{{I=Homecoming739.jpg=right=300=The typical "A-Team," consisting of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and Sayid, with Claire.}}
'''"A-Missions"''' is a term for when the primary survivors undertook a mission, such as capturing Ethan Rom {{crossref}} or escaping from the Hydra Island {{crossref}}. The term was coined by Charlie (a frequent mission-goer who, in his own opinion, fell short of being a member of the "A-Team") {{crossref}} and later referenced by Sawyer {{crossref}}. An "A-Mission" refers to a mission undertaken by the Nicknames''Lost'' "A-Team", which usually included a combination of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and Sayid.

{{I=Ateam.jpg=150=left=The "A-Team," minus Sayid, discuss a response to the attack on Sun. Ana Lucia is seen as the Tailie equivalent of an "A-Team member."}}
=LOCKE You want to tell me why you've been following me, Charlie?

CHARLIE Yeah. Quite simply, John, there are a lot of secrets around here, and I'm tired of being at the bloody kid's table. I got Claire's baby back. I didn't go swanning off to the Black Rock on the bloody A-Team mission, but I would have if someone had asked me.
=Definition= {{I=wereback.jpg=200=right=The remnants of the "A-Team," return to the Island on Ajira 316 to find their destiny.}} Charlie's definition is used for the purposes of this article. To be considered an "A-Mission", at least one "A-Team" member must be present for the entirety of the mission. The "A-Team" consists initially of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and Sayid. Sun became powerful after the Oceanic 6 and soon began to participate more actively in the off-Island "A-Missions." Ana Lucia, Ben, Juliet, Charlotte, Miles, Daniel, and Ilana soon joined them from the Tailies, the Others, the Freighter, and Jacob's bodyguards, respectively. An "A-Mission" is further defined here as a quest which departs from the main body of the survivors, and involves either rescue, assistance to another, or betterment of the survivor community as a whole. Therefore, missions such as when Sawyer went hunting for the boar or tree frog do not fall on the term "A-Mission" as these were personal quests. A mission by supportive or independent survivors is a "B-Mission"; an Others mission is an "O-Missions"; a Freighter mission is an "F-Missions"; and a mission by Widmore's team in Season 6 is an S-Missions. All are interpreted as reactions in the form of supplements or responses to the "A-Missions". ==Members== {="font-size13px; text-align center; background-color;" ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagekate-mini.jpg Kate , tracker "A-Team" missions, but as a secondary to Jack, Locke or Sayid. She has proved a most skilled tracker and the nature of her missions has typically been to help Jack in some way. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagesawyer-mini.jpg Sawyer , con artist , unlike the rest of the A-Team, he doesn't do it for the good of the camp (though he will help out Kate from time to time). Sawyer is a valuable member as he will kill if he needs to and can lead lesser survivors if the dominant members of the "A-Team" are indisposed. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagehurley-mini.jpg Hurley , cook , Hurley has also been in several A-Missions. He is one of the last three canditates. Became an A-member in Season 6. He is currently the only one who can communicate with Jacob. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagejack-mini.jpg Jack , doctor/surgeon survivors for the entire 108 days spent surviving on the Island due to his highly-desired skills with medicine and protective tendencies. He has a habit of taking the leadership role on every mission he goes on and this sometimes makes him clash with Locke. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagesayid-mini.jpg Sayid , technical skills, interrogator, soldier "A-Team," always providing support to the leaders. He had many skills that helped in the missions. These included technological knowledge, diplomacy, torture, and fixing technical equipment. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagesun-mini.jpg Sun , corporate power, translator Jin, Sun became a prominent member of the "A-Team" over the false belief that Jin had perished on the Freighter. Her goal in more recent "A-missions" was re-uniting with her long-lost husband; she was aided by her cold demeanor and hostile takeover of her father's corporate industry. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagelocke-mini.jpg Locke , hunter, tracker "A-Team" missions with input and advice but originally delegated his power to Jack. After tensions flared over control, Locke started to break away from the survivors and lead in his own fashion. He assumed control of the survivors when most of the "A-Team" was captured by Michael's betrayal, but joined the Others soon after and realized his potential to the Island, though never formally led them. ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imagejuliet-mini.jpg Juliet , doctor/fertility researcher, former-Other survivors when she grew tired of Ben's lies and machinations that had plagued her life on the Island for the last three years. Being a doctor and having a relatively intimate knowledge of the Others' facilities on the Island, she provided strong support for the leader of most "A-Missions." ="font-size11px; text-align left;vertical-aligntop; background-color;" Imageana-mini.jpg Ana Lucia , interrogator tail section survivors and endured aggressive O-Missions by the Others to kidnap her people. She eventually merged her tribe with the middle section survivors' beach camp, during which time she played an active role in "A-Team" planning and preparation. |} ='''Season 1'''= {{A-MissionsS1}} ='''Season 2'''= {{A-MissionsS2}} ='''Season 3'''= {{A-MissionsS3}} ='''Season 4'''=

Track Naomi

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Tracking Naomi =Naomiandkate1.jpg = {{ep}} = Jack, Kate =None =Ben =None = Danielle = Naomi crawled away, and they have to track her in time before the freighter called the survivors again. = To find Naomi before the freighter becomes suspicious of the survivors. = None = None ='''Half-Accomplished'''; While they succeeded in finding Naomi, she managed to contact the freighter to tell them everything was fine, but she was injured from Locke's knife wound, and she died. =None =left = When Minkowski calls Jack on the satellite phone to reconfigure the settings so they can pinpoint their location, they need Naomi to work the phone. However, when Jack looks for her she is gone. Jack and Danielle, taking Ben with him, follow the blood-stained trail, but Kate thinks otherwise, as she found a different trail where she believed Naomi doubled back on herself. Naomi ambushed her viciously, holding a knife to her throat for the phone to contact the freighter for help, thinking the survivors had turned savage and killed her. Kate pleads not guilty, and as a result Naomi covers for the survivors before she finally dies. }}

Finding Daniel's Team

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Searching for the freighter Team =4x02-promo.jpg = {{ep}} =Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid =Hurley =Ben, Alex, Karl =Daniel, Charlotte, Miles =Danielle, Claire, Aaron, Jerome, Doug, Steve, two un-named female survivors = Daniel parachuted onto the Island, but he needs to rendezvous with the rest of his team. = For Jack's group To find the remaining three of Daniel's team. = None = None ='''Half-Accomplished'''; Jack's group managed to find Daniel first, and them from Naomi's phone track down Miles & Frank =The four members of the team Daniel, Miles, Charlotte & Frank =right = Daniel bailed out of his helicopter as it was going down. Jack and Kate stumbled upon him in the jungle. Daniel needs to find his remaining three members of his team, and he enlists their help. They manage to find Miles from following his signal, and Juliet and Sayid join the hunt. Locke's group finds Charlotte in a river and take her prisoner. To avoid Jack's group finding them, they took her transponder and attached it to Vincent, who fled a different way. However, when Frank fires his flare, Jack's group finds Frank and discover his helicopter - intact. Overall, the mission was half-accomplished, as they discovered a source of rescue however Locke's group still have Charlotte. }}

Finding Jacob's Cabin Part I

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Finding Jacob's Cabin Part I =Normal LOST Y4 074 006.jpg = {{ep}}, {{ep}} =Locke & Sawyer =Hurley =Ben, Alex, Karl =Charlotte =Danielle, Claire, Aaron, Jerome, Doug, Steve, two un-named female survivors = After receiving a Through the Looking GlassWalt to murder Naomi, and that the rest of the freighter people had arrived to kill them, Locke decided the BarracksJacob for further instructions on how to defend themselves. = To contact Jacob and discover the purpose of the freighter and how to defend themselves before they arrive at the Barracks. = None = None = fail =The cabin could seemingly move through space; and that Hurley knows of the cabin. =left = Locke gathered a handful of survivors and island-castaways to trek into hiding so the freighter people can't find them. But first, Locke wanted to take a detour and visit Jacob in his cabin for further instructions. As they walked, Hurley commented the cabin was in a different direction, but in response to Locke and Ben's surprised faces, he quickly muttered something about the airplane cabin. On the way, they picked up another Charlotte, which led Ben to attempt murder against her - to no avail. Much to Locke's annoyance, the cabin had seemed to disappear from it's original PortalLocations and Ben remarked in-front of the group that Locke was lost. This lead Hurley to question his intentions about their Charlotte, but Locke re-affirmed his leadership and they continued on to the Barracks while covering his disappointment that he truly didn't know what to do next. }}

Retrieving Charlotte

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Retrieving Charlotte from the Barracks =Sayidreturnscharlotte.jpg ={{ep}} =Sayid & Kate Opposing Locke & Sawyer =Opposing Hurley =Opposing Ben =Miles Opposing Danielle =Hurley, Ben, Miles, Danielle = Sayid makes a deal with Frank that if he retrieves Charlotte safely from Locke, he will take him off the Island to the freighter. = To retrieve Charlotte from Locke and take her back safely to Frank, Daniel Faraday and the helicopter. = None = None =success = Sayid discovered a secret room in Ben's house, behind a bookshelf, that contained fake passports, large amounts of money in many currencies and clothes. ==right = Sayid, Kate and Miles leave for the barracks, to where Locke's group is situated and where they have Charlotte prisoner. Sayid struck a deal with Frank to let him take him to the freighter, whereas Miles accompanies him to help locate Charlotte. Sayid disallows Jack to go with him because of his intense rivalry with Locke. Jack advises Kate to go with them for extra precaution against Locke. When they arrive, they discover Hurley stuck in a closet. Conning his friends, Hurley tells them that Locke went elsewhere and that they should investigate Ben's house, and when they do, Locke's group corners them and disarms them. Later, Locke and Sayid discuss their current situation involving the freighter team, and they strike a deal - Miles for Charlotte. Even though they lost Miles and Frank disparagingly says that Sayid cheated, the deal was the same. Charlotte was returned safely and Sayid boarded the helicopter to the freighter with Frank and Desmond. }}

Kate's Identity Secret

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Kate's Inquisition =Kateintrouble.jpg ={{ep}} = Kate & Sawyer =Hurley =None =Miles =None =Kate decides to find out whether the freighter knows about her fugitive status. =Kate decides to interrogate Miles about knowledge of her, but she must first meet his demands to see Ben. =None = None =success =Ben is more sophisticated in the outside world than is first thought, as Miles seems to think he owns 3.2 million dollars, if not more. Miles and the freighter have a copy of the Flight 815 manifest and have knowledge of Kate's crimes. ==left = Kate decides to stay behind with Locke's group of survivors who have a Miles, so she can interrogate him about his knowledge of her previous life of crime. However, Locke refuses to reveal the location of Miles, so Kate instead tricks Hurley into slipping his location. Kate finds him, but he firstly demands to see Ben. Kate recruits Sawyer for help, who distracts Locke, and Kate breaks into his basement and takes Miles to meet Ben. Miles blackmails Ben, and reveals that the freighter knows about Kate's fugitive status. Even though Locke discovered Kate's betrayal and evicted her from the Barracks, Kate's overall objectives were completed so the mission was a success. =Although this mission was personal to Kate, the involvement of many people in her plans to receive the information she wants merits it as an A-mission. }}

Investigating the Freighter

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Investigating the freighter =Sm.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} =Sayid =Desmond =None =None =Desmond =The survivors were for-warned by Charlie's Through the Looking GlassKahana people weren't here to neccessarily rescue them. Also, Locke was warned by a vision of Walt that they were here to kill them, but it's likely Sayid only partly believed this. =To discover the freighter's true mission and everything regarding it's purpose. =None = None ='''Half-Accomplished'''; While they succeeded in discovering the freighter's Charles Widmore and it's intentions, they were too late to act on it and they didn't have the man-power to suppress the mercenaries. =Charles Widmore sent the freighter to the Island with mercenaries on board to kill everyone on the Island with knowledge of survivors of the Mid-air break-up of Oceanic Flight 815, so that the story behind his fake wreckage isn't compromised. However, Widmore also wanted Ben, but for unknown reasons. =right =Sayid and Desmond were brought to the freighter by Frank in the helicopter to find out why they're offshore of the Island. At first, information on why they were there was given out sparsely, because as soon as they arrived, Desmond began to be effected by the Island's side-effects. However later the pair met the Captain Gault, who told them Widmore had commissioned the freighter and the supposed reason why they want Ben - because some of them believe he placed the fake wreckage in the ocean to deter Widmore into finding the Island. A few days later, Sayid and Desmond discovered Michael aboard, who was a spy for Ben, and they turned him into Gault. Before the two castaways realize that mercenaries were aboard, they made two trips to the Island and caused mass casualties. All in all, they did succeed in discovering some of the freighter's intentions and background, but time was too short to act upon it. = }}

Interfering with Daniel and Charlotte

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Tracking Daniel and Charlotte =KDC confrontation.jpg ={{ep}} =Jack, Kate, Juliet =None = =Daniel & Charlotte =Daniel & Charlotte =When Daniel and Charlotte disappear into the jungle at night, suspicions are raised and Jack, Juliet and later Kate begin to track them to see what they're up to. =To discover where Daniel and Charlotte have gone and why. =None =F-Missions=success =The Tempest, the origin of the gas used in the Purge ==left =When Daniel and Charlotte disappear from camp at night, Jack is inclined to follow them as he is suspicious. Juliet joins the mission, as she is ordered by Harper to stop them from releasing the gas to kill everyone on this island. On their way, Kate is found knocked out by Charlotte, and she joins their search. Juliet heads forward in front of them to complete the mission herself, but when she arrives, she believes they're about to release the gas (and fights with Charlotte) when in fact they rendered it inert so Ben couldn't re-use it. = }}

Defending the Barracks

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Defending the Barracks =4x09 sawyer.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Locke & Sawyer, Hurley =Hurley =Ben =Miles = Ben, Miles, Claire & Aaron =Ben showed Locke a video of Charles Widmore, the man who sent the freigher to kill everyone on the Island and capture Ben. The mercenaries have arrived for Ben. =For the survivors, they need to defend themselves from attack. For Ben, he needed to protect himself. =None = None ='''Half-Accomplished'''; although some of the survivors escaped with their lives, it was at the cost of many Body count. =The freighter mercenaries were here for Ben and to kill everyone else. Widmore had changed "the rules", according to Ben. Ben could summon the Monster. =left =The mercenaries are shipped to the Island in the helicopter by Frank. They come across Danielle and Karl, kill them, and take Alex hostage. They use Alex to turn off the sonar fence so they can assault the Barracks, where they kill around five more survivors. The remaining few (Locke, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire) barricade themselves into Ben's house with Ben. Keamy demands to talk to Ben and sends them Miles. When Ben refuses to leave the house, Alex is executed by Keamy. Enraged, Ben summoned the Monster and it attacked the mercenaries. The group fled into the jungle and split into two groups - one to the beach, one to Jacob's cabin. = }}

Finding Jacob's Cabin Part II

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Finding Jacob's Cabin Part II =ChristianJacob.JPG ={{ep}} =Locke, Hurley =Hurley =Ben =None =Ben =After the assault at the Barracks, Locke and Ben decide to find Jacob and receive orders, but they need Hurley to find the cabin. =To find Jacob. =None = None =success =Horace's map, the potential reason behind Locke's dreams, the location of Jacob's cabin and Claire, the absence of Jacob and the appearance of Christian on his behalf. ==right =On their way to the cabin, they disagree on who they're following. That night, Locke has a dream where he sees a Horace Goodspeed chopping trees, telling him he needs to re-visit the grave on directions to find the cabin. So, they take a detour and Locke discovers a map to the cabin. Locke offers Hurley safe passage to the beach now that they've got directions to the cabin, he decides to stay with the pain because night would soon fall. The next night, they soon find the cabin and Locke enters alone to find Christian Shephard there instead of Jacob. Locke expresses the notion that he was "chosen" to be there, and to his surprise he finds Claire sitting nonchalantly in the creepy cabin. Nevertheless, Locke is told to move the Island to save it. = }}

Escaping the Island

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Chasing the Helicopter, Disarming the freighter bomb, Fighting the Mercenaries and Escaping the Island =Helicoleaves.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Jack, Kate, Sayid & Sawyer =Hurley, Jin, Desmond, Michael =Ben, Juliet, Richard and the Others as a whole (excluding Ben) =Daniel, Frank, Hendricks & many remaining crew aboard =Sun,Hurley, Jin, Desmond, Michael, Ben, Juliet, Richard and the Others as a whole, Aaron & some other survivors =The helicopter lands on the Island and the survivors make a last bid for freedom. The Others finally combat the mercenaries with Kate and Sayid in tow. Desmond, Jin and Michael try desperately to disarm the bomb on board so people can escape. =To finally escape the Island safely. =None = None ='''Half-Accomplished'''; many survivors and freighter crew died when the freighter exploded, some survivors were left behind but the Oceanic Six, Desmond and Frank escaped. =Daniel, Charlotte and Miles truly want to help the survivors escape, Charlotte may have been born on the Island, Michael's ultimate destiny (let the Oceanic Six escape), Penny rescues them and helps with their cover story. =left =Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Sayid head towards the helicopter, the latter two following the former. When Sayid returns, Daniel desperately begins ferrying survivors to the freighter before the Orchid moves the Island. Sun and Jin discover Michael on a freighter, and along with Desmond, they help disarm a bomb that is aboard. Sayid, Kate, Richard and the Others overpower the mercenaries and rescue Ben. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Hurley lift off with Frank, but Sawyer jumps overboard when the fuel tank begins to leak. However, when they arrive on the freighter, the bomb is ready to explode and only Desmond, Sun and Aaron are able to board it before the boat explodes with Jin, Michael and many others on-board. Before they can re-land on the Island, Ben moves it away to protect it, with everyone else still on it. The helicopter crashes in the ocean and that night they are rescued by Penny and her Searcher. They create a cover story to protect those left behind from Widmore and sail to Sumba where the only the Oceanic Six are rescued. Desmond, Penny and Frank go into hiding. =This mission is half-accomplished because some people did leave the Island safely. }}

Moving the Island

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Moving the Island =Islandmoves.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Locke, Hurley =Hurley =Ben =Keamy and his mercenaries (prepared to stop Ben from doing so) =Ben, Opposing Keamy =Jacob, through Christian, ordered Locke to move the Island to protect it from Widmore. =To successfully move the Island and hide it from Widmore. =None = None =success =the Orchid, the secondary protocol. ==right =Locke, Ben and Hurley trek towards the Orchid so they can move the Island. However, Ben signals the Others as a back-up if the mercenaries have already arrived there. Hurley was having second-thoughts about the plan, but it was too late - Keamy and his men were waiting at the Orchid when they had arrived. Ben gave himself up, but the Others, with the help of Kate and Sayid, overpowered them. Ben trekked back to the Orchid and with Locke they confronted Jack about their plan to move the Island. Jack deemed them crazy, however the race was on to save everyone before they did so, and he left with Hurley. When Locke and Ben descended into the actual station, they encountered Keamy but Ben killed him in revenge for killing Alex, despite the bomb linked to the freighter. Nevertheless, they continued on with their plan and Locke watched a new orientation video. Ben blasted a hole into an even deeper section of the Orchid called the Vault. Ben informed Locke that he himself needed to be the one to move the Island because the one who does so can never return. Ben descended into the Vault and turned the frozen wheel which moved the Island to an unknown location in space-time. Ben was The Shape of Things to Come. =Even though some people are stranded on the Island, the initial mission was to move the Island and Ben did so, and in turn he is inadvertently protecting everyone on it from Widmore. }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 4 - Percentage Successful''' 45.5% (5/11) *'''Season 4 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 45.5% (5/11) *'''Season 4 - Percentage Failed''' 9.9% (1/11) ='''Season 5'''=

On-Island (Pt. 1) Find an Island Landmark

{{Sectionbox A-mission =On-Island (Pt. 1) Find an Island Landmark =5x01 ThereWasAHatch.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Sawyer, Juliet = =None =None =Faraday, Miles, Charlotte =When Benjamin Linus turned the Wheel the survivors started to experience flashes. = Find a landmark to know what year they are in. =None = None = F-Missions= '''Half-accomplished'''; The remaining survivors found the Hatch, but the rapid time flashes made any discovery temporary. = = After the island starts going through time shifts the survivors find it necessary to find a landmark. =left }}

On-Island (Pt. 2) Infiltrate the Hostile’s Camp

{{Sectionbox A-mission =On-Island (Pt. 2) Infiltrate the Hostile’s Camp =Meeting.jpg ={{ep}} =Locke, Sawyer, Juliet = =None =Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, =Richard, Charles Widmore, Eloise Hawking = =To infiltrate the camp while saving the science team. =None =None = F-Missions = '''Half-accomplished'''; The time flashes removed the remaining survivors from the 1954 campsite, but Locke delivered the compass and message in time. = Charles Widmore's past, Richard Alpert doesn't age, Jughead. = =left }}

On-Island (Pt. 3) Re-Set the Frozen Wheel

{{Sectionbox A-mission =On-Island (Pt. 3) Re-Set the Frozen Wheel =OffAxis.jpg ={{ep}} =Locke = =None =None =The Man in Black =The time traveling survivors and science team are dislodged from time after Benjamin Linus turns the wheel. The time flashes caused Charlotte to die. =To turn the Donkey Wheel. =None = None = None = success = =John Locke returns to the Orchid station. Just as he climbs down the well another time flash occurs and the well disappears. Locke see's Christian Shepard at the bottom who says to hello to his son (Jack). =left }}

Off-Island (Pt. 1) Regroup at the Safe House

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Off-Island (Pt. 1) Regroup at the Safe House =5x01 OffToSafety.jpg ={{ep}} =Sayid, Hurley = =None =None = = = =None = None = None =fail = =Hurley and Sayid stop at a fast food restaurant before going to the safe house, which is in an apartment building. Hurley asks Sayid about the man Sayid killed outside Santa Rosa. Sayid doesn't know who the man was, but said that he was an enemy. When Hurley comments on Sayid's paranoia, Sayid reveals that he has been working for Ben Linus and cautions Hurley that, if Linus ever tells him to do anything, he should do the exact opposite. Sayid notices that a piece of tape that he'd placed on the door to the room has been broken, indicating that someone has entered the safe house. One man attacks Sayid at the door, and Sayid quickly kills him by throwing him over the balcony. Another man attacks him inside; Sayid kills him too, but not before he is shot with an anesthetizing dart, which renders him unconscious a moment later. A passerby notices the dead body of the first man, and takes a picture of Hurley with a gun in his hand and covered in what appears to be blood, but is actually ketchup. Hurley runs inside, rescues Sayid, and the two escape =left }}

Off-Island (Pt. 2) Assemble at the Lamp Post

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Off-Island (Pt. 2) Assemble at the Lamp Post =LampInterior.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} =Jack =Sun, Desmond =Eloise, Ben =None = Eloise, Ben, Sun, Desmond = = =None = None = None = '''Half-accomplished'''; Only Jack and Sun show up at the Lamp Post not the other three members of the Oceanic Six. = The Lamp Post = Benjamin Linus discovers Jack in the funeral parlor. Jack agrees to go back to the island. Sun also agrees in hopes of finding her husband (Jin). They gather at the Lamp Post where they meet Eloise Hawking. =left }}

Off-Island (Pt. 3) Return to the Island

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Off-Island (Pt. 3) Return to the Island =5x06 ArgumentOnBoard.jpg ={{ep}} =Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley =Sun =Ben =Frank =Ilana, Bram = = =None = None = None = '''Half-accomplished'''; The survivors returned to the Island, but arrived in different times (2007 Sun, Ben, Frank; 1977 Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley) = = =left }}

Assimilate Into the DHARMA Initiative (1977)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Assimilate into the DHARMA Initiative (1977) =StayHere.jpg ={{ep}} =Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, = =None =None = =Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley get transported to 1977. = =None = None = None =success = DHRAMA Recruiting = =left }}

Protect the Survivors’ Return (1977)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Protect the Survivors’ Return (1977) =Groupshot509.png ={{ep}} =Sawyer, Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid = =None =None =Juliet, Jin = = =None = None = None = '''Half-accomplished'''; Sawyer managed to fool the DHARMA leaders into believing Jack, Kate, and Hurley were new recruits, but Sayid was caught in the jungle and imprisoned as a “Hostile.” = = =left }}

Search for Jin (2007)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Search for Jin (2007) =Welcomephoto.jpg ={{ep}} = =Sun =None =Frank = Sun, Frank = = Investigate the Dharma Barracks for any sign of Jin or the other survivors. =None = None = None =success = =Sun found Jin but he was only shown to be in a DHARMA group photo from 1977, not presently in 2007, later in season 6, Sun and Jin reunite just days before their deaths =left }}

Save Young Ben’s Life (1977)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Save Young Ben’s Life (1977) =BringIt.jpg ={{ep}} =Sawyer, Kate, Juliet = =Richard, various others =None = Richard Alpert = A young Benjamin Linus was shot by a time traveling Sayid. Jack refused to stitch Ben up. = Bring Ben to the Others so they can save his life. =None = None = None = success = = Sawyer, Kate and Juliet disarm the sonar fence and travel into Hostile territory. Shortly there after they meet with Richard Alpert. Richard Alpert states that they can save Ben, but his innocence will be gone. Kate agrees to it despite it. =left }}

Locate the Jughead (1977)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Locate the Jughead (1977) =5x15 Jughead.png ={{ep}} =Jack, Sayid =None =Richard, Eloise =None =Richard, Eloise = Daniel Faraday returned to the island and proposed that they could stop Oceanic Flight 815 from ever crashing. Faraday was unfortunately killed by Eloise at the Other's Camp. Jack and Eloise decided to continue the mission. Sayid later came across their group and joined them. = To Find the Hydrogen Bomb the Others buried in the 1950s. =None = None = None = success = = Jack, Sayid, Richard and Eloise trek through tunnels to the hydrogen bomb. =left }}

Detonate the Jughead (1977)

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Detonate Jughead (1977) =5x16 JackWithTheJughead.jpg ={{ep}} =Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Hurley, Miles =None =None =, = Daniel Richard, Eloise =After explaining time travel and the ability to change the past, Daniel tells Kate and Jack they can make it so that the Flight 815 plane will never crash on the island, that Desmond will never have to push the button in the hatch, and that everything can be "reset". Using the Judghead that was buried underground by the others in 1954, they could detonate it and change the past. =Take the core of Jughead and bring it to the future Swan site and drop it into the pocket of electromagnetism that is being drilled into before "The Incident" occurs. =None = None = None = fail = What "The Incident" was. =Kate, Juliet and Sawyer are on the submarine leaving the Island. Kate convinces Juliet and Sawyer they need to stop Jack from detonating a hydrogen bomb on the island. in the tunnels under the DHARMA Initiative's Barracks, Jack and Sayid dismantle the hydrogen bomb in order to remove its core, bomb. Sayid explains that he will be able to modify the bomb core so that it will detonate on impact. Jack and Sayid go through the Barracks but a gunfight follows, and Jack and Sayid escape with Jin and Miles in a van driven by Hurley. The van is topped by Sawyer who wants to speak to Jack alone and when one can't convince the other, a fist fight ensues. Juliet breaks up the fight by telling Sawyer that she wants to detonate judghead and has changed her mind, everyone is on board for the plan. At the Swan site, the security for the Dharma Initative is waiting for them and a gunfight breaks out, but the drill that is running hits the electromagnetic pocket and Jack drops Jughead into the drilling shaft. When the bomb does not go off, the electromagnetic energy begins to release and pull all metal objects into the shaft. Juliet gets wrapped around metal chains and is dragged down to the bottom where the undetonated Jughead core lays in the metal rubble and she hits it with a rock 8 times, cut to white. The group has flashed to present day on the island and finds the imploded hatch. Juliet later dies, mission failed. Desmond most likely detonates Jughead with the turn of the failsafe key. =left }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 5 - Percentage Successful''' 45.5% (5/11) *'''Season 5 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 36.4% (4/11) *'''Season 5 - Percentage Failed''' 18.2% (2/11) =Season 6=

Save Juliet

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Save Juliet =6x01_GoodbyeJules.jpg ={{ep}} =Sawyer, Jack, Kate = = = = Juliet, Miles, Jin = Juliet was pulled into the Swan drilling spot when attempting to detonate Jughead. = =None = None = None =fail = The bomb seemingly didn't work. = After Jughead is detonated the survivors find themselves back in the present. Sawyer finds Juliet buried in wreckage. Juliet dies shortly thereafter from injuries she sustained in 1977. =left }}

Save Sayid

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Save Sayid =6x01 What happened.png ={{ep}} =Hurley, Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, Kate = Jin = = =Dogen, Jin = Sayid was shot by Roger Linus and is bleeding to death. = =None = None = None =success = The Temple = The survivors bring Sayid to the temple where they're met by The Others. The Others bring Sayid into the Temple, where a large spring bubbles. After informing Jack that there are risks, Dogen orders his followers to submerge Sayid in the water and turns over a hourglass. As Sayid appears to be revived, Dogen refuses allow his followers to lift Sayid out of the water until the timer is finished. It soon appears that Sayid is drowning. Jack protests but when he tries to stop them he is prevented. After the last sand grains fall, Sayid is lifted lifeless from the water. Dogen announces to the shocked group that "your friend is dead." Jack tried vainly to perform CPR. A couple hours later Sayid sits up, very much alive. He pauses, confused, and says "What happened?" =left }}

Find Sawyer

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Find Sawyer =Vlcsnap-2010-11-01-17h22m51s29.jpg ={{ep}} = Kate Austen = = = = Jin, Aldo, Justin =Sawyer escapes from the Temple and Kate volunteers to get him back = =O-Missions= None = None =success = Claire = In the jungle Kate knocks out Aldo and Justin and leaves Jin. Kate tracks Sawyer to the barracks where he mourns Juliet's death. Kate asks for help finding Claire,but Sawyer is devastated and can't help her. Meanwhile, in the jungle, Jin is caught by Aldo and Justin. Jin tries to flee, but has his foot caught in a trap. Aldo rises his gun to kill him, but gets shot by Claire. =left }}

Find the Lighthouse

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Find the Lighthouse =6x05 WatchTheOcean.jpg ={{ep}} =Hurley, Jack = = = =Jacob = = = = None = None =success = Lighthouse, Shannon's asthma inhalers = Hurley goes to Jack and uses a false drama of whispers and secrets to tell him of a secret tunnel and the mission from Jacob. When Jack declines to go, Hurley tells him that Jacob said that Jack "has what it takes." Jack is disbelieving as to what he just heard and demands to see Jacob. Jack is convinced to come when Hurley explains that although Jacob is "kind of dead" he is at the place they are going to. Hurley and Jack continue on their way. Finally, Hurley and Jack arrive at a five story brick tower the Lighthouse. ♪ Surprised, Jack wonders why they hadn't noticed such a prominent structure on the island before, and Hurley muses that the reason may be that they never looked for it. }}

Explore the Lighthouse

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Explore the Lighthouse =6x05 ThisIsMyHouse.jpg ={{ep}} =Hurley, Jack = = = =Jacob = = To find out more about the mysterious Lighthouse. = = None = None =success = The Mirror, The Names, = The Jack and Hurley end up at the Lighthouse. Jacob informs Hurley that he needed to get away from the Temple. Hurley and Jack see many mirrors inside. }}

Return to the Beach Camp

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Return to the Beach Camp =6x07 MeetingsAndReunions.jpg ={{ep}} =Hurley, Jack = = = =Richard Alpert = Richard Alpert tells Jack everyone at the temple is dead. = =None = None = None =success = = Jack, Richard, and Hurley decide to return to the original beach camp. =left }}

Stop Richard from joining MIB

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Stop Richard from Joining MIB =6x09 We'reTogether.jpg ={{ep}} =Hurley = = = =Richard Alpert, Man in Black, Isabella =Richard says it's time to stop listening to Jacob and to start listening to someone else and he takes a flaming torch and heads into the jungle. = =None = None = None =success = = Richard has been trekking all night and it is now the next day. Distraught, he asks whether the Man in Black is listening to him and that he has changed his mind, that he was wrong. He calls out asking whether the offer still stands. Richard and Isabella communicate through Hurley. Hurley walks out of the jungle and asks Richard what offer he is speaking of. Richard is amazed that Hurley is there and angrily pushes him away, reminding Hurley that he doesn't know anything. Hurley asks him to calm down and as Richard starts to yell, Hurley snaps that it is Richard's wife, Isabella, who has sent him. Richard reacts in disbelief. Hurley says that she wants to know why Richard buried the cross. He tells Richard that she is standing right next to him. Isabella says to Hurley that Richard doesn't believe him and Hurley explains that it sometimes takes a while. Richard slowly turns toward where Hurley is speaking. Although Richard can't see Isabella he now addresses her. Richard puts the cross around his neck and thanks Hurley, who says, "Yeah, you got it." Hurley reveals that Isabella also said that there is something else that Richard must do stop the Man in Black from leaving the Island. If Richard doesn't do that, "We all go to hell." =left }}

Retrieve the Package

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Retrieve the Package =6x11 BackToTheIsland.jpg ={{ep}},{{ep}} =Sayid =Desmond = = =Man in Black, Desmond = Sawyer sees a locked room on Charles Widmore's submarine. = The Man in Black. =None = None = None =success = Desmond is back on the island = Sayid swims to Hydra Island in the dead of night. He sees Widmore's team taking Desmond from the submarine to the Hydra Station. Later as Widmore's team escorts Desmond away from the cabin where he was blasted with electromagnatism, Sayid attacks Widmore's team and takes Desmond with him back to the Main Island. =left }}

Destroy the Plane

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Destroy the Plane =6x12 IlanaIsGone.jpg ={{ep}},{{ep}} =Hurley, Jack =Sun-Hwa Kwon = = =Richard Alpert, Ilana, Benjamin Linus, Miles, Sun = Richard Alpert tells Jack everyone at the temple is dead. = =None = None = None =fail = = Richard Alpert thinks that they need to get dynamite from the Black Rock to destroy the plane and prevent MIB from leaving the island. The dynamite proves to be unstable and Ilana is killed in an explosion. Richard and the others return to the boat to retrieve more dynamite. Hurley however blows up the Black Rock because he is told that it's dangerous. The group splits Hurley, Jack, Sun, and Frank go on to visit MIB. Richard, Ben, and Miles continue to the DHRAMA barracks to get more explosives. At the barracks they meet up with Widmore who reveals that he already rigged the plane with explosives. Later they decide to fly the plane off the island. =left }}

Go talk to "Locke"

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Go talk to "Locke" =6x12-Passing.jpg ={{ep}} =Hurley, Jack = = = =Sun, Frank =Hurley is visited by Michael,who tells that going after the explosives,so they can blow up the Ajira plane, is dangerous. = =None = None = None =success = The nature of the whispers = Hurley blows up the Black Rock and Richard comes with the idea to use the C-4 left in the DHARMA barracks. Hurley tries to convince Richard to stay away from the explosvies by telling that Jacob told them to go talk to Man in Black. Richard doesn't believe he's telling the truth and goes with Ben and Miles after the C-4. Jack, Sun and Frank decide to follow Hurley. =left }}

Kill Desmond

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Kill Desmond =6x13 SittingInAWell.jpg ={{ep}} =Sayid = = = =Man in Black, Desmond = The Man in Black throws Desmond into a well. = The Man in Black wants Sayid to kill Desmond. =None = None = None =fail = = "Locke" tells Sayid to go to the well and kill Desmond. Sayid hesitates prompting "Locke" to check that he still wants what he asked for. Sayid says that he does and heads to the well. At the well Desmond is sitting in water at the bottom as Sayid points his gun. Desmond calmly asks what Locke offered Sayid. Sayid says he him he could get the woman he loved back, even though she was dead. Desmond asks why he would believe Locke could help. Sayid says that he was dead. Finally Desmond asks what Sayid will say to his beloved when she asks what he had to do to be with her again. Later it is revealed that Sayid didn't kill Desmond. =left }}

Escape to Widmore's camp

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Escape to Widmore's Camp =6x13 RelaxClaire.jpg ={{ep}} =Kate, Sawyer, Hurley = = = =Sun-Hwa Kwon, Claire Littleton, Frank Lapidus = = To Get away from Man in Black"Locke" and escape to Widmore's group on Hydra Island using the Elizabeth. =None = None = None =success = = Jack's group runs to the coast following the map and arrive at the dock where the Elizabeth is anchored. They join Kate and Sawyer and prepare to leave, but Claire emerges from the jungle with a rifle. Kate bravely talks to her about the fact that they are not going with John because it is not John. She asks Claire to join them and when a confused Claire says that John made her a promise, Kate says that she is making the promise and that the only reason she came back to the Island was to reunite her with Aaron. Claire relents but adds that when he finds out that they have left "he's going to be mad." They make their way to Hydra Island under power. Sawyer tells Frank that the plan is to get in cosy with Widmore and take the submarine to go home. Sawyer's group arrive at Hydra Island and swim ashore. Widmore's people confront them with guns but lower their arms when Zoe says that she knows Sawyer. Zoe radios Widmore and then tells Sawyer's group to put their hands up and kneel down. Sawyer asks about his deal but Zoe says the deal is off, she checks that Widmore has a sightline on Locke and says to fire when ready. =left }}

Rescue Widmore's Captives

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Rescue Widmore's Captives =6X14Illkilher-ihavealist.png ={{ep}} =Sayid, Jack = = = = Man in Black|"Locke" = Sawyer, Kate, Frank, Sun, Jin, Hurley, and Claire are taken prisoner by Charles Widmore. = To Free the Survivors captured by Widmore and escape for the Ajira Plane. =None = None = None =success = = Sawyer and Kate pace anxiously in the cage. When Kate claims that Widmore wouldn't have killed her, Sawyer explains that in the cave, Kate's name was crossed out and so Widmore was correct, he doesn't need her. Jin tells Sun about seeing their beautiful daughter in a photo. Sun gives Jin his wedding ring that she has been saving. Suddenly the power generator dies and the smoke monster appears and attacks Widmore's team, killing several. Seamus is thrown into the bars of the cage, falling to the ground next to the cage. Kate tries to reach the keys hanging on Seamus' belt while Frank kicks at the cage door. Jack arrives and unlocks the cage with the keys and frees the group. =left }}

Capture Widmore's Sub

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Capture Widmore's Sub =6X14TakingSub.jpg ={{ep}} =Sayid, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, = = = = Man in Black|"Locke", Frank, Jin, Claire, Sun = The Man in Black rescues the survivors from Widmore's camp = To commandeer the Sub so the Survivors can escape The Island. =None = None = None =success = =The group arrives at the dock, where there is no sign of any defense. Sawyer lays out their plan, specifically that Jack and Locke watch their backs and be last to go to the dock. Sawyer, Sun, Frank, Jin and Hurley go first. They face no resistance, and board the sub where they easily overpower the crew. ♪ Sawyer orders the captain to "fire this thing up." Kate, Claire and Sayid follow onto the dock. Locke gives Jack one of the backpacks, and they follow close behind. On the dock Locke asks Jack to reconsider his decision not to leave, explaining that whoever told Jack to stay had no idea what he was talking about. Jack turns and says, "John Locke told me I needed to stay," and abruptly pushes Locke off the dock and into the water. Kate looks around, asks what just happened, and is shot in the shoulder by Widmore's team, who have arrived at the tree line. Jack carries Kate into the sub and Sayid follows, leaving Claire and Locke in the firefight. Locke shoots three of Widmore's men. Sawyer goes above to find Claire and Locke shooting. As Locke runs toward the sub, Sawyer closes the hatch leaving Locke and Claire outside. He uses the intercom to tell Frank to get the captain to dive. Claire sees the sub leave and as she runs to it Locke restrains her with a look of satisfaction as he replies "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub." =left }}

Defuse the Bomb

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Defuse the Bomb =6x14 Bomb.jpg ={{ep}} =Sayid, Sawyer, Jack = = = Man in Black|"Locke" = Before the Survivors board the submarine, The Man in Black|"Locke" gives the backpack with a bomb to Jack; knowing that Jack will end up on the Submarine. = To Prevent the Bomb from detonating. =None = None = None =fail = = As the timer nears 320. Sayid explains how to disarm the bomb but he has some doubt whether it will work. Sawyer is about to pull the wires but Jack stops him, saying that nothing is going to happen; the bomb won't detonate if they leave it alone. He explains that they have done exactly what Locke wanted just as Locke had said of Widmore, "He wanted to get us all in the same place at the same time. A nice enclosed space where we had no hope of getting out of." He explains that Locke has been saying he can't leave the Island without them but what is really the case is that he can't leave the Island unless they are all dead. Jack surmises that Locke cannot kill them directly and is trying to get them to kill each other by pulling the wires from the C4. He pleads that they will be okay, they just have to trust him. Sawyer says he's sorry and quickly pulls the wires out. The timer stops at 131 and nothing happens at first. Then the timer restarts and races down. Sayid says “Listen carefully. There is a well on the main island half a mile south from the camp we just left. Desmond’s inside it. Locke wants him dead which means you are going to need him, do you understand me?” Jack asks why Sayid is telling him this. Sayid hurriedly says "Because it's going to be you, Jack." He picks up the C4 and runs down the passageway. The bomb explodes in his hands, killing him. =left }}

Save Sun

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Save Sun =6x14sunjindrown.png ={{ep}} =Sawyer, Jack = = = Jin = The bomb on the submarine goes off. = To Save Sun from drowning in the sinking Submarine. =None = None = None =fail = = Sun is pinned against the side of the chamber by a metal cabinet. Jin, Sawyer and Jack struggle to move the heavy cabinet but when they do, Sun is still trapped by a bar. A metal bar falls and strikes Sawyer on the head, knocking him out. Jack grabs him but still wants to help Jin free Sun. Jin refuses the last emergency air cylinder and insists that he leave and save Sawyer. Jack has a long last look at Jin and Sun and swims out of the submarine with Sawyer. Jin continues to try to free Sun despite her pleas for him to go, but to no avail. He holds her and says that he won't leave her. They embrace as water floods the submarine. The sub sinks and their hands drift apart in death. =left }}

Find Desmond

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Find Desmond =6x16-The_Four_Amigos.jpg‎ ={{ep}}, {{ep}}, {{ep}} = Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, = = = = Before Sayid gave his life in the submarine to save his friends, he told Jack of Desmond's location and said that since the Man in Black wants Desmond dead, Jack is going to need him. = =None = None = None ='''Half-accomplished'''; "Locke" finds Desmond first,however the survivors join them on their way to the Bamboo forest. = Why Jacob brought Candidates to the Island = On their way,the survivors are met by Jacob and discuss why they are candidates. Jack agrees to be his Protector. Meanwhile, Man in Black and Benjamin Linus return to the well in order to recover Desmond, but discover that Rose and Bernard have helped him escape by lowering him a rope. =left }}

Kill Man in Black

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Kill Man in Black =6x17mib-blood.jpg ={{ep}}, {{ep}} = Jack, Kate = = = = Desmond = The remaining survivors want to avenge their friends, killed by Man in Black|"Locke" = To Kill The Man in Black|"Locke" so that he won't leave the Island. =None = None = None =success = Heart of the Island = With the light gone, Man in Black became mortal again, but now stuck in Locke's form. Outside the cave Jack punches "Locke" and he bleeds from the mouth. Locke finds a rock nearby and hits Jack over the back of the head with it, gets up and runs off to the cliffs,where Elizabeth is anchored a short distance offshore. Jack stops him,"Locke" pulls out his knife and the two engage in a fight. Jack pinned down "Locke", but he stabbed Jack in the abdomen and tried to stab him in the neck. Before "Locke" can finish off Jack, Kate shoots him in the back. Man in Black told Jack he was too late, Jack then kicked him off the cliff in response, finally killing him. =left }}

Leave the Island

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Leave the Island =6x17 ModelPlaneToRealityPlane.png ={{ep}} =Kate, Sawyer = = = = Claire, Miles, Richard, Frank = Instead of destroying the Ajira 316, so "Locke" couldn't leave the Island, Frank,the pilot, suggested they could fly away with it and Man in Black would still be trapped on the Island. = To Escape the Island before on the plane before The Island is destroyed. =None = None = None =success = =As Richard and Miles were rowing to Hydra Island, they found Frank, who had survived the explosion and sinking of Widmore's submarine; Frank suggested that they escape the Island in the Ajira plane instead of destroying it. Upon reaching the plane, they repaired its broken windshield and damaged hydraulic systems. This brought the plane into good working condition, allowing Frank to prepare for takeoff. As the plane was taxiing down the fissuring Hydra Island runway, it managed to slow down so that Claire, Kate and Sawyer could be pulled aboard. The Ajira plane safely took off just as the runway began to crack; its occupants managed to escape the initially self-destructing Island. =left }}

Save the Island

{{Sectionbox A-mission =Save the Island =6x17LightReturns.jpg ={{ep}} = Jack, Hurley = = = = Ben = When Desmond pulled the ancient cork in the Heart of the Island the Island became to slowly crumble to the ocean. = Put the Cork back in the Light to save The Island from destruction. =None = None = None =success = = Jack, now the new protector of light, accompanied by Hurley and Ben, went back to the source to turn the light back on. Mortally wounded,Jack named Hurley his protector and then was lowered down into the cave. Jack woke Desmond, tied the rope around him so he could be pulled up and put the stone cork back into the hole. He collapsed near the edge of the pool, slowly falling to depression,when nothing happen. Then the water started flowing again. Jack placed his hand on a stream and the water, that he touched, reached the stone, and the light was reignited, saving the Island. Hugo and Ben haul on the rope and find Desmond on the end of it. Below, Jack sobs with relief as he is engulfed in the light =left }} ==Season Breakdown== *'''Season 6 - Percentage Successful''' 70.0% (14/20) *'''Season 6 - Percentage Half-accomplished''' 5.0% (1/20) *'''Season 6 - Percentage Failed''' 25.0% (5/20) ='''Overall Breakdown'''= *'''Percentage Successful''' 53.9% (48/89) *'''Percentage Half-accomplished''' 28.1% (25/89) *'''Percentage Failed''' 18.0% (16/89) ==External links== *http//bebo.com/watch/3806564371 LOST Music Video - Storm The Gate! - Montage of Lost scenes with some of the Season 3 A-Team missions (To 'Storm The Gate' by Tenacious D)
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