A New Trade

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="A New Trade"
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{{Ep}} }} '''"A New Trade"''' is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack. It plays at the end of {{Ep}}. ==Main appearance== Sayid talks to Charlie about having tortured Henry Gale. He says he knows Henry is one of Others because he felt no guilt when he tortured him. He reminds Charlie of what he suffered at their hands. ==Full list of appearances== The motif that closes the piece, called the "distrust motif," plays during the following scenes * The survivors leave Kate after learning she is a fugitive. {{crossref}} * '''Sayid reminds Charlie of what the Others did to him and Claire'''. {{crossref}} ==Influences== Before ending on a Musical themes which first played in Born to Run, most of the piece plays a variation on Sayid's theme. ==Title significance== In the scene before the scene plays, Inman tells Sayid that his time working with the Americans has given him a new skill — torture. {{DEFAULTSORTNew Trade, A}} {{Nav-Sound2}} {{Nav-Music}} CategoryOrchestral pieces CategorySeason 2 orchestral pieces CategoryThemes and motifs CategorySeason 1 orchestral pieces