Anne (disambiguation)

'''Anne''' may refer to
* Katherine Anne "Kate" Austen, main character
* Agent Anne, police officer at LA X
* Anne Bedian, guest actor (Amira)
* Anne Elizabeth Logan, guest actor (head nurse)
* Anne Massoteau, French language voice actress
*Anne Sweeney, Disney-ABC Television president
*"Carrie Anne", song

'''Ann''' may refer to
* Mary Ann Taheny, guest actress (Jenna / Moira)
* Ashleigh Ann Wood, guest actress (Nora)
* Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan

'''Annie''' may refer to
* Annie, Ben's flashback character
* Annie Milon, French language voice actress

'''Anna''' or '''Ana may refer to
* Ana Lucia Cortez, a main character in Season 2
* Anna Carlsson, German language voice actress
* Anna Orosz, Hungarian language voice actress