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Episode 6 - {{ep}}

Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff

Directed by Adam Davidson


==Act 1==

At the beach, Shannon gives Vincent water.

SHANNON You thirsty, dog? Yeah, you're always thirsty, aren't ya? So drink. 

SAYID walking by Come on, gather your things.

SHANNON Where are we going? Sayid? 

SAYID Right over here.

SHANNON following Sayid Where are we going?

Sayid doesn't answer and they approach a tent on the beach.

SAYID What do you think?

SHANNON Does it have an inside?

They enter the tent and Shannon is touched by Sayid's efforts to make her a tent.

SHANNON When did you do this?

SAYID It's all yours.

SHANNON Thank you.

SAYID You're quite welcome.

They kiss, and there's a sound when Shannon puts her arms around him. Sayid pulls a gun out of the back of his waistband.

SAYID putting the gun away I'm sorry. 

SHANNON You need to carry that all the time?

SAYID I only carry it because I have someone to protect. 

They kiss again, and lay down.


The tail section folks and Sawyer are resting (some apparently sleeping).

CINDY Ana, it's got to be over an hour. Shouldn't we start moving again?

ANA Let them rest a little while longer.

CINDY Yeah, but what if they come?

SAWYER She's lost.

ANA I'm not lost.

SAWYER Then tell me, Ponce de Leon, which way are we supposed to go?

ANA Alright then, genius, where would you go?

SAWYER Hey, I'm with you -- sit tight and wait for Mr. Eko to show up and guide us.

ANA If your friend didn't run off, Eko would still be here now, wouldn't he? You sure didn't have any problem leaving him behind, though, huh?

SAWYER Mike only cares about himself and his kid, and neither's got squat to do with me.

MICHAEL appearing Glad you feel that way.

SAWYER Didn't expect to see you again.

JIN to Sawyer Looking at Sawyer's wound. 걸을 수 있겠어?

SAWYER Yeah, yeah, Chewie, I know. My arm's about to fall off. 

ANA to Eko You okay?

EKO Yes, but we have to go. I saw them.


BERNARD What do you mean, you saw them?

CINDY How many were there?

LIBBY Did you see the kids?

ANA Libby.

EKO We need to go. Now. 

ANA Alright. We're moving out. Now.


Post-coital Shannon and Sayid.

SHANNON So, does all this -- the tent, flowers -- mean that we're serious now?

SAYID Quite definitely not. I do this for all the girls I meet on deserted Islands.

SHANNON laughing Don't go anywhere.

SAYID Where are you going?

SHANNON To get some water.

SAYID getting up and dressed Let me. I'll be right back.

Shannon lies back contentedly. There's a sudden "wind" sound and the candle in the tent is extinguished.

SHANNON That was quick. 

We see Walt's silhouette. He's dripping wet, and says something backwards. Shannon screams.

==Act 2==

Shannon standing on the beach. Sayid comes running from the direction of their tent.

SAYID There's nothing -- no one there.

SHANNON I am telling you I saw Walt.

SAYID It was a dream, Shannon.

SHANNON He was here. I saw him. He went into the tent.

SAYID I was only gone a few moments. You must have fallen asleep.

SHANNON This was not a dream! I saw Walt!

SAYID Then where is he?

CHARLIE entering Hey, what's going on?

SAYID Nothing. It's just a dream; everything's fine.

Shannon walks off, upset that Sayid doesn't believe her. Claire enters carrying the baby. Sayid follows Shannon.

SAYID Shannon...

CLAIRE What's wrong?

CHARLIE Shannon had a nightmare. Looking at the baby Why's he up?

CLAIRE I woke him.

CHARLIE Woke him?

CLAIRE I heard screams -- I got worried. Why, would rather I had left him over there alone?

CHARLIE You heard screams so woke up the baby and ran toward them?

CLAIRE Okay, it sounded like she needed help.

CHARLIE Well, he's going to need feeding now. He's going to be up all night and fussy all day.


CHARLIE Alright, well, no harm done -- give him here then. I got him.

Claire reluctantly hands Aaron over to Charlie. Charlie kisses and soothes the baby while Claire looks on, none too happy.

Shannon packs up her bag at the tent and starts walking away.

SAYID Wait. Wait! Come back with me; let's talk about this.

SHANNON Do you believe me? Sayid doesn't answer and Shannon starts to walk away again No. I know what I saw.


Flashback - A ballet studio with girls practicing.

SHANNON Beautiful, Sophie. Okay, can you bring your shoulders down for me a little -- extend up, good -- and finish. Very nice, ladies.

SOPHIE Did my papa see me? 

We see an older man whispering in the ear of another instructor.

SHANNON I think so. Looking at the students Wonderful, alright, thank you for a great class today, ladies. 

We see the older man leaving with Sophie walking past the other instructor, Nora. She and Shannon laugh.

NORA He wants me to be his au pair, can you believe that?

SHANNON Au pair, my ass. 

NORA in a French accent Live in my big house, take care of my kids -- next thing you know it's Oh, I'm so sorry; I did not know you were in the shower. What a perve!

Shannon's cell phone rings.


SABRINA Shannon, your father's been in an accident. I'm on my way to St. Sebastian's, I'll meet you there. 


At the hospital.

DOCTOR Mrs. Rutherford?


Jack walks by in the background.

DOCTOR Why don't we talk down here?

SABRINA Doctor, my husband, Adam, how is he?

DOCTOR Your husband was in a head-on collision with an SUV. He suffered massive internal injuries. He stopped breathing at the site of the accident. I'm afraid we were unable to resuscitate him. I'm so sorry.

Shannon starts to cry.

SABRINA May I see him?

DOCTOR Of course. Would your daughter like to come? 

SABRINA Step-daughter. Come on, Shannon.


On-Island - The tail section folks and the raft guys walking through the jungle.

ANA How much further to their camp?

EKO A day -- maybe more, maybe less. 

ANA Thanks for being so specific.

Sawyer stumbles and goes down to one knee.

SAWYER Damn it!

Libby tries to check his wound.

SAWYER Okay, okay. I'm fine.

LIBBY You want to let me just take a look at your shoulder?

SAWYER What, are you a doctor?

LIBBY A clinical psychologist.

SAWYER You're a shrink? Well, maybe you ought to talk to my shoulder. 

LIBBY How'd you get shot, anyway?

SAWYER With a gun.

MICHAEL He got shot when they took my kid.

SAWYER It's bad, right?

LIBBY Yeah, it's bad. But it's not real bad. C'mon, you're going to be okay. Let's go.

Michael helps Sawyer up, but Sawyer wants to make it on his own.

SAWYER I got it. I'm alright. I'm fine.

BERNARD Let me give you a hand, okay?

Sawyer doesn't answer; he just keeps on walking by.


Rose and Hurley on the beach doing laundry.

HURLEY Um, tell me again why we're doing this here when there's a dryer in the hatch?

ROSE I don't like the hatch.

HURLEY Oh, it's because of the doomsday button, isn't it?

ROSE Well, who needs a dryer when we've got sun and fresh air? We wouldn't want to spoil ourselves, now would we?

HURLEY laughing Yeah, spoiled.

SHANNON entering Hey, do you guys know where Michael and Walt left the stuff they didn't take with them on the raft?

HURLEY What kind of stuff?

SHANNON Their clothes.

HURLEY I think their stuff's still on the beach back where their tent is.


ROSE Poor thing, it can't be easy losing the one person you love on the Island.

Shannon finds a shirt of Walt's and gets Vincent to smell it.

SHANNON Here, smell this, that's his, right? Come on, get a good whiff of it. You're always trying to run off and find him? Then find him. Find Walt. 

Vincent takes off running, dragging Shannon along by the leash.

SHANNON Good dog. Find Walt.

Shannon stops as they end up back at the beach, right at Boone's grave.

==Act 3==

Claire rocking a crying Aaron in the cradle as Locke passes by.

CLAIRE to Aaron I know I woke you and I'm very, very sorry; but please, staying awake for 8 hours straight -- isn't that just cruel and unusual punishment?

LOCKE How's that cradle treating you?

CLAIRE The cradles great. It's the baby that's the problem.

LOCKE What's wrong?

CLAIRE He just won't sleep.

LOCKE wanting to pick the baby up May I?


Scene jumps to Locke wrapping the baby in a blanket.

LOCKE Babies like the feeling of being constricted. It's not until we're older that we develop a desire to be free. Finishing up with the blanket There.

Claire takes the baby.

CLAIRE You know, I think everybody knows more about my baby than me.

LOCKE Everybody?

CLAIRE Charlie read me the riot act last night for waking him. And as mad as it made me -- turns out he was right. You know, it's like we're playing mum and dad to this baby. Yet, I don't remember marrying him. Locke laughs No, seriously. I mean, we're practically strangers, him and me. For all I know, Charlie could be some religious freak.

LOCKE Yeah, I seriously doubt that.

CLAIRE Then why is he carrying around a Virgin Mary statue?


CLAIRE You know, one of the little statues? He says he found it in the jungle. 

LOCKE Hmm, how about that?

Shannon at Boone's grave.


Flashback - Shannon's father's funeral. Shannon looks like she's in shock.

BOONE to Shannon as she's looking in her father's casket Death sucks, doesn't it?


BOONE Hey. They hug I'm so sorry, Shannon. 

SHANNON You came back.

We see Sabrina looking over at them embracing.


In Shannon's room, Boone pours alcohol from a flask into some toy tea cups.

BOONE Where'd the poster of Marky Mark go?

SHANNON I'm 18, Boone. Your mom's going to freak.

BOONE It's a wake. I mean, seriously, who doesn't serve booze at a wake? Scotch? toasting To your dad. Handing Shannon some gum Maybe after all this you'll come visit me in New York.

SHANNON I won't have to visit if I get that job at the Martha Graham dance company. I'll be living there.

BOONE Right. Internship. He shrugs

SHANNON I know it's like a 1 in 3000 chance, but I may get it.

BOONE Absolutely. Have you spoken to my mother?

SHANNON She's going through her thing and I'm going through mine.

BOONE Have you two been getting along?

SHANNON She hates me.

BOONE Just try to talk to her.

SHANNON From day one she resented my relationship with him, my dad.


On-Island - At the rocky shore part of the beach. Eko notices Sawyer is struggling.

EKO We need a break.

ANA 5 minutes!

EKO handing Sawyer some water Here.

Eko assesses the coastline they need to traverse.

ANA What are you looking at?

EKO We have to cut inland.

ANA What? Into the jungle. They said their people were on the beach. If we keep walking...

EKO The beach goes into a peninsula ahead. It may not be passable.

ANA May not?

EKO May not. 

ANA You're doing this to get the cowboy back faster, aren't you? You would risk our lives to help him?

EKO It's the only way I know.

ANA I liked you better when you weren't talking.


Claire and Locke at the beach.

CLAIRE I can't believe he's still asleep.

LOCKE Swaddling works every time.

CLAIRE Uh-huh. Hey, do you want to hold him?

LOCKE That's okay.

CLAIRE Put your arms out. It's okay.

LOCKE He smells good.

CLAIRE He does, doesn't he?


CHARLIE enters Oh.

LOCKE Hello, Charlie.


CLAIRE Hey, John just taught me a new trick swaddling.

CHARLIE That's excellent. I just came to take him so you could have your walk.

Locke looks to Claire, unsure if he should give the baby to Charlie, but Claire doesn't say anything.

LOCKE Well, great timing, yeah. I've got to get going. 

CLAIRE Well, thanks for your help, John.

LOCKE Welcome.

CLAIRE to Charlie who's staring at her What?


In the jungle, the tail section people are walking very carefully. Libby steps on a stick, and Cindy shushes her.

JIN 나한테 기대.

Sawyer stumbles

JIN 나한테 기대.

SAWYER I'm fine.

JIN 기대라니까! 내가 부축해 줄게.

SAWYER I'm fine.

JIN 기대라니까!

ANA Shhhh - shut up.

MICHAEL What? They can't talk at all?

ANA If he talks he's going to get us all killed.

MICHAEL By what? Them? I thought they lived a day back that way?

ANA How about you shut your mouth and get your buddy over here moving?

MICHAEL What happened to you people? You want us to take you back with us? Fine. But you want me to keep quiet then you need to tell me why I have to.

ANA They came the first night that we got here. They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks, then they came back. They took nine more. They're smart, and they're animals, and they could be anywhere at any time. Now we're moving through the jungle -- their jungle -- just so you can save your little hick friend over here. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is going to stop them -- think again. So shut your mouth and keep moving.

MICHAEL They took my son.

ANA They took a lot of things.

==Act 4==

Shannon at Boone's grave. Sayid enters.

SAYID I know what it is to lose someone you care deeply about.

SHANNON You really think that this is all about Boone? I saw Walt, Sayid.

SAYID Then why are we sitting at Boone's grave.

SHANNON getting up to leave Just go back, Sayid.

SAYID Where are you going?

SHANNON To find him.


Flashback - Shannon in is her apartment. Nora comes in.

NORA handing Shannon a letter It came.

SHANNON Oh my god. 

NORA Open it.

SHANNON I can't open it.

NORA You what?

SHANNON You open it.

NORA You have been waiting 6 months for this letter -- no way I'm opening it.

Shannon opens the letter.

SHANNON I got it!

NORA You got it?1

SHANNON I got it!!

NORA Oh my god, you're going to New York!

They're jumping and hugging. The phone rings.

SHANNON Hello. This is her. Uh, that's impossible. Okay, are you sure? Of course, I will certainly do that. Sorry.

NORA What?

SHANNON My rent check bounced.

NORA But you're, like, rich.


At Sabrina's house.

SABRINA I'm sorry, I would have offered you something to drink, but I have to be at a meeting in 10 minutes.

SHANNON Yeah, um, my checks are bouncing.

SABRINA Well, that's what happens when you make withdrawals and don't make deposits, Shannon.

SHANNON When do I get the money dad left me? The money from the will.

SABRINA There was no will.


SABRINA Shannon, your father and I had a living trust. Everything passed to me. I'm afraid there was nothing specifically designated for you. 

SHANNON Why would he do that?

SABRINA Well, maybe he just wanted you to find your own way. We all have to work, Shannon. Most of us are the better for it.

SHANNON I can work. I just -- I just got this really prestigious internship. And I'm not going to make any money for a while but I'm going to be working like 16 hours a day.

SABRINA The only thing I've ever seen you do 16 hours a day straight is sleep.

SHANNON I just need to get to New York. I need just something -- something to get started. I'll pay you back.

SABRINA This week it's an internship -- last year it was what -- interior design? You'll never pay me back. And you'll only hate yourself even more.

SHANNON I really want this, Sabrina. I can do this.

SABRINA I'm sorry, Shannon. You're on your own.


On-Island - Locke and Charlie playing backgammon on the beach.

CHARLIE Oh, double-6's, how nice for you. 

LOCKE laughing Lucky. pause I hope you didn't get the wrong idea seeing me with the baby?

CHARLIE What wrong idea would that be?

LOCKE You and Claire are close, and you spend a lot of time with Aaron -- I just wouldn't want to overstep my bounds.

CHARLIE Did she tell you we had a fight?

LOCKE She didn't say it was a fight.

CHARLIE She was going to give it up, you know -- for adoption. Did she tell you that?

LOCKE Yeah, when I built the cradle.

CHARLIE Ah, of course, when you built the cradle.

LOCKE Why do you ask?

CHARLIE She's got a bit to learn about being a mum -- responsibility and all.

LOCKE Hmmm, now that's an interesting thing to say -- for a heroin addict.

CHARLIE Recovering addict.

LOCKE Recovering. It's your turn.


Jin is half carrying Sawyer through the jungle.

BERNARD hearing Sawyer stumble behind him Here, let me help you.

JIN 아냐, 아냐.

MICHAEL I got it.

JIN 나 혼자도 할 수 있어.

MICHAEL I said I got it, man. Take a break.

JIN 안 쉬어도 돼.

SAWYER to Michael What? You suddenly give a damn about me? taking his arm from around Jin's shoulder Leave me alone. Both of you. I got it.

Sawyer starts walking away, but collapses.

MICHAEL Hey, hey, hey he puts Sawyer's head in his lap Okay. Hey, Sawyer, hey you okay? 

SAWYER barely conscious I would have left you behind.

MICHAEL Shut up, man. Don't try that.

SAWYER I did leave you behind.

MICHAEL Yeah, well, good thing I ain't you. He smiles at Sawyer and Sawyer passes out. No, no, hey, Sawyer. Sawyer, hey.

==Act 5==

JIN Water! Water!

LIBBY Here you go. Here, here.

MICHAEL pouring water into Sawyer's mouth What's the matter with him?

LIBBY Well, the fever -- he's got an infection -- he's dehydrated. 

ANA We gotta keep moving.


ANA We gotta keep going.

JIN 소이어를 두고 갈 순 없어!

ANA You want stay, that's fine. But we're rolling out.

BERNARD We can't just leave him, Ana.

LIBBY Maybe if we just rest a little while, he'll regain consciousness.

ANA Rest? Here? Do you remember what happened to us? What they did to us? You remember Goodwin?

CINDY Ana's right, maybe we should just push on.

MICHAEL Hey, you know what? I don't remember Goodwin. And I'm really sorry about whatever happened to him, but I don't care. Mr. Eko, can you help me make a stretcher? And Bernard, I need 4 sticks -- sturdy ones -- about 5 feet long.

BERNARD Yeah, got it.

ANA You're going to carry your friend.

MICHAEL Yeah, we're going to carry him.


Sayid and Shannon in the jungle.

SAYID Why are you doing this, Shannon?

SHANNON I didn't ask you to follow me.

SAYID No, you'd rather be out here alone and get lost or hurt.

SHANNON I don't need your help, Sayid.

SAYID Walt is not out here. You're following a Labrador, not a Bloodhound -- in an effort to find a boy who's on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

SHANNON He's not on the raft.

SAYID What are you talking about?

SHANNON We found the bottle on the beach. 

SAYID The bottle with the messages that they brought with them?

SHANNON I know he's out here somewhere. I saw Walt. And the raft is gone, and he is all alone.

SAYID Shannon.


Jin and Michael carry Sawyer on the homemade stretcher. They come to a steep embankment along a river, and all struggle to lift Sawyer up. All are grunting.

MICHAEL Muttering F*** me...

ANA Cindy. Cindy? Where's Cindy?

BERNARD She was just here.

ANA Cindy! Cindy!

BERNARD I don't know, she was...

LIBBY Did they take her?

MICHAEL How could she just be gone? 

BERNARD Cindy! Cindy!

ANA I'm going after her.

EKO grabbing Ana's arm No, we stay together -- we split up, we give them what they want.

ANA This is all your fault. We never should have gone through the jungle. You risked our lives to save him and he's already dead. This one's on you.

They all hear the whispers.

MICHAEL What the hell is that? 

Ana draws her gun.

LIBBY terrified Oh, god.

ANA Run!

==Act 6==

Flashback - Shannon packing up her apartment. Boone enters.



BOONE She said no. She knew why I asked for the money.

SHANNON Can I crash at your place in New York for just a little while -- until I get on my feet.

BOONE I'm leaving New York. She offered me a job.

SHANNON You're going to work for your mother?

BOONE It's a really good job, Shannon. He pulls out a check Look, this is all I have right now, but my trust fund's going to kick in at the end of the month. And after that I can absolutely keep you afloat.

SHANNON Thank you, but I'm going to figure out a way to make my own money. 

BOONE But who knows when that's going to be, just take it.

SHANNON Why, you don't think I can do it?

BOONE I didn't say that.

SHANNON Do you believe I can, or don't you, Boone? He just looks at her Okay, you know what, I really want you to just take your money -- go work for your mother -- I don't want it...

BOONE Shannon, it's just money...

SHANNON Just take it, alright!

BOONE I'm trying to help you, Shannon!

SHANNON I don't want your money!


On-Island - Shannon and Sayid running through the jungle at night in the rain. Shannon trips and falls.

SAYID Shannon! Are you okay?

SHANNON Do not help me up.

SAYID Let's go back.

SHANNON Why don't you believe me? Sayid doesn't answer I need you to believe in me.

SAYID I do believe in you.

SHANNON You don't! No one does. They think that I'm some kind of joke. They think I'm worthless. 

SAYID Shannon, you are not worthless. 

SHANNON You say that now, but you don't -- you're just going to leave me. I know as soon as we get out of here you're just going to leave me.

SAYID I will never leave you. I love you and I believe you.


SAYID I believe you.

They hug. And then they hear the whispers. Sayid sees Walt.

WALT Shhh.

SHANNON Do you see him? 

Sayid nods.

SHANNON Walt! Walt! Walt! Walt!

Walt walks away and Shannon runs after him. Sayid sits stunned for a moment and then goes after Shannon.

SAYID Shannon!

SHANNON Walt! Wait!

Sayid trips and starts running after Shannon again.

SAYID Shannon!

Sayid hears a gunshot.

SAYID Shannon! Shannon.

Shannon turns around to reveal a wound in her gut. She collapses into Sayid's arms and dies. Then we see Ana standing there with the gun. And shocked looks on Jin and Michael's faces. Sayid looks like he has murder in his heart looking at Ana.
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