Achilles Gacis

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=Six Foot Five
=Guy in car
= Stunt double for John Locke and Kelvin Inman

{{I=Stuntdoubles1.jpg=left=150=Achilles Gacis and Rand Wilson as doubles for Michael and Locke}}
'''Achilles Gacis''' is a stunt double and actor. He appeared in {{ep}} as an orderly (Numbers), in {{ep}} as Six Foot Five (a member of Kate's bank robbing gang), and as guy in car for {{ep}}. He has also worked as a stunt double for Terry O'Quinn and Clancy Brown. 

{{I=Achillesgacis-unmasked.jpg=left=150=Achilles Gacis unmasked as Six Foot Five}}
*Performed stunts for shows such as ''http// Baywatch'' and movies like ''http// Pearl Harbor''
* He is president of Hawaiian Stunt Connection as of 2006
*Holds a Ph.D. degree.

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