Alexander Widmore

'''Alexander "Zander" Widmore''' is a metafictional character who appears in ''Bad Twin,'' a novel written by Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup. According to his more straight-laced brother Clifford Widmore, he "should have been an 'A,' but ended up a 'Z.'" 

Zander is perceived as "the Bad Twin" in the book. The son of Arthur Widmore, he was born 23 minutes earlier than his twin brother, Clifford. Growing up, Zander was always the black sheep, but seemed to do it simply to aggravate his family (for instance, stealing money when he was rather wealthy). He later began to travel, disappearing for months at a time, and returning to ask for money from his father for business ideas. One night, he engaged in an argument with his father, and the next day, the same date as Shannon Widmore's funeral, he disappeared for good.

Clifford later hired Paul Artisan to investigate his brother's disappearance, convinced something was wrong this time. Artisan's trail took him all over the world, including California, where it was learned that Zander was part of a naturist (nudist) colony in Luna known as the Helios Foundation. Artisan eventually found him in Sydney, where Zander was attempting to see some former associates with whom he'd once tried to launch a business in black pearls. He went by the alias "Cameron Purdue" until Artisan revealed that he knew his true identity.

==Minor facts==
* Part of a naturist (nudist) colony in Luna, CA – The Helios Foundation
* Is left-handed
* Friends with Keith Baker; they went to high school together.
* Friends with Sky
* Flew on Oceanic Airlines

* ''Mr. Cameron Purdue'' - Mean rum producer 
* ''Mr. Cameron Purdue'' - Murderer upon cam 
* ''Mr. Cameron Purdue'' - U cop murderer man 

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