'''Annie is Harper Stanhope'''

When Ben turned to become a hostile, Harper joined him as they seemed very good friends when they were children. They look alike, have brown hair and the same color eyes. Harper and Ben are about the same age.

'''Annie is the child of Horace Goodspeed and Olivia Goodspeed'''

Annie looks slightly like Olivia. Olivia trusted Annie to lock the doors while the other children huddled in a corner. Ben and Annie's special relationship explains why Ben shuts Horace's eyes though he paid np attention to anyone else's. 

'''Annie is Helen Norwood'''

Both Katey Sagal and Michael Emerson were born in 1954 so it can't be said there is an age gap between the actors. Helen mentioned years of being angry...I'm assuming she was angry because of some trauma from her childhood on the island (perhaps being forced to leave or the deaths of her family or some such). There is no master manipulation at work was a coincidence that she struck up a relationship with Locke and Ben will probably never know that Locke was involved with his childhood sweetheart. She may have really died from a brain tumor or maybe Abaddon lied to Locke about her being dead because Widmore doesn't want them to compare notes.

'''Annie is Kate'''

While Kate was a fugitive in Australia she went by the name Annie, Kate's father is in the Army and appeared to have been in there for a long time which is why she was on the island.

==Harper said Juliet looked like Annie==
When Harper says to Juliet "Of course Ben has been good to you; you look just like her." She referred to Annie. Annie and Juliet are Ben's only known love interests.
*Harper was referring to Ben's mother, Emily.  Juliette looks nothing like Annie.  --UserSammerjammer 0825, October 4, 2010 (UTC)Sammerjammer
**Whereas, there is a striking similarity between Juliet and Emily

==Annie left in 1977==
She left the island in 1977, when Pierre Chang evacuated the island of all non-essential personnel (particularly women and children). Few who left in that evacuation made their way back to the Island  so Ben never found her again.

She is not significant in terms of mythology or mysteries of the Island as originally implied, but rather in the character development of Ben. He is shown to be deeply saddened by her departure and misses her greatly, which may be a factor in how he acts in the series.