''This article is about the flashback unseen character. For other uses of "Andy", see Andrew''
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=New York City, New York, USA
=Construction Worker
=Worked with Michael in construction
'''Andy''' was a co-worker of Michael. He was mentioned by Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd in {{ep}}.

Michael mentioned, when he and Susan were shopping for items for their Walt Lloyd, that Andy might be able to give him occupations in construction.
{{quote=Michael Dawson"Our baby in this crib? C'mon, that's a happy kid. Hey, I talked to Andy, he said he could throw some work my way."}}

Later, Susan mentioned Andy when she visited Michael in the hospital after he had been car accidents by a automobiles. {{quote=Susan Lloyd"I finally called Andy when I hadn't heard from you in over two months. I had to hear about your accident from him. You should have called me."}} {{Nav-Michael}} deAndy esAndy frAndy ruЭнди CategoryCharacters CategoryUnseen Characters CategorySeason 1 characters