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'''Alessandra Korompay''' dubbed the voice of Juliet Burke in the Italy version of ''Lost''.

==Additional infromation==
*Also dubs Elizabeth Mitchell in other shows, such as Hollywood Palms.
*Does voice over sessions for actress such as 
**wikipediaUma Thurman as Fantine in ''Les Miserebles''; 
**wikipediaJuliette Binoche as Rose in ''Jet Lag'', as Julie in ''Trois couleurs Bleu'', as Anne Laurent in ''Hidden'', as Marie Palesi / Mary Magdalene in ''Mary'', as Miriam Naumann in ''Bee Season'' and as George Sand/Baroness Aurore Dudevant in ''Children of the Century'';
**wikipediaRachel Weisz as Miranda Fox in ''Stealing Beauty''; 
**wikipediaTori Spelling as Marti Gerrard in ''Alibi" and as  Donna Marie Martin in ''Beverley Hills 90210'';
**wikipediaPeta Wilson as Nikita in ''Nikita, La Femme''; 
**wikipediaKate Winslet as Jude in ''Jude''; 
**wikipediaHolly Hunter as Helen Remington in ''Crash''; 
**wikipediaAndie McDowell as Terri in ''Beauty Shop'' and in L'Oreal's comercials; 
**wikipediaJulianne Moore as Rebecca Taylor Faulkner in ''Nine Months'';
**wikipediaMiranda Richardson as Rita Skeeter in ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'';
**wikipediaTina Fey as Miss. Norbury in ''Mean Girls''; 
**wikipediaLisa Kudrow as Sharon Holmes in ''Wonderland''; 
**wikipediaCatherine McCormack as Murron MacClannough in ''Braveheart'';
**wikipediaJennifer Beals as Trish in ''The Grudge 2'';

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