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'''Andrea Gabriel''' portrayed Nadia, a role played in every season of the series.

* Born and currently living in LA.
* She is part Iranian.
* Lived in NYC since she was 2, up to the year 2003. 
* Both her parents are soap opera actors.
* Her debut in theatre came in ''It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To'' with F. Murray Abraham.
* Portrayed her first Iraqi role on ''wikipediaJAG''; a young mother giving testimony about the American bombing of a residential area in Iraq, which according to Andrea, set the stage for the role of Nadia.
* Before supporting herself through acting, she had many side jobs as a salesgirl, a hostess and a cocktail waitress. 
* Also worked as a screenwriter and an occasional director.
* Writes poetry, songs and short stories.
* Sings, plays piano and guitar.
* Not to be confused with the Children's book author and illustrator.

* Has a sister, named Melissa{{source needed}}.
* Has a cat named "Leo". 
* Had a wikipediaYorkshire_Terrier named "Gypsy", while living with her parents.
* Currently, she is working on getting her play "Snow" on stage.
* She is one of only two actors to guest star in every season, the other one being Lillian Hurst.


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