'''815''' may refer to
* Flight 815
* The locker that Kate asked the Mark Hutton for.
* The alternate reality game ''Find 815''.
* When Desmond has a flashback, delivery 815 is being made to Widmore Industries.
* c815 is the copy machine model that Charlie tries to sell in {{ep}}
* Henry Gale's address in Wayzata, MN was shown as 815 WALNUT RIDGE ROAD 
* Kate and Tom Brennan recorded the Kate_and_Tom's_tape on August 15 (8.15) in 1989. It was intended to be retrieved on August 15, 2009.
* The time of death announced when Adam_Rutherford (Shannon's father; Boone's step-father) died in Jack's hospital.
* The number of the apartment door Sayid exits from before entering a white van in {{ep}}.
* The number on the police captain's door (Teresa Cortez) in {{ep}}.

'''815''' may also refer to
* 8, one of the Numbers
* 15, one of the Numbers
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