Alexandra Miller

'''Alexandra Miller''' is Ronie Midfew's assistant and an employee of Ronie Midfew Arts. 

{{I=RonieMidfewLetter.jpg=200=right=The letter sent by Miller to the media outlets.}}
===August 7th===
Miller contacted bloggers DocArzt and http// Peter from Slashfilm via a letter, informing them of Scheer's unauthorized creation of Paul Scheer's artwork|''Lost''-related artwork and her company's knowledge of their possession of a printed reproduction of Scheer's ''Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear''.

===August 12th===
Miller called Scheer, who avoided a conversation by using regularly spoken phrases usually heard on ''Lost''.

AM Hello this is Alexandra Miller from Ronie Midfew Fine Arts.


AM Excuse Me?

PS You’re just trying to be like the unsympathetic outback travel agent in episode four of Season 1, WALKABOUT.

AM I’m Sorry.

PS This is destiny, this is destiny… This is my destiny! Hey, I’m supposed to do this, dammit!

AM Sir, if you could please just calm down. I just wanna talk.

PS Umm…A small boy once asked me if I was a bad man. If I could answer him now, I would tell him that I once killed a man to save my brother’s life….Mr. Eko.

AM What?

PS You all ev’rybody!! You all………ev’…ry…….body??” (NOTE At this point Scheer ran out of recognizable Lost quotes and hung up the phone)}}