Ajira massacre

=Ajira massacre
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=Ajira massacre
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=List of Ajira Flight 316 survivors
Unknown =Ajira survivors loss = Numerous survivors of Ajira_Airways_Flight_316
Roxanne }} During the '''Ajira massacre''', most -- if not all -- of the List of Ajira Flight 316 survivorsHydra Island after Jacob's bodyguards's team left died. After their deaths, someone dragged them into a pile some distance from their plane. Their bodies showed no obvious wounds or other signs of how they'd died. Sawyer discovered the bodies a few days after the passengers' deaths, judging by their decomposition. Zoe originally claimed to be the last of the survivors but later admitted to working with Charles Widmore, whose submarine had arrived that day. Widmore denied responsibility for the deaths, but Sawyer did not believe him. {{crossref}} It is still unknown who killed them, although the Lost Encyclopedia implicates that Widmore's team was responsible. ==Trivia== *Bethany James Leigh Shady, Jorge Garcia's real life girlfriend can be seen amongst the bodies. *Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Ilana, Ben and Frank to be the one who survived the massacre. ==Unanswered questions== {{NavMinor-Unanswered}} *Who killed them? {{Nav-Battles}} CategoryBattles CategoryEvents