A Tale of Two Cities

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{{Infobox Episode
=3x01 JackIsland.jpg
=A Tale of Two Cities
=4 October 2006
=Jack Shephard
=Jack Shephard
Juliet Burke =68 =Teleplay by J.J. Abrams
& Damon Lindelof
Story by Damon Lindelof =Jack Bender =Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Mr. Eko*
Naveen Andrews - Sayid Jarrah*
Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond Hume*
Emilie de Ravin - Claire Littleton*
Michael Emerson - Benjamin Linus
Matthew Fox - Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia - Hugo Reyes*
Josh Holloway - James Ford
Daniel Dae Kim - Jin-Soo Kwon*
Yunjin Kim - Sun-Hwa Kwon*
Evangeline Lilly - Kate Austen
Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke
Dominic Monaghan - Charlie Pace*
Terry O'Quinn - John Locke*
Kiele Sanchez - Nikki Fernandez*
Rodrigo Santoro - Paulo*
*''Did not appear in the episode.'' =Julie Adams - Amelia
Blake Bashoff - Karl Martin
Brett Cullen - Goodwin Stanhope
M.C. Gainey - Tom Friendly
William Mapother - Ethan Rom
John Terry - Christian Shephard
and Julie Bowen - Sarah Shephard =Stephen Semel - Adam (Other)
Alexandra Morgan - Moderator (A Tale of Two Cities)
Julie Ow - Nurse (St. Sebastian)
Sonya Seng - Receptionist (A Tale of Two Cities)=Isabelle Cherwin - Little girl (A Tale of Two Cities)
Sally Davis - Teacher (A Tale of Two Cities)=A Tale of Two Cities transcript =A Tale of Two Cities audio commentary }} {{ep=1}} is the Season 3 premiere of ''Lost'', and the 50th produced hour of the series as a whole. Jack, Kate and Sawyer find themselves in Hydra Island after being kidnapped by the Others, who reveal themselves to be much more Barracks than anyone could have previously guessed. ==Synopsis== ===Previously on ''Lost''=== *Tom and the survivors meet at the Line and proclaim that they own the island. {{crossref}} * As Locke narrates his list of the Others' attacks, a hand covers Claire's face, Ethan fights Jack, Charlie hangs from a tree, and Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley fall victim to the Others' darts. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} * As Ana narrates her experience of the Others' attacks, the Others march the kidnapped four along the dock. Hoods drop on their heads. {{crossref}} {{crossref}} ===Flashbacks=== ====Jack==== {{I=3x01 JackIsWatching.jpg=200=left=Jack, spying on Sarah from his car.}} Sipping his coffee from a distance while in his car, Jack watches his wife Sarah Shephard, as she plays with her young pupils at kindergarten. He notices her joke with a man there, and frowns as Sarah whispers something into his ear, causing the unknown man to laugh. Moonlight Serenade|♪ Later, Jack arrives at a divorce meeting. In the waiting room, he tries to spark conversation with Sarah, but she seems more interested in initiating the proceedings than talking to her ex. Jack fires his lawyer. His attempts to reconcile are also quickly interrupted as Sarah’s phone rings, and Jack overhears her laughing to the person at the other end. Jack asks her what his name is, a question we gather he has asked her many times since their separation. Jack tells Sarah that she can have whatever she wants in the divorce, but he has a right to know the name of Sarah Shephard's lover who is with his wife. Instead of answering, Sarah walks out. {{I=3x01 HelloThisIsJack.jpg=200=right=Jack calls contacts on Sarah's cellphone, in an attempt to find her lover.}} At the hospital, Jack is trying to track down the man by phoning each of Sarah’s contacts, under the pretense that he has found her phone. His father, Christian, enters and tells Jack to accept the fact that Sarah has moved on. Jack disregards him, and calls the next number he has on his list. To his surprise, his father’s phone begins to ring. Asking him why his wife has been calling him, Christian tells him to simply "let it go." Jack refuses to listen, shouting for his father to tell him the truth. Christian says that it is because she was afraid for Jack’s health. The argument soon gets heated, as Jack touches a nerve by calling his father a drunk. Christian storms out of the room, but not before repeating that Jack needs to "let it go." {{I=3x01 FatherAndSon.jpg=200=left=Jack confronts his Christian Shephard in front of the AA group.}} Later, Jack is with a patient when he notices Christian’s cell phone ringing outside the room. Christian laughs as he chats, and Jack seems to suspect that his father has been lying to him. After his shift, he stalks Christian to the Lynford Hotel. Bursting into the room he entered, Jack finds that he is actually in an AA meeting. All Jack'ed Up|♪ However, undeterred, he demands Christian’s cell phone, but is asked to take a seat by the team leader. He immediately stands on guard, and starts mocking his father and things in his past. Jack explicitly accuses Christian of sleeping with Sarah. Christian shakes his head in disgust. As Jack moves to leave, Christian yet again tells him to "let it go." This time, Jack retaliates, charging at his father and tackling him to the ground. {{I=3x01 SarahConfrontsJack.jpg=200=right=Sarah reminds Jack that now he's got something to fix.}} Jack sits in a cell, but is quickly told that that someone has paid his bail, meaning he’s free to leave. As Jack leaves, he finds that the person was Sarah, who tells him that she's called him a cab. She runs out, and as Jack follows, he sees a man waiting by a car for her. He demands to know if that’s him, and Sarah replies that "it doesn’t matter who he is, it just matters who you’re not." She reveals that a drunken Christian phoned her, asking for her to help Jack, and that his alcoholism is something for Jack to fix now. She then leaves, ushered away by the man with her. A Touching Moment|♪ ====Juliet==== {{I=3x01 JulietIsIntroduced.jpg=left=200=Juliet is trying to uplift her feelings.}} Juliet is preparing to host a the Book Club meeting at Juliet's house. Initially she plays some music, then looks at herself in a mirror. Downtown|♪ She seems upset, crying, and trying to keep her composure. The oven timer goes off and she discovers the oven is billowing smoke her muffins have burnt. She hurriedly takes them out, burning her hand and dropping them on the floor in the process. The doorbell rings, there is a Amelia at the door. Outside, Ethan Rom is working on the plumbing. The two women go inside. {{I=3x01 Let'sHaveABookClub.jpg=200=right=Adam and Juliet argue over Carrie.}} Later, the book club meets; the book being discussed is ''Carrie (Book)'' by Stephen King. A man named Adam (Other)'s -- now identified as Juliet -- choice of this book and remarks that "Ben" wouldn't read it "even in the bathroom". Juliet argues with Adam that it's her favorite book, stating "here Juliet am, thinking that free will still actually exists on..." She is interrupted by a rumbling like an earthquake, shaking the house. Everyone quickly gets into the doorways. After it ends, they run outside, and we see that the house seems to be in a Barracks. The man repairing the plumbing stands up, revealing that he is Ethan. {{I=3x01 LookAtTheSky.jpg=200=left=Ben witnesses the crash of Flight 815.}} Benjamin Linus who claimed to be Henry Gale (original), troubled. While everyone else is looking around, he looks up. McGale's Navy|♪ The other people follow his gaze, and see the mid-air break-up and crash of Oceanic 815 the tail going off in one direction, the fuselage in another. The Benjamin Linus Henry Gale (original)Ethan Rom and Goodwin to each go to one of the crash sites, that Goodwin can make the shore in an hour. They are both instructed to act as survivors in shock. They must come up with an adequate story if they are asked, but stay quiet if they aren't. He tells them "Listen, learn. Don't get involved." They also must provide him with "Lists" in three days. They both run. Rushin' the Russian|♪ The Benjamin Linus now comes closer to Juliet, who is still holding Carrie (Book). "So I guess I'm out of the book club," in reference to a One of Us. A white dove flies away from the community of houses in a clearing in the jungle in what may be an ancient caldera. Shots zoom out to reveal that the houses are situated near the center of the Island. In with a KABOOM!|♪ ===On Hydra Island=== {{I=3x01 GoodMorningJack.jpg=200=right=Jack awakens in the Hydra station.}} Jack wakes up in a holding cell. He sees chains across the ceiling. He seems to be on some kind of table. He looks at the inside of his elbow, which has a band-aid on it where something had been injected or blood given. He tries to open some kind of hatch/door but it is locked. Some kind of electronic device used to "communicate" is on the wall, but it does not seem to work. Jack sees another door on the opposite side of the room, but when he walks toward it he collides with a glass wall blocking his way. Water is dripping from the ceiling. Jack tries to break the glass, unsuccessfully. He shouts for Kate, but there is no reply. {{I=3x01 SawyerInTheCage.jpg=200=left=Sawyer presses the button, ignoring Karl Martin's advice.}} Kate wakes up in a bathroom with Tom (Other). He indicates a clean towel, a new bottle of shampoo and an unwrapped bar of soap, and tells her to take "a nice hot shower." She refuses to shower in his presence, but Tom laughs and tells her she's not his type; he then leaves. Kate sees that she too has a band-aid on her arm. Sawyer wakes in an outdoor cell resembling a zoo cage. He looks around and sees speakers and a big tube with an DHARMA logos on it. Also, he notices other nearby structures, including a cage similar to his, with a Karl inside it. Sawyer tries to get answers from him, but the man does not respond. Sawyer looks around his cage some more and sees a strange contraption/button inside that has a large "button" with a knife and fork painted on it. He tries to figure it out, and pushes the button. A "''Warning''" sound goes off. Sawyer pushes the button again, the same sound goes off. As he is about to push the button for a third time, the prisoner in the cell opposite warns him not to. Sawyer pushes the button anyway, and receives a painful electric shock. {{I=Greenliet.JPG=200=right=Juliet introduces herself to Jack.}} In his cell, Jack notices a security camera. He begins struggling with some chains hanging from the ceiling, but then Juliet walks into the room, on the other side of the glass, telling him to stop. She knows his name, and she introduces herself as Juliet. Jack continues to tug on the chains. He becomes angry as he wants to know where his friends are. She says she will tell him, as soon as he lets go of the chains, but he does not believe her and continues working with the chains. {{I=3x01 BreakfastWithBen.jpg=200=left=Ben explains his manners to Kate, during their breakfast.}} Kate takes a shower. When she emerges, she finds that someone has taken her clothes and left her a dress instead. She puts it on, reluctantly. Tom and three Others bring her to a beach, where "Henry" is waiting at a covered table with chairs, freshly cooked food, utensils, and coffee, with a pair of handcuffs on the side. Kate's Motel|♪ He tells her to handcuff herself or she gets no coffee. She asks "''what did you do with Sawyer and Jack?''" But "Henry" notices that she started the question with Sawyer and not Jack. Kate asks for her clothes, "Henry" tells her they burned them. When she asks why he's doing all this, "Henry" responds that he gave her a dress to make her feel "like a lady," fresh food to make her feel at home, allowed her a view of the beach because her friends are seeing the same beach, and utensils to make her feel civilized. He tells Kate that he gave all those things to her so she'll have something to hold on to, because "the next ''two weeks'' will be very unpleasant." {{I=3x01 JulietPlaysItNice.jpg=right=200=Juliet brings Jack grilled cheese on a plate.}} Back at Jack's cell, water is still dripping down, and Jack tries to drink it, but it is not drinkable. Static is then heard coming from the "communication" panel on the wall, then whispers, followed by the voice of Jack's father, saying "let it go." Light suddenly is switched on, and Juliet has food for him, with a water bottle with the DHARMA_Logos.22Line.22_Logo"Line" Logo on it. Juliet tells Jack that she wants to give him the food, but he must move away from the door. Jack refuses and tells her to tell the man on the intercom to stop trying to communicate, but Juliet tells him that the intercom has not worked in years. Jack notices a yellow button behind Juliet and asks what it is for, to which Juliet replies "''for emergencies.''" When Juliet asks what Jack does in "real life," he says he is a repo man; he also lies about his marriage. But when Juliet asks him where his plane came from, Jack tells the truth Sydney. He also tells her about why he was on the plane. Juliet says to him that he can trust her, but Jack still won't budge so Juliet leaves, eating the sandwich on her way out. {{I=3x01 KarlIsBloodyAmazing.jpg=200=left=Karl apologizes to Sawyer for involving him in his attempt to escape.}} In Sawyer's cage, he attempts to puzzle out how the food dispenser works. The other prisoner starts to ask him some questions about the location of the survivors' camp, how long it would take to go there, and the people from the plane. Then he picks his lock, causing an alarm to go off, barking "''Subject escape''." Karl picks Sawyer's lock and tells him to run the opposite way. He does, but Juliet finds him and Tasers him in the neck. Sawyer is returned to his cell, and the other prisoner, Karl, badly beaten, is forced to apologize for asking him to help with his escape. Awed and Shocked|♪ {{I=3x01 BenIsRelaxed.jpg=200=right=Ben calmly discusses Jack's options, who's holding Juliet captive.}} In Jack's cell, Juliet convinces him that he needs to eat and drink, as the drugs they gave him have side effects, including dehydration. Jack asks if she is a doctor, and her reaction seems to confirm this. Jack finally agrees to the food, but when Juliet enters with the tray, he attacks her. He removes her Taser and drags her out into the hallway. "Ben" appears, and Jack threatens to kill Juliet if she doesn't open the door. "Ben" says he might as well kill her, because if the door opens, all of them will die anyway. Awed and Shocked|♪ Jack shoves her away, and quickly tries to open the hatch door. "Henry" runs out of another door, closing it on Juliet, now trapped with Jack. Jack opens the first door, which pours water into the hallway. He and Juliet manage to close the door and Juliet tells Jack to push the yellow button, but when Jack turns, Juliet knocks him out. Awed and Shocked|♪ After some experimentation, and with the help of a large rock Sawyer found outside the cell, he soon figures out the mechanism that delivers food and water. The water streams out a pipe into a trough, kibble falls on the ground as well as a large fish biscuit with the word DHARMA on it -- animal food. As Sawyer drinks the water, Tom (Mr. Friendly). Kate's Motel|♪ He takes off her cuffs. She also has visible cuts from the handcuffs and Tom (Mr. Friendly)"cut you up pretty bad, didn't they." Tom, noticing that Sawyer was able to obtain food, first congratulates him, and then mocks him by telling him that the bears figured it out in two hours. {{I=3x01 SawyerAin'tHappy.jpg=200=left=Sawyer isn't happy with his fish biscuit.}} Kate is in the cell across from Sawyer's, and he tries to make her feel better by joking around. She seems distraught, so Sawyer asks if she wants something to eat. Kate says yes, so Sawyer throws her the fish biscuit, which she eats pitifully. {{I=3x01 GoodJobAndThankYou.jpg=200=right=Juliet and Ben exchange cold thoughts.}} Jack is back in the cell, which he concludes was an aquarium for dolphins and sharks they are underwater. It is a DHARMA station called the Hydra. Jack says that the Others are "just what's left of them." Juliet replies "that was a long time ago. It doesn't matter who we were." She reveals she knows much about Jack. She produces a stack of documents several inches thick, and reveals that she has a copy of his father's autopsy report, his divorce records, information on his friends and family, etc. "This, Jack, is your life" says Juliet. Jack wants to know something, and Juliet asks him what it is. A Touching Moment|♪ Painfully Jack asks if his ex-wife is happy, rather than who she left him for and Juliet says she is. Jack agrees to Juliet bringing him food and letting her alone, so Juliet steps into the hallway, where "Henry" is standing, waiting. He tells her she has done a good job, and she replies, "Thank you, Ben," revealing "Henry"'s real name. {{brclear}} ==Trivia== * The Locke's nurse that speaks to Jack was the same one who checked up on Locke in {{ep}}. * According to the Official Lost Podcast/October 03, 2006, 2006 podcast, Damon Lindelof explained that the "two cities" refer to the two "societies" of the Others and the survivors. * Kate's cage is taller than Sawyer's cage, and has platforms at different levels. There appear to be no mechanisms as in Sawyer's cage. * When Karl tells Sawyer to run, Sawyer runs past what looks like a bird cage. * Kate and Jack were shown with a blood samples in their arms covered by a bandage, but Sawyer was never shown to have a similar wound (however a promo picture did show Sawyer with his sleeves rolled up to reveal a bandage). * This is the highest rated episode of Lost's Season 3 on ABC with a total of 18.82 million viewers. * This episode is rated TV-14-V. *In a 2009 interview, Damon Lindelof stated nothing important came from Ben and Kate's breakfast talk http//content.usatoday.com/communities/popcandy/post/2009/10/a-lost-qa-damon-lindelof-tackles-your-questions/1 {{quote= '''Will we find out what Ben and Kate talked about on the beach when he had her join him for breakfast wearing that dress? It has been driving me crazy for so long! -- sarbarmar''' Damon Lindelof This is one of those things that, no matter what we say, it doesn't matter how many times we say it. I don't know what it is about that scene where people think this really significant piece of information transferred between the two of them on the beach ... Kate is actually working undercover for Ben or something like that. Nothing happened. That's the real answer. We never intended it to feel that way, and when we say nothing happened, they think we're lying or we originally had a plan and abandoned the plan. All I can say is, hand to God, nothing happened.}} ==Production notes== {{I=Strangegirl.jpg=200=right=little girldeleted scene {{crossref}}}} * Elizabeth Mitchell joins the cast as a regular in this episode as Juliet. The yet-to-be-introduced Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro also join the cast as regulars in this episode as Nikki and Paulo, though neither appear in this episode. Additionally, season 2 guest stars Michael Emerson and Henry Ian Cusick are promoted to the regular cast, though the latter actor does not appear. * Following this episode, Matthew Fox (Jack) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) are the only regulars to appear in every season premiere of the series. * This is the only season premiere of the series to not feature Naveen Andrews, Jorge Garcia, Yunjin Kim and Terry O'Quinn. ** This episode holds the second place for featuring the fewest regular cast members to date, five -- Fox, Lilly, Holloway, Emerson, and Mitchell. The remainder of the regular cast does not appear and aren't mentioned (though Sawyer makes an indirect mention of Sayid as "our Iraqi"). This would later happen again, with the same characters, in {{ep}} and {{ep}}. This episode falls back only to {{ep}}, to date. * This episode is the one and only time that co-creator J.J. Abrams has returned to work on the show since "Pilot, Part 2". * During the "Previously on Lost..." recap before this episode, we see the scene at the Pala Ferry pier from {{ep}} where "Benjamin Linus" says "Your friends are coming home with us," in response to Hurley's question. However, rather than using that actual dialog, you can see that Henry's line has been dubbed over, and he now simply says "You're coming with us". This was, perhaps, done to delay the surprise of the Others' homes in the first scene, or at least to keep the idea of such a connection from being made before the surprise is revealed. * "A Tale of Two Cities" is the only episode of ''Lost'' to feature a WikipediaHorn (instrument)musical score. * An A Tale of Two Cities audio commentaryDamon Lindelof and Elizabeth Mitchell for this episode is available on the Season 3 DVD. ====Deleted scenes==== * A deleted scene from this episode involved an extended conversation between Juliet and Amelia before the book club meeting, which was later released as a mobisode titled {{ep}}. * Another deleted scene from the episode involves Jack saving a little girl that is suffocating on the playground at Sarah's school. After saving the girl, she eerily tells Jack not to trust "her." **The girl was also seen in the Hydra in promotion stills for the episode. * Another deleted scene had Kate resorting to desperate measures to get out of her handcuffs, injuring her wrists in the process. The resulting scars are clearly visible in several subsequent scenes and episodes. ===Bloopers and continuity errors=== * When Tom Friendly pushes the latch down on Sawyer's cage, he doesn't actually close the shackle on the lock. * The crossword puzzle is the Monday, July 31, 2006, WikipediaLos Angeles Times, authored by George Shayler. * The degree on Jack's wall misspells his name as "Shepard." * In the shot of the Mid-air break-up, the left wing separates when in {{ep}} the entire wing is lying on the beach. * In the shot of the Mid-air break-up, the right engine explodes and separates from the wing when in {{ep}} the engine is lying on the beach. * The aircraft shown crashing is a Boeing 767 rather than a Boeing 777. The plane is also shown with a completely different livery from in the pilot. *After Ben talked with Goodwin and Ethan, they run to Mid-section and Tail-section camps. However, when the camera is going higher they can be seen running again from the same place. Also they run very fast. ===Music=== The episode opens with the song "Downtown", which later plays during several of Juliet's scenes. The music that immediately follows it appears on the Lost Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack)"In with a KABOOM!" and introduces the Others' Rushin' the Russian. The episode introduces a motif for the Hydra that appears as the track "Awed and Shocked". It also introduces two leimotifs for Jack, his A Touching Moment and a All Jack'ed Up, and a new Teaser Time for the Others. ==Analysis== ===Recurring themes=== {{NavMinor-RecurringThemes}} * The episode begins with Juliet's eye opening as she awakens. {{crossref}} * The Nurse (St. Sebastian). {{crossref}} * When Jack is playing with the telecom button, the voice of his Christian Shephard comes on saying, "let it go." {{crossref}} * A close-up of Jack's eyes is shown when he awakes in the Hydra aquarium. {{crossref}} * In the beginning of the episode, Juliet says, "Here I am thinking that free will still exists." {{crossref}} * A copy of the novel ''wikipediaRedemption (novel)'', by Leon Uris, is displayed on Jack's office Books on Jack's shelf. {{crossref}} * Kate's locker number is 841. {{crossref}} * During Jack's first flashback, the time on his pager is 71523AM. {{crossref}} * Jack had a completed crossword puzzle in his car; some of the Numbers are visible and some of the answers of relevance to ''Lost''. {{crossref}} * Ben's true name is finally revealed. {{crossref}} * Ben tells Kate during their breakfast on the beach that her friends are looking out over the same ocean as she was just then. Actually, neither Jack nor Sawyer were able to view the ocean. {{crossref}} * The bears to which Tom refers have been identified as the polar bears the survivors have previously encountered. {{crossref}} * A dove is visible flying when the camera captures the whole Barracks of the Others. {{crossref}} * During Jack's flashback when he follows his father, Jack's father's car was a Automobiles featured in Lost. {{crossref}} * Jack wrongly suspects Sarah of having an affair with his father. {{crossref}} * Jack is held captive in an aquarium, used for sharks and dolphins. {{crossref}} * Sawyer and Kate are kept locked in cages. {{crossref}} * Sawyer calls Karl "Chachi". {{crossref}} {{brclear}} ===Cultural references=== {{NavMinor-CulturalReferences}} * '''''Books''''' The title of the episode refers to this book by WikipediaCharles Dickens. {{Crossref}} **This is the second reference to Dickens in the series. The other is ''Our Mutual Friend''. {{crossref}} * '''"Moonlight Serenade"''' This song recorded by the wikipediaGlenn Miller orchestra's car radio while he is watching Sarah at her school. {{Crossref}} ** This is the same song Hurley and Sayid picked up on the radio in {{ep}}. * '''''Carrie (book)''''' The novel by Stephen King, is discussed by the Book Club. {{Crossref}} *'''"Downtown"''' This song by wikipediaPetula Clark is the song that is played by Juliet. {{Crossref}} **'''''WikipediaSpeaking in Tongues (album)''''' by WikipediaTalking Heads. The CD is taken from the jewel case for this album. {{Crossref}} ** '''''WikipediaOkemah and the Melody of Riot''''', by WikipediaSon Volt. The CD that Juliet places in her stereo is actually a dualdisc CD/DVD with the serial of "JN 94743". This serial belongs to this album that was released in 2005. {{Crossref}} *'''"WikipediaThe Thunderer"''' This 1889 march by wikipediaJohn Philip SousaSawyer is rewarded with a fish biscuit. {{crossref}} *'''WikipediaHappy Days''' and '''WikipediaJoanie Loves Chachi''' Sawyer calls Karl "wikipediaChachi Arcola", a character on these TV shows which aired between 1974 to 1984. {{Crossref}} *'''WikipediaThis Is Your Life''' Juliet references this show when revealing what she knows about Jack's life. {{Crossref}} *'''Namaste (salutation)''' Tom and Ben both do a very subtle "Namaste"-style bow. Tom does it in the shower-room when he tells Kate that she's not his type. Ben does it at the very end, when he tells Juliet that she did a good job. {{Crossref}} *'''''Bible''''' This religious book is on the bookshelf in Jack's office. Other books seen on Jack's bookshelf include '''''Literary works, Valhalla Rising, Literary works''''' and '''''Dirty Work''''' {{crossref}} {{Crossref}} ====See also==== *List of books on Jack's shelf {{brclear}} ===Literary techniques=== {{NavMinor-LiteraryTechniques}} * The revealing of the character for Juliet closely resembles the revealing for the character Desmond in the previous season premiere {{ep}}. {{crossref}} * Juliet listens to "Downtown", a song describing city life, while living on a tropical island isolated from the rest of the world. Furthermore, the song's primary theme is escaping one's troubles, something which Juliet was never able to accomplish on the Island. {{crossref}} * The Others live in houses, wear normal clothes and hold book club meetings. They were previously thought to be very poor and simple. {{crossref}} * The scene where Jack nearly drowns ironically foreshadows Charlie's death scene at the end of the season {{ep}}. {{crossref}} * Tom saying "You're not my type" to Kate before she takes a shower foreshadows Tom's homosexuality, which is revealed in {{ep}}. {{crossref}} * Juliet tells Jack, "It doesn't matter who we were. All that matters is who we are." Later, in a flashback, Sarah tells Jack, "It doesn't matter who he is - what matters is who you're not." {{crossref}} * Christian tells Jack to "let it go." {{crossref}} * All three prisoners must follow instructions to get food. Kate complies. Sawyer imagines the process a triumph of his intelligence. Jack pretends to obey but uses the opportunity to attack. {{crossref}} {{brclear}} ===Storyline analysis=== {{NavMinor-Analysis}} * Jack is held in a police station cell for assaulting his father. {{crossref}} * Ben holds authority over the Others, giving Ethan and Goodwin orders to infiltrate the crash survivors camps. {{crossref}} * Jack becomes obsessed with knowing the identity of the man Sarah left him for. {{crossref}} {{brclear}} ==Episode connections== ===Episode references=== * The crash and mid-air breakup of Flight 815 is shown from the Others' perspective. {{crossref}} * Sawyer mentions Sayid torturing him. {{crossref}} * Juliet has a copy of Christian's autopsy report. {{crossref}} * The nurse who helped Locke when he had his kidney removed is working with Jack. {{crossref}} * Juliet tells Jack she knows he was married. {{crossref}} * Jack becomes obsessed with knowing the identity of the man Sarah left him for. {{crossref}} * Sawyer also mentions Sayid torturing Ben. {{crossref}} * The results of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer's kidnapping are shown. {{crossref}} ===Episode allusions=== *As with the previous premiere, an apparent off-island domestic scene turns out to occur on the island concurrently with an event we've already seen. {{crossref}} * The aquarium Jack is being held in was used for sharks. {{crossref}} ==External links== * http//www.abcmedianet.com/ams/assets/both/2006/08/04/091806_11.html Press Release * http//www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/search_lv.htm?prog_num=PH7623&day=4&month=10&year=2006&leftcol=cal Promotional Photography * http//www.wizarduniverse.com/television/lost/001910727.cfm Wizard Entertainment 'TV QB' - Lost Season 3, Episode 1 “A Tale of Two Cities” {{nav-Jack}} {{nav-Juliet}} {{featured article}} daA Tale of Two Cities deEine Geschichte aus zwei Städten esA Tale of Two Cities fr3x01 itStoria di due città nlA Tale of Two Cities plA Tale of Two Cities ptA Tale of Two Cities ruПовесть о двух городах CategoryEpisodes CategorySeason 3 CategoryJack-centric CategorySeason premieres CategoryEpisodes that are Rated TV-14-V