo Candy Company
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