Act Now, Regret Later

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="Act Now, Regret Later"
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'''"Act Now, Regret Later"''' is an orchestral piece on the Season 3 soundtrack. It plays during the Through the Looking Glass.

==Scene description==

Jack throws down a severely beaten Ben and walks away with Kate. Danielle notices Alex and approaches her. Ben introduces Alex to her mother.

A little distance away, Jack tells Kate that Tom killed Sayid, Jin, and Bernard.

We then cut to Tom and see that Sayid, Jin and Bernard are still alive, though still bound and gagged. In the nearby jungle, Sawyer and Juliet wonder how to intervene but realize they are unarmed.

Suddenly, the DHARMA van drives by with Hurley at the wheel. It hits Ryan, and Sawyer retrieves his gun. This distracts Jason long enough for Sayid to break his neck using with his feet. Tom runs for his gun, but Juliet steps on it before he can reach it. Though Tom has surrendered, Sawyer shoots him for kidnapping Walt in the Exodus.


"Act Now, Regret Later" opens on a light version of All Jack'ed Up's second motif. It later incorporates Credit Where Credit Is Due, Jack's motif's first motif and its Jack's Counterpoint, the Benomination of the Temple' motif, and Hurley's theme.

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