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An '''anagram''' is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce another, using all the original letters only once. Anagrams should reflect or comment upon the original subject, such as being a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise.

The revelation of Ethan Rom's name as an Wikipediaanagram for "Other Man", a fact emphasized on the websites, led many fans to discover that the ''Lost'' metaverse could be similarly analyzed for such content.

''For suspected anagrams, visit the Anagram/Theories page.''
The following have been verified or referenced by the producers of ''Lost''. This means that not only are the anagrams relevant to the original words, but the producers of ''Lost'' purposefully used the original words with the hope fans would discover the anagram. {=1 align=left cellpadding=4 cellspacing=0 width=600px style="margin 0 0 1em 1em; border 1px ; border-collapse collapse; font-size 95%;" ="top" =50px bgcolor="" '''Name''' =50px bgcolor="" '''Anagram''' =50px bgcolor="" '''Source''' ="top" =200px Ethan Rom =200px '''Other man''' '''More than''' website http// (Deuterocanonical) ="top" =200pxMittelos =200px '''Lost time''' =300px/February_12%2C_2007="top" =200pxHoffs/Drawlar =200px '''Flashforward''' =300pxEnhanced Episodes |} {{brclear}} Any word or phrase can, however be rearranged into other words. For example, the phrase ''"Vincent the dog"'' can be anagrammed into over 600 phrases, including ''"Iced Thong Vent"'' and ''"Dig The Convent"''. Yet the intent of anagramming is to generate something meaningful in the context of the original word or phrase, and the vast majority of anagrams are unintentional and not notable perception of patterns or connections, where in fact none exist, is a phenomenon known as ''apophenia''. ==Alternate reality games== ''For more information, see The Lost Experience''
''For more information, see Find 815''
Anagram solving was also used to gain many clues and passwords in The Lost Experience and, to a lesser extent, Find 815. Two clear character anagrams generally accepted as "true" in the Lost Experience are "waking dream" for Mandrake Wig and "yellow lab" for Wally Bole. In Find 815, "smash moat" and "a warn witness" are both clear anagrams of Sam Thomas and "I want answers", respectively. ==External links== * http// Ssynth anagram solver - A reliable anagram solver for Lost and The Lost Experience. * http// Wordsmith anagram solver - an alternative solver esAnagrama frAnagrammes CategoryThe Lost Experience