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On May 9, 2009, the television show '''''WikipediaAce of Cakes''''', a reality show that chronicles a Baltimore specialty cake bakery called Charm City Cakes, aired an episode titled "LOST in Hawaii".  In this episode, Jorge Garcia calls Charm City Cakes and orders a cake to celebrate the The Variable of ''Lost''. http// The Charm City Cakes employees travel to Hawaii and prepare an elaborate ''Lost''-inspired cake. The show included numerous parody-style references to the show.
{{Quote=Most of the people at the bakery watch the show, and if they didn’t before they are catching up now on DVD.=Mary Alice, Charm City Cakes}}
==The cake==
FileLostAceOfCakes.jpg''Lost'' cake
FileAceOfCakesJeremyDavies.jpg with his gumpaste figure
The cake included many elements from ''Lost''. These included
* A pack of DHARMA Initiative beer
* A suitcase that included
** A luggage tag that read, "This bag belongs to Jacob"
** An Ajira Airways sticker
** A smoke monster sticker
** A sticker which read, "The Island Cures"
* Gumpaste miniatures of most of the cast members
* The Swan station Swan computer with the numbers on the screen
* A palm plants
* A gun
* The Oceanic Flight 815 airplane crashed onto the Island

FileAceOfCakesConfrontsSmokeMonster.jpg.jpg''Ace of Cake'''s special ''Lost'' episode intertitle
*The episode began with a voice-over saying, "Previously on Lost".
*In a WikipediaThe Muppets-style parody sketch
**WikipediaDuff Goldman is wearing a jersey with the number 15 on it.
**Duff checks in for a flight from Sydney, Australia in Lost.
**Duff's passport has the numbers on it.
**A toy model of Oceanic flight 815 crashes onto the island.
**WikipediaGeof Manthorne asks, "Where are we, and who packed all the tarps?" referencing the long-standing joke among ''Lost'' viewers that pokes fun at the unlikely number of tarps on Oceanic flight 815. {{crossref/March 20, 2006}}
** Anna is chased by a stuffed animal polar bear. The polar bear is wearing a collar with a DHARMA logo that incorporates the Charm City Cakes logo in its center.
**Mary Alice and Duff argue about who should enter the final number into the Swan station computer. When neither does so, there is a white flash, and Duff is transported to Charm City Cakes' storefront.
*The ''Ace of Cakes'' intertitle was changed for this episode to mimic the ''Lost'' intertitle.
*Using gumpaste miniatures, one of the bakers parodies a scene between Sun and Jin.
*When some of the gumpaste figures begin falling apart, a baker jokes that it's not a problem because of the island's healing powers.
*At various points throughout the show, pop-up captions like those in the ''Lost'' enhanced episodes appear. They include
**"This is Ace of Cakes 71st episode."
**"Mary Alice has seen every LOST episode."
**"Geof has made only one other helicopter."
**"Anna is a champion scrabble player. Her highest word play was 'RELAXING' worth 120 points."
**"Mark's hobby is making prank calls."

*Sawyer's gumpaste figure was given a shirt because Josh Holloway had complained that he is too often shown without his shirt.
*During this episode, Charm City Cakes also makes a helicopter cake for a Hawaiian army base.
*''Ace of Cakes'' is one of Jorge Garcia's favorite shows.

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