'''Animals''' have played important roles in the storyline of ''Lost''.

== Storyline occurrences == 
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!Appearance and Role

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!Image1X06 CharlieBees.jpg
*A swarm of bees harassed Charlie, Jack, and Kate. {{crossref}}

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Main article Birds !ImageChicken.jpg *Chickens. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} {{crossref}} and other episodes *Doves. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} {{crossref}} and other episodes *Gulls. {{crossref}} *Hurley Bird. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} *The Room 23 birds were found dead outside when Walt was in Room 23. {{crossref}} *Walt's bird hit a window in Australia in Lost. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Cats
Main article Cats !ImageNadia_Cat_m.jpg *Amira owns a cat. {{crossref}} *Mikhail owns a cat named Nadia, after the gymnast Nadia Comaneci, with whom he shares a birthday. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Cattle
Main article Cattle !ImageEnter77_cow.jpg *Sayid sees a cow outside the Flame. {{crossref}} *Frank sees a cow on a grassy mound after the helicopter crash. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Dogs !Image3minutes262.jpg ''Disambiguation page Dog'' *Bpo Bpo was Sun's dog. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} *Vincent was Walt's dog. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} {{crossref}} and other episodes *In Jacob's cabin, there is a Jacob's painting of a dog. {{crossref}} *See main article for a full list of dogs in ''Lost'' ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Horses !Image2X09 KateHorse.jpg ''Disambiguation page Horse'' *Kate sees a Kate's horse in the jungle, which is remarkably similar to one she came across in a flashback. {{crossref}} *Bea Klugh rode to the Flame on a Others' horse. {{crossref}} *The Bedouins in Tunisia each ride a Bedouins' horses, one of which is commandeered by Ben after he has defeated the men. {{crossref}} *Charles Widmore rides a horse into the Others' camp {{crossref}} * Richard rides a horse between his home and that of the doctor's on Tenerife. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Medusa Spiders
Main article Medusa Spider !ImageSpider._Expose.jpg *Arzt collects medusa spiders. {{crossref}}{{crossref}} *Paulo, and then Nikki, are bitten by medusa spiders, causing paralysis. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Moths
Main article Moths !ImageThemoth.jpg *Locke compares Charlie's journey to quit his drug habit to a moth breaking free of its cocoon. {{crossref}} *Charlie sees a moth during the cave-in, which leads him to find the way out. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Polar Bears
Main article Polar Bears !ImageVision polar bear.jpg *Sawyer shoots a polar bear in the jungle. {{crossref}} *A polar bear attacks Walt; it is wounded by Michael. {{crossref}} *When Sawyer acquires a fish biscuit from the contraption in his cage at the Hydra, Tom (Other)"it only took the bears two hours". {{crossref}} *In Locke's Locke's dreams, a polar bear appears. {{crossref}} *Eko is found injured in a Polar bear cave. {{crossref}} *Charlotte finds the skeleton of a polar bear in Tunisia {{crossref}} In a baby-themed music video that Drive Shaft is shooting, there are stuffed polar bears in the crib. ''(Fire + Water)'' Michael gives young Walt a stuffed animal polar bear on his last meeting with him before he gave up custody. ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Rabbits
Main article Rabbits !ImageBunnyFaceShot.jpg *Ben uses a rabbit with the number 8 on its back to demonstrate to Sawyer how excess stress can cause one's pacemaker to explode. {{crossref}} *As a child, Ben uses a rabbit to test whether the Sonic fence is still operational. {{crossref}}. *In the Orchid orientation film for the the Orchid, "Edgar Halliwax" demonstrates how the unique properties of the Island can be harnessed to transport a bunny with the number 15 on its back. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Sea urchin
Main article Sea urchin !ImageHurleyJinFish1x13.jpg *Numerous sea urchins are featured in ''Lost''. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} {{crossref}} and other episodes ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Sharks
Main article Sharks !Image2x02-Shark.jpg *A shark threatens Michael and Sawyer on the remains of the raft; Michael shoots and kills it. {{crossref}} *Sharks were experimented on by the DHARMA Initiative in the Hydra. {{crossref}} *A DHARMA shark was seen swimming around the submerged island in the flash-sideways timeline. {{crossref}} ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Frog
Main article Frog !Image2X14TreeFrog.jpg *Sawyer is awoken one morning by the irritating cries of a frog, and searches the jungle, looking for it. {{crossref}} *It is inaccurately referred to on the show as a "tree frog." ="background-color ; vertical-align top;" !Wild Boar
Main article Wild Boar !Image1X16 Boar.jpg *Locke decides that the best way to procure food is to hunt boar, and leads Kate and Michael on a mission to find one. {{crossref}} *Sawyer's tent is ransacked by a boar, and Sawyer believes that the animal has a vendetta against him. {{crossref}} *Charlie and Locke come across a dead boar while looking for Eko. {{crossref}} *Miles finds a dead boar in the jungle. {{crossref}} * Locke brings a dead boar to the Others before his errand with Richard. {{crossref}} * Richard sees a boar while he is trapped in chains on the Black Rock {{crossref}} * Young Jacob and his brother are hunting a boar in the jungle. {{crossref}} |} === Minor occurrences === {{I=Bens-bugs.jpg=200=right=Ben's Bugs}} * Locke said that when his foster sister Jeannie died, a Golden Retriever appeared, which their mother believed was her daughter reincarnated. It stayed for five years, until the mother died, then disappeared. {{crossref}} * After Rousseau shot at Hurley and Charlie for the first time, screeches of monkeys could be heard in the background. {{crossref}} ** In the same episode, Hurley suggested that the black smoke is a "pissed off giraffe". * Fish were depicted in the Mural. {{crossref}} * Fish were regularly eaten by the survivors, as well as Jacob. {{crossref}} * Animal-themed decorations were featured in The Staff's nursery, including a lion, zebra, and monkey. {{crossref}} * Mr. Eko told a story about a boy who killed a dog, then worried about the existence of hell not because he was sorry, but because he was worried the dog he killed would be waiting for him there. {{crossref}} * Jack was shown the cartoon The Blue Danube, which features animals based on the folk tale "The Ugly Duckling". {{crossref}} * Juliet managed to impregnate a male field mouse. {{crossref}} * Pictures of orange fish and insects including a bee were featured in the Room 23. {{crossref}} * Ben had an insect collection in his home. {{crossref}} * A hamster was seen being held by a mysterious woman in Ben's painting at his house at the Barracks. * According to the commentary on the "On location" section of the Season 3 DVD, the tank in the Hydra Station where Jack was being kept prisoner, was used also for sharks and the dolphins that Juliet told Jack about in {{ep}}. A dolphin was also seen in a child's drawing on one of the walls in the school. The dolphin in the picture was swimming with an unidentified girl in a pink swimsuit, along with some smaller fish, and the submarine. The picture was labelled, "Me and my fish". * There was a stuffed orca in Claire's purse in {{ep}}, the same stuffed orca that Aaron was clutching in {{ep}}. {{crossref}} * In ancient times, a sea turtle was seen on the beach near young Jacob and the Boy in Black. {{crossref}} ** Several large sea turtles could be seen on daytime beach shots. {{crossref}} {{Nav-Animals}} {{Nav-Themes}} {{featured article}} arالحيوانات deTiere esAnimales frAnimaux itAnimali plZwierzęta ptAnimais ruЖивотные zhAnimals CategoryRecurring Themes CategoryAnimals CategoryLists