Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants

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'''Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants''' is a shipping company that forms part of the Hanso Foundation. In the 1950s, it was formed by renaming the former East Ocean Trade Group, after it was purchased by Alvar Hanso. Through the East Ocean Trade Group, the company is also the successor to the New World Sea Traders, a 19th century company owned by Magnus Hanso, which included the ''Black Rock'' in its fleet.

The Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants is connected to both ''Lost'' ARGs

*Rachel Blake discovered information about the company in ''The Lost Experience''. Tracking Thomas Werner Mittelwerk in Copenhagen, she followed him as he went to a shipping archives center. Rachel infiltrated the building, and saw that Mittelwerk had been looking at old shipping lines on computer. The reference at the top of the screen was Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants, and it was stated that the company was owned by the Hanso Group. A source later messaged Rachel, explaining that the company had been renamed from the East Ocean Trade Group, and providing more history specifically related to Magnus Hanso and the ''Black Rock''.{{crossref}}

*The company is also mentioned in an email from Tracey to Sam Thomas in the ''Find 815'' game, where she effectively reiterates previous information revealed from the Lost Experience. {{crossref/January 10}}

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