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'''Anthony Azizi''' portrayed the freighter's crew member Omar in {{ep}} ,{{ep}}, {{ep}} {{ep}}, {{ep}} and Sundown.

==Television Roles==
Azizi has guest-starred on many television shows, including

*''Commander In Chief''
*''Criminal Minds''
*''CSI Miami''
*''Desperate Housewives''
*''Gilmore Girls''
*''Las Vegas''
*''Lie To Me''
*''NYPD Blue''
*''Prison Break''
*''The Shield''
*''Threat Matrix''
*''The Unit''
*''Veronica Mars''
*''The West Wing''
*''Without A Trace''

==Film Roles==
*''Charlie Wilson's War''
*''Eagle Eye''
*''For Richer Or Poorer''
*''Three Kings''


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