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{{I=4x01_HurleyCarTV.jpg=200=left=Hurley's Hurley's Camaro chase as Jack sees it live on Action 8 News in {{crossref}}}} 
'''Action 8 News''' is a local television news program from Los Angeles, California that reports on (at least) traffic accidents and human interest stories as well as live coverage of breaking news stories. The station has at least one helicopter that it uses to cover live stories such as police chases in progress.

Action 8 News is broadcast by TV station KSVU-8 {{Crossref}}

*Tricia Tanaka {{crossref}} 
* Tricia Tanaka's unnamed Camera man {{crossref}} 
* Jeff (reporter){{crossref}}
* Newsreader {{crossref}}
* Reporter (Because You Left){{crossref}}

==Stories covered==
*Hurley's lottery win {{crossref}}
*Hurley's purchase of a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack location {{crossref}} 
*Mrs. Arlen's car accidents {{crossref}}
*Hurley's car chase in his Hurley's Camaro {{crossref}}
*Hurley's murder suspect report {{crossref}}

==See also==
* GMN (Global Media Network?), the television network in ''Find 815''
** GMN World News, its news program
* KYAP 17, a television station that fielded a reporter to Hurley's house in {{ep}}


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